Through the Eyes of A Child – Chapter Six

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It was nearing dusk by the time Parker, Daddy and Tempe got to the park. Nobody else was there, and the snow was untouched. It was still cold out, even though Parker was wearing about five different sweaters. Parker gleefully ran out to the snow as Daddy and Tempe went and unpacked the light dinner they had brought, deciding to eat sandwiches and hot cocoa at the park.

Parker thought that Daddy and Tempe looked funny, trying to be serious and talk to each other, even though they looked like the fat snowpeople he often made. As he rolled snow on the ground, he wondered again why Daddy had wanted to come to the park.

Parker remembered back when he was little, he was amazed at how much it snowed where Daddy lived, compared to where Mommy lived. He had wanted to go and play outside, and insisted on Daddy coming with him.

That first time, Daddy had reluctantly wrapped himself in a gazillion layers and gone out to play snowball wars with him. But the second time, and all the times after that, he had said no, saying it was too cold.

And Parker believed that. Because at the slightest touch of cold in October, Daddy would start bundling up in a jacket, and force Parker to take one to school too. Honestly, Parker didn't care how cold it got, but Parker could never stand the heat. Inversely, Daddy started to freeze when the thermometer dipped only a little beneath the average, yet went out and jogged five miles every day in the blazing July heat.

Staring at the now-formed snowball in his hand, Parker pondered the dilemma of whether of not to throw it at Daddy or Tempe.

Splat! The snowball accurately whizzed threw the air and exploded into a slushy mess on the back of Daddy's jacket.

"Parker!" Daddy growled as Parker gleefully dashed away, giggling to himself.

As Parker watched carefully from his hiding spot behind the tree, he saw Tempe place a hand on Daddy's arm. "Let him be, Booth. He's only a child. It's getting late, so what do you say about unpacking dinner?"

Parker saw Daddy roll his eyes, but Daddy went and started to unpack the dinner anyways.


After dinner and a short lecture from Daddy to never throw any more snowballs at people unless they gave special permission, Parker continued to romp around in the snow. Soon the sky darkened, and Parker started to feel tired. After shaping one last snowman, he collapsed on the bench next to Tempe.

Tempe and Daddy didn't seem to notice, and Parker was just about to drift off to sleep when he heard Daddy mention his name.

"Parker's already fallen asleep," Daddy remarked.

"Yes, it is getting late," Tempe agreed. "It's time we should be getting home."

"No, I'd like to stay a little longer," his Daddy nonchalantly replied. "Let's put Parker in the SUV and talk a little more out here. Look, it's snowing."

Barely opening an eye, Parker saw that it was indeed beginning to snow, with big fluffy flakes descending from the sky. Daddy picked Parker up and gently put him into the SUV, putting an extra blanket over him.

But now, Parker wasn't sleepy at all. As soon as Daddy closed the door and Parker was sure that he walked off, Parker sat up in the darkness. He saw the frozen pond and that Tempe was sitting with Daddy on the small picnic table beside the lake.

A full moon hung in the sky above them, and white flakes continued to lightly fall on them. Parker quietly cracked the door open, just enough so that he could hear what they were saying. He doubted that he would be able to understand if they were talking bones-speak, but he could try, anyways.

A rush of cold air immediately slammed into Parker, but he shivered and strained to hear what Daddy was saying.

"Temperance, I'm just wondering. What do you see in me that compels you to be sitting here next to me?"

Temperance smiled at Daddy as she pulled her coat tighter around here. "You dragged me out here in the cold just to be romantic?"

"No, I assure you it has some meaning to it."

"Well then, I'm curious too. I'll tell if you go first."

"Fine then. I love you because you're determined to find the truth in things. You get stubborn and bossy sometimes, but I think it's adorable. You understand when things go the wrong way, and I feel that I can always lean on you to talk. You're kind, gentle, and Parker loves you." After that last statement, he wrapped his hand around hers.

Temperance stared into Daddy's eyes, and Parker groaned inside. What's the value of listening to worthless mushy love stuff? He thought to himself, but continued to listen to Temperance's response.

"I love you because you're a cocky big-ego ass on the outside, but on the inside, you can find a warm, loving person. You fight for what's right, and have a terrible sense of humor. You cheer me up on my cloudiest days, and you're the best father a kid like Parker could ever have."

Daddy leaned over and gave Tempe a light kiss on the lips, and Parker thought that now would be a good time to stop watching. But then, Daddy reached into his pocket, and bent on one knee in the snow.

"Temperance, I've known ever since the day I met you that I would like you. But I never knew that it would evolve into love. But now Temperance, I do believe I love you. You have become a part of me now, and without you, I don't think that I could breathe and continue to live my life. Temperance, will you do me the great honor of marrying me and staying by my side forever?"

Parker was dumbstruck in the SUV.

Meanwhile, Temperance had started to cry as Daddy opened up the small black box.

"Yes, Seeley—yes, I will marry you." Daddy broke out into the biggest grin as he slowly slid a diamond ring onto Tempe's finger.

Daddy then swept Tempe up into an embrace, and Parker could barely hear him. "I love you Temperance," he murmured.

"I love you too, Seeley," Tempe replied as the snow lessened and the clouds broke.


A short time later, Parker realized that they were coming back to the SUV, and hurriedly closed the door and dived under the blanket again, feigning sleep.

As Temperance climbed into the SUV, Parker pretended to blearily open his eyes from a nap. "Tempe, I had this really weird dream. I dreamed that you were going to stay with me and Daddy forever. But I don't know if that will happen." Parker wrinkled his brow.

"Tempe, are you going to be my new mommy?"

Tempe's eyes sparkled as she grinned. "Yes Parker, I'm going to be your new mommy."


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