Another Chance

By: 7Katara7

Chapter Eleven: Saving City Woe Assai

Sheikeh was waiting for Aang and his friends in the entrance of the animal whole. "I am sorry, but we need to get to the base fast. We will need to take the animal way, prepare to plug your noses!" He exclaimed. Katara walked up to him. "Wait! Sir, before we go in. I want to apologize for my behavior before. I was under a spell." She explained. She nodded. "Finally I get to meet the real Katara, the one I have heard so much about!"

Sokka stood up straight. "So have you heard about Sokka?" He smiled flexing his muscles. "Who?" Sheikeh asked. Sokka slumped. Katara giggled. Aang smiled. Sheikeh broke silence. "Aang and company we need your help to save the city called Woe Assai." Aang nodded. "Let's go!" He said getting ready to fight. "No! No! Silly, we will attack at night its just morning! It would be much too obvious!" He told Aang. "For now we can enjoy ourselves." He said taking out his fold out chair and relaxing.

Aang sighed. Katara went back down to the stream. "If I am gonna be any use to anybody I need to catch up on my bending." She said. She spun and let water fallow her arms. She asked a guard to come to her. "Stand there, okay" She sad. He nodded she concentrated and made him wave, using the water flowing in his body she made him dance. He gasped. "An amazing ability Mighty Katara! But please, not on me." He said as she released him. "Sorry," She smiled. He walked off.

Aang come here. "One sec!" He said walking over to her. She focused and lifted him up and pulled him toward her. She set him down lightly and smiled. "Cool, huh?" She said setting her hands on her hips and smiled. Aang beamed. "Are you going to fight tonight?" He asked. Katara nodded. Then suddenly she got this look on her face. She pulled him closer. "You are NOT going to through on a stupid boat either!" She said angrily. Aang knew the sorrowful Katara was gone but the feeling he had created would forever be in her. He sighed. "No, don't worry I will never do that again." He said reassuring. Katara let him go. "Okay," She said tears forming in her eyes.

Aang pulled her close into a comforting hug. He smiled, "I won't ever do that again." Aang smiled. Katara nodded. Sokka came in. "So, am I interrupting something?" He asked. They let go of each other and blushed. "No, why?" Katara said trying to cover up. "Please, I know you guys are in love. At least, try not to make it obvious." Sokka sighed walking off. They just stood their blushing.