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Moonlight Shadow

The wind shifted the long white strands of his silken hair, billowing them out behind him. His molten gold eyes narrowed, taking in his little brother. Inuyasha had once again run thoughtlessly into this battle, using the same tactics, and Sesshoumaru almost sighed. Almost. His brother would never change. His brother's wench, Kagome, stood on the sidelines, her arrow poised and ready to shoot. He felt something stir within him at the sight of her long black hair floating about her head like a halo, her expression…unreadable, for once. He found himself momentarily distracted by it; stoicism was his specialty, not hers. She always wore her heart on her sleeve, but not today, not this battle. He thought he almost sensed a hesitation in her as she aimed her notched arrow at his heart. Inuyasha noticed his brother's attention was no longer on him but on Kagome, and he didn't like it; the look on Sesshoumaru's face was…well, he couldn't describe it.

"Hey Sesshoumaru, I'm the one you're fighting, not her, look at me or I'll blow you away!" he yelled, and released the Wind Scar on his brother, who turned with a bored expression replacing his former, indescribable one of earlier. He easily dodged his brother's blow, and looked on him with disdain, Kagome momentarily forgotten.

"Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru drawled, his eyes narrowing again, "You forget your place. If I didn't know any better, I would say that you were jealous of my looking at your wench just now." Inuyasha growled. Was he that transparent?

"Shut up asshole! She's none of your concern! Are you gonna tell me what the hell you came for or are you just itching to get me back for taking your arm?" Sesshoumaru glared outright at his brother's remark. Inuyasha had struck a nerve, and he knew it, but Sesshoumaru let his face become unreadable so quickly Inuyasha thought he might have just imagined his brother's glare.

Slowly, Sesshoumaru unsheathed Tokijin, and pointed it at his brother. "I came not to speak to you at all, half-breed," he made the word sound like the most loathsome thing in existence. "I came to speak with the wench. Dragon Strike!"

The attack came so swiftly that Inuyasha had his hands full just trying to avoid it. When he had jumped clear of the energy blast from his brother's sword, he looked around for the bastard, but couldn't see him. He felt his stomach sink. Kagome was gone, too. 'Damn him! He took her, and he knows I need her, so I can't just go steal her back without risking her life! Fuck!' Sometimes Inuyasha wished he had never met Kagome. Valuable as she was, she was a huge liability to their group, not to mention his heart, for she held it in the palm of her hand, but he would rather die than admit that to her at this point. He sighed. After sheathing Tetsusaiga, he ran back to camp to get the others. They would want to start following Sesshoumaru right away if they wanted Kagome back anytime soon.

Kagome blinked. When she next opened her eyes, Sesshoumaru had relieved her of her bow and arrows and released his infamous Dragon Strike on Inuyasha. He stood directly in front of her, and before she could even take a breath in, he'd picked her up, thrown her over his shoulder, and taken to the sky.
'Wow,' she thought, 'he gives new meaning to the phrase, 'faster than the speed of thought.'' And then she felt it, the massive draft going right up her skirt, and she was reminded of the undignified way he was holding her, and she squirmed and demanded that he put her down.

"Silence, wench," he growled, but he shifted her so she was next to him instead of over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. 'What could Sesshoumaru possibly want with me?' she thought, giving him a sidelong glance. He stared straight ahead, his gaze never wavering. It struck her now, maybe because she was so close to him, that he really was a very handsome man. Inuyasha had his good points, and she always secretly enjoyed any glimpses of him out of his fire rat haori whenever she could, which was often since he was always hurting himself, but she felt something tighten, deep down in her gut, as she covertly watched her captor. Something she often felt when Inuyasha would smile at her in what she affectionately referred to as his 'playboy' smile.

Kagome was aware of the difference between love and lust, for she often felt both around Inuyasha, and she knew that what she was feeling now was pure, unadulterated lust. Sesshoumaru felt his prize turn her head from him. He knew she'd been watching him, and to his chagrin, he began to scent arousal from her, and oddly, it pleased him, on a carnal, primitive level, though his face remained a mask of indifference. He returned his thoughts to his purpose and he began to speak.
"Are you not curious as to why I have stolen you from your beloved hanyou, woman?" his tone was condescending when he reached the word hanyou.

"Of course I'm curious!" she sputtered, a frown marring her face. "Inuyasha's going to be angry that his evil brother has stolen one of his only two means of finding jewel shards," she ground out, and Sesshoumaru was surprised at the bitterness in her voice. He turned to face her, and she looked up at him. In her eyes, he could see pain, hurt, and confusion in honey-brown orbs that sparkled with the first vestiges of salty tears. In his eyes she could see nothing, except her own reflection, but that didn't stop her from searching for any feeling in the cold golden depths of his amazing eyes. Suddenly her eyes popped wide open. 'Amazing? Where did that come from?' she thought, and she began to blush.

Sesshoumaru frowned slightly, she was beginning to turn a most delectable shade of pink…he blinked, and she looked away. The moment was broken, and he felt his gut sink in disappointment. He decided he'd beat around the bush long enough.
"My ward, Rin, is sick, and neither Jaken nor myself know what is wrong. He suggested that you may be of use, since my brother still breathes after many brushes with death."

He did not divulge to Kagome that Jaken had in fact not mentioned her at all, but some witch doctor up in the Musashi Plains, which was near the Bone Eater's Well. It had been Sesshoumaru himself who had made the decision to seek her counsel instead of some unreliable witch doctor.

"Oh no, is she alright?" Kagome was fond of Sesshoumaru's small human ward, Rin. The two girls had saved each other on numerous occasions, and Kagome's gut tightened in fear at the mere thought of anything happening to the cute little girl.

"She remains alive, if that is what you are enquiring. But her life-force diminishes as we speak." He didn't look at her this time, and she detected the worry in his voice, however hard he may have tried to hide it. She smiled.

"Of course I'll help, Sesshoumaru. I love Rin; I couldn't possibly know of her distress and not want to help. But can we swing by my campsite? I'll need my backpack, it has all my medical supplies…that is, if it's not too much trouble?" She gave him her 'Puppy Eyes' as Inuyasha called them.
This time Sesshoumaru did look at her, and she could have sworn that she saw a ghost of a smile on his face, brief as it was. He returned his gaze to the path ahead of him.
"As you wish." Kagome smiled, happy that she would soon be of service in helping Rin recover.

"Inuyasha!" Sango shouted from her perch on her firecat, Kirara. "Her backpack was missing when I came back from the spring, so whatever Sesshoumaru wants with her must be serious, if all her stuff is in there. She left all her sleeping stuff and her school stuff too." Inuyasha snorted.

"Perhaps Sesshoumaru's wards are sick," said a thoughtful Miroku, rubbing his chin from his position behind Sango. Inuyasha pondered this as he jumped higher, following his brother's stench. He just wanted his Kagome back. It scared him more than he was willing to admit that his evil brother had kidnapped her, and Kami only knew what he was capable of subjecting her to. He never once thought that Sesshoumaru wouldn't hurt Kagome; he knew all too well from experience that if she slighted him in any way he construed as disrespectful, which Kagome was on a daily basis, his brother wouldn't think twice about punishing her, and severely. He just hoped she had enough sense to let sleeping snakes lie, and do nothing to piss off his asshole of a half-brother.

Sesshoumaru set them down in a clearing next to a stream, where a small fire burned and a small kappa youkai sat watching it, a stick in his small hand for stoking the coals. Near him lie the human child, Rin, sweat beading on her brow as she weakly tried to thrash in her sleep. Kagome, nodding in acknowledgement to Jaken, who glared at her and looked to his Lord for answers only to be glared at in return, immediately greeted the young woman in a half-assed polite, "Well, wench, can anything be done?"

Kagome only smiled. She could hear the tension and worry in the undertones of his angry voice. He wasn't angry with her presence there so much as his inability to figure out what was wrong with the child on his own.

"We'll find out." She began to search through her massive yellow bag, and came up with a book so thick she strained to lift it with both hands. Sesshoumaru and Jaken watched with covert interest as Kagome began to prod the child. "What are her symptoms?" she asked Jaken, who out of his curiosity came to watch her ministrations.

The kappa demon thought for a minute. "She's been throwing up a lot, and before she passed out she complained of a sore tummy. After that she began to thrash and cry in her sleep and I tied her up so she wouldn't hurt herself." Kagome nodded, then felt the child's forehead with the palm of her hand. She gasped; the child was burning up. "How long has she been this way?" Kagome asked, opening her book and flipping through the pages of the Diagnostic Medical Volume to a section marked "Stomach Ailments." The kappa shrugged. "Two days, maybe. She was fine and then the pain seemed to hit her out of nowhere."

Kagome frantically flipped the pages again, looking for a specific illness, and when she found it, she read for a moment, then put the book down and palpated the girl's left side. She twitched, but otherwise made no complaints. It was when Kagome prodded her right side gently did she make noise. She began to thrash and moan from the extreme pain of Kagome's slight touch. Kagome nodded to herself and jammed her nose back in the book. She nodded her head every few seconds, and then abruptly shut the large volume.

"Well?" Jaken demanded, his curiosity making his tone harsh.

"She has Appendicitis. If we don't get her appendix out within the next twenty-four hours, it will burst and poison her blood, and she will die." Sesshoumaru, who had been staring at nothing for the last minute, whipped his head around. Die? No. He wouldn't allow it. His eyes narrowed. "What is the cure, wench."

She sighed. "Surgery. Her appendix must be removed from her body. And surgeries in this time are dangerous; the chances of infection even if a successful operation is performed are almost one hundred per cent. Even if she survived the surgery, the infection would kill her. There is only one thing I can do to help her."

The little clearing fell silent for what seemed to Kagome a long time. Jaken had sat down hard upon hearing the news, more disturbed by the thought of losing Rin than even he knew. Sesshoumaru opened his mouth several times, only to close it before any sound came out. Before Sesshoumaru could ask, Kagome told him, "I could take her through the well to my time and bring her to a hospital."

Sesshoumaru whipped his gaze to her. He didn't trust her words, but for some reason he couldn't fathom, he trusted her-implicitly. Perhaps it was because she and Rin shared a bond of friendship - a friendship which bordered on maternal for Kagome's part - that made him seriously consider her offer. He didn't think long, for time was limited and to be honest, he could think of no other option besides Jaken's witch doctor, and he certainly wasn't going to put any faith in that nonsense.

Kagome awaited his answer in earnest. She knew she needed his permission, and was totally prepared to argue her point if he denied her offer. The longer he thought, the more she psyched herself up, so much so that when he nodded his head in approval she let out a huge sigh of relief and grinned at him. Then she became serious.

"We need to leave right now." Her tone brooked no argument from either demon. She repacked her bag, and stood. Sesshoumaru walked over to her. "This better work, wench." he growled, and Kagome found herself fervently hoping the same thing. Her biggest concern was whether or not Rin would be able to pass through the well, because if she couldn't, Kagome would have no choice but to perform the surgery herself, and she knew she was not equipped to do that.

When Sesshoumaru had picked Rin up, Jaken and Kagome gathered close to him, she holding onto his waist while Jaken clung to his fur. When everyone was attached, he took to the air as fast as safety would allow towards the Plains of Musashi, and Kagome's Well.

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