Another Chance

By: 7Katara7

Chapter One: Tomorrow's punishment

Toady was the anniversary of the time Aang left Sokka and Katara to fight the Fire Lord. The day Aang left them forever. The day the Fire Nation won the war. Katara cried in her hut. Why couldn't she just forget? Why couldn't she go on? Because the Fire Nation enslaved her village in the South Pole. Because every day you wake up you see them, beating you and everyone else. Part of her blamed Aang the other part was hurt because he died. That's how the Fire Lord won the war, right? He was only twelve.

Katara set down the necklace Aang had given her. It's flower wilted, just like her heart. A guard came in and dragged her out. "Time for chores, wretch!" He smiled evilly at her. He pulled her out of the tent. She was crying and being dragged in the snow. The villagers looked at her. She didn't want them to see her like this. She got loose and ran to the laundry spot. She walked inside. She heard Crunch. She lifted her foot and looked down. It was the necklace. How did it get here? I put it away. She thought. Katara picked up the Necklace and starred in memory. She smiled slightly and put it on.

She had begun her chores when a little girl walked in. "I have to do chores." She said. Katara smiled. "Join the club." Katara told her. "Hey, Katara, can you tell me a story? One about your adventures with the Avatar?" Katara's smile disappeared. "I could-" Katara began but the guard snatched the little girl away and screamed; "No stories little wretch! You need to work. You wouldn't want to get hurt, would you?" He said making fire and holding it up to the little girls face. The little girl wriggled and cried in fear.

Katara stood and took some water. She hadn't bended in months, but she still knew how. She water whipped the hardest whip she could right in the guard's face. "No you won't!" She told him freezing him to the wall. Then more guards walked in. "She's a bender?" They exclaimed thinking they had wiped them all out. They threw fire. She put the little girl in a ice shield and began to fight. Katara, look what you have gotten yourself into know. She said bending deadly spikes at them. They hit their mark but the soldiers continued.

She blocked and iced them. Then the general stepped in. Katara gasped and then gritted her teeth out of breath. Then she began to fight him. She took one wrong step and twisted as a fire ball hit her chest. She fell to the floor unconscious. Katara moaned as she hit the ground. The general smiled satisfied. Then he broke his guards from the ice. "Put her I her hut, her punishment will be tomorrow." The general told them. From the shadows, eyes watched hoping and wishing he could do something.