Through the Eyes of a Child - Prologue

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Parker remembered that it was October, near Halloween, when Mommy introduced her new boyfriend to him. She said his name was Timothy. Parker just remembered that he smelled nasty.

Two months after Parker was introduced to Timothy, Mommy started smoking long white things that gave off smoke and smelled like the stuff on Timothy. It made Parker cough, and too much time with that smoke made his eyes water.

Finally, in February, Mommy approached Parker, and her eyes were red. "Parker," she had said, "Mommy's moving. I'm sorry Parker, but I can't take care of you anymore. You're going to go live with Daddy now."

Parker, nodded, only hearing the words "You're going to go live with Daddy now." He liked Daddy, because Daddy always took him to the park, and always played with him. And he didn't smoke those nasty long white things.

So Mommy drove Parker for a long time to where Daddy lived. Daddy went out to get him, and the words between him and Mommy were short. Soon, Mommy got back in the car and drove off, after a last "good-bye Parker. Be a good boy." Little did Parker realize that this was the last time he would ever see his Mommy again.


Parker stayed with Daddy for the longest time ever. He didn't understand why Mommy never came back to take him back. Eventually, Parker asked Daddy.



"Why isn't Mommy coming back for me?"

Parker saw his Daddy sigh before pulling him up to sit on his lap. "Parker," he said seriously, and Parker immediately saw that he wasn't joking. "Mommy's not coming back. She's gone forever. She moved to California, which is all the way across the United States. Now it's just me and you, little guy."

Parker nodded in understanding and wriggled down from Daddy's lap. He went and cried a little bit for his Mommy, but he was glad that he was going to be living with Daddy now. Maybe Daddy would find a new Mommy for him someday.


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