Disclaimer: Firstly, I want as always to say that the Harry Potter characters belong to the one and only J.K. Rowling.

Secondly, I want to mention that this fic was influenced by the ingenious "After the War" by Aduro. I am saying it because if you notice any similarities in the ideas or conceptions, they are here because my fic was born after reading it and asking myself the question: what can happen with England as a country if Voldemort wins? I hope that I manage to answer it with the fic below.

Trapped Inside by Lady Arabella Malfoy

Chapter One: Captured

He was bloody winning and 'bloody' wasn't used as a curse word here. The Dark Lord was prevailing, leaving a bloody trace behind him. Blood seemed to be everywhere. The wizarding world was falling apart and people had already lost any hope in bringing it together again. All the wizarding towns of England were flooded with Death Eaters and any attempt of resistance to them was stopped with death.

Muggles also suffered a great deal from all this. People were killed or simply disappearing without a trace. Whole neighborhoods were blown up with no evidence to establish the reason of the tragedy. The muggle governments were preparing for the war, but whom against?

She ran. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her and even faster. With five Death Eaters on her tail, she knew she had not a chance to survive. Why oh why she got an idea to check out the Ministry of Magic? Her subconscious told her that it had been because she wanted to do something, just anything, to help. She was twenty for crying out loud! She could take care of herself.

But now luck wasn't on her side. It all began with a light wind that blew off her hood, revealing her flammable hair. For Death Eaters it was like a command "Fetch and kill!" Red hair meant a Weasley and the Weasleys were blood traitors that's why they must DIE! She changed numerous streets and turns, but the pursuit was still hot on her tail.

'Merlin, why did I go there?! Mum will kill me! If they don't and THAT is really likely. I don't want to die! I am too young to die! And probably too young to have a head on your shoulders with some brain in it,' she added sarcastically.

A huge black figure appeared in front of her and it was the last thing she saw before darkness consumed her.

The awakening was painful and hard. Ginny felt like her head had been smashed several times against a brick wall. The very revelation that she was alive made her open her eyes with a start. The first thing that she registered was that she was bound to a chair and couldn't move an inch.

"I am alive," she whispered, looking down at her knees.

The fact that she must have been kidnapped for some sick purpose and right now was tightly bound to a chair in some room somewhere in the world didn't bother her at that moment.

She was roughly reminded of it when a door was slammed open and a young blond man stormed into the room. After soundly closing the door, he began to rapidly move around, organizing some papers or checking something on a mysterious map on the wall. The markings on it made no sense to Ginny.

It continued for a whole ten minutes, giving Ginny an opportunity to watch the intruder. She didn't need to think twice about his identity. Only one boy had such striking blond hair; and that boy was Draco Malfoy. Correction. He wasn't a boy anymore, he was a full-grown wizard. Moreover, he was certainly a Death Eater.

Ginny Weasley was bound to a chair in a room together with a Death Eater and that was not a good combination. The moment that thought crossed her mind, Ginny felt a sharp end of a wand on her throat.

"What are you doing here?" Malfoy half yelled half squeaked.

Ginny turned to face him and couldn't utter a word. Of course, she had never seen the face of a Death Eater because they always wore masks, but the face of Draco Malfoy made her mute from shock. His face was completely pale; his eyes were blood shot and seemed to be a bit disoriented; the lips were also pale and bloodless. He looked as if not only the life was sucked out of him, but his mind also. Still, his wand arm was steady and somewhere very deep in his eyes could be seen strength and wisdom. But they were too deep to have a reflection on the surface.

"I asked you a question!" he barked into her face.

"I don't know," Ginny breathed out, still sensing the sharp edge of his wand on her neck. 'When did wands started to have sharp edges?'

Malfoy recoiled from the chair and was on the other end of the room in two long strides. "What do you mean, you don't know?"

"I mean, that I don't bloody know what the Hell I am doing here!" Ginny yelled back, insulted by being treated like a fool.

"And you appeared here from thin air…from pure magic." His white lips were put into a wide smirk.

"I was captured by your dear friends near the Ministry. Ask them about how I ended up here!"

"By my friends, you mean Death Eaters?"

"Of course, who else could your friends be?!"

Malfoy's tone suddenly turned serious. "The way you appeared doesn't bother me. The question is what to do with you… There are two options: you were sent here for me to torture, rape and then kill." Ginny swallowed. "Or you were put under my care for further instructions. There is also a third option… I can kill you right now."

"What?!" Ginny shrieked. 'When did this shiny dagger appear in his hand?'

"Yes, I will kill you right now and then dispose of your body. Nobody will know anything. Do you want me to?" Malfoy asked, with a glistening of madness in his glance.

She frantically shook her head, unable to say anything, realizing that she again was on the verge of death.

"What do you want then? To be tortured and raped? Or to be a slave of the Dark Lord?" Ginny again shook her head. "What else can you do?"

"I can fight," she answered with determination.

"What for? You'll still be killed in the end."

"I am a Weasley and a gryffindor. I won't give up without a fight!" She tugged on the ropes for emphasis.

"I made my decision; I'll kill you so not to bother myself with this ridiculous conversation." He spat on the floor and threw the dagger.

Ginny watched as the dagger was flying right at her. 'You can't die twice on the same day.' The blade neared with every millisecond and then it passed her face by two inches and stabbed into the floor. She stared at the dagger until it was removed by long pale fingers.

"I did it on purpose," Malfoy stated, hiding the dagger in his sleeve. "You looked into the eyes of Death, soon you two will be good acquaintances. Right now, I am going to ask about your lucky fortune. A lot of people would've been fortunate if you just died, but the luckiest of them all would've been you, Weasley."

With that he left, leaving Ginny in a stupor from shock. After fifteen minutes of staring at the floor, she shook her head to clear the fog of fear in it. "All Death Eater are utterly crazy," Ginny muttered.

Coming to this conclusion, she decided to look around to understand where she was. She hadn't given the room a second glance since she got there. It was an average bedroom, twice as small as Hogwarts dormitory. She was sitting opposite a middle sized bed with no bedposts and simple yellow sheets. Near the bed stood quite a large and heavy looking table completely covered with parchments of all sizes. On the wall opposite the table was a huge map mentioned before. After closer inspection, Ginny realized it was Great Britain, but nothing else was clear to her. Two feet from her was a wardrobe and a door.

'Probably, a bathroom,' Ginny mused.

The only other unmentioned pieces of furniture were two chairs, one of which she occupied. Nothing else. It looked more like a hotel room, than a bedroom.

'Well, I still don't know where the heck I am; in a hotel, manor, forest or mountain range. But I must still be in England. If that gives any reassurance. I've never thought that Malfoy could live in such a place. I mean he is filthy rich, he can afford much better. But if he couldn't, he must've simply refused to live in here! He always acted as if he owned the world, so smug and stuck up. With a stick deep in his arse, yeh.

But what is with him now? He looked mad or something, but not crazy, more like desperate, haunted. Where is he, by the way? Now I want to see Malfoy, willingly. Merlin, I am going crazy too. '

The door opened again and Malfoy stepped in, hurriedly closing it behind him. He looked even more shaken up than before, even his hair was in disorder.

"I don't know if it is fortunate for you, but it is certainly unfortunate for me, because it is the second option, meaning you won't die in the near future." Ginny sighed in relief. "Don't be so giddy about it, it only means that you die a bit later," he snapped. "Now first things first. Do you know what this is?" Malfoy asked, showing her a slender piece of mahogany wood.

"My wand!"

"Yes, your wand." He snapped it in two and Ginny screamed with horror. "Now you don't have a wand. Now you are not a witch, but Ginny Weasley, who was put under my care until further notice. And that is the only thing you are. You are nothing now." All that was said in an indifferent monotone voice. As if he didn't give the slightest damn about her death or life. Well, he probably didn't.

"Why keep me if I am nothing?" Ginny asked in a tone that showed she was quite something. Something hard to deal with.

"You can ask the Dark Lord tomorrow, if you dare, of course," he finished with a malicious smirk.

"I am meeting Voldemort tomorrow? Why?"

The sharp wand again found the way to her neck. "Don't address the Dark Lord like this, you wench!"

"If you are afraid of saying his name, why must I be?" Ginny spat.

"Because with this attitude you'll die sooner!" The wand tip left her throat, but he still stood quite near.

"Do you have a killing wish or something? You use words somehow connected to Death almost in every sentence."

"Let's say that this is a philosophy of this place. Speaking of this place, you'll live here, in this room." After noticing her shocked expression, Malfoy smirked with smugness. "You thought you'd be given a spare room? You are not a guest here, Weasley; you are a prisoner, thus you must be watched over." 'And only Founders know why it should be me of all people. I have tons of work as it is.'

A small bed appeared in a free corner of the roomIt looked more like a couch than a bed, it was so small. "You will sleep here. The bathroom is through that door." He pointed to the door behind which Ginny assumed was the bathroom during her previous observation. With another wave of his wand the ropes disappeared.

"Stand up." Ginny didn't move an inch. "I said stand up, dammit!" The same reaction from Ginny, or I better say, no reaction whatsoever. "You want to do it the hard way, Weasley? You want to fight? What for? To win this petite argument? You can sit for as long as you wish: you'll bother me less this way anyway." Malfoy turned around, went to the table and started to look through the parchments, making notes here and there.

When ten minutes passed, Ginny began to feel stupid. 'Well, it really was a petite argument. What did I want to prove with winning it? That I am a gryffindor, that I am tough and strong? The only thing I did prove is that I am just a stupid and scared girl. And I am neither stupid nor scared; Especially of Draco bloody Malfoy. But he is a Death Eater and I don't have a wand. I won't have a wand till I get out of here. Damn, I hate to give up without even starting a fight, but I have no other choice.' Ginny Weasley stretched (her body got a bit stiff from sitting motionlessly for so long) and stood up.

'Good girl.' "So you finally decided to obey. You made the right choice. A lot depends on which choice you make here. Preferably the right one. Now come here." Ginny wordlessly made a few steps in his direction, stopping when there were four feet between them.

Malfoy moved to the center of the room, taking his wand out on the way. He pointed it at Ginny and to a corner with the bed then back at Ginny and another corner; the procedure continued until all eight corners were covered. When he stopped chanting, shiny golden strings appeared, connecting Ginny to the corners of the room. Within a moment they disappeared.

"Now you are bound to this room, meaning it is impossible for you to escape. Now I permit you to go and sit for as long as you want."

"Next thing you'll tell me to call you master," Ginny snapped, really angry by his attitude towards her; Like she was some thing that could be put on a shelf when not used.

"No, I won't."

"Out of the kindness of your heart, I presume?" Ginny said with sarcasm.

"No, it makes me old."

"It makes me old," she mocked under her breath. "Stupid Malfoy." She marched to her new bed and soundly sat down. After half an hour she started to get uncomfortably bored. "Hey, Malfoy!"

"What?" he snapped, without looking away from his papers.

"I know you are all business, but what am I to do? I can't just sit here during my whole stay in this place."

"And what do you suggest you can do?" Such a simple question sounded like an insult from his mouth.

"Well, I can be useful."

"Well yes, you can."

His naughty look didn't have any hidden meaning. "Not in this way, you pervert!!! Why do men always think about sex first?!" she exclaimed, rolling her eyes.

"Because we are men?" Malfoy suggested, but there was a slight playfulness in his voice.

"Anyway, what did you think first?"

"Well, I can clean, wash, do chores… You know, women's stuff," she replied with a shrug.

"We have House Elves for this here, but if you are so eager to join them, I don't mind."

"And I am sure you won't mind me asking where this 'here' exactly is? Because this room can't just hang somewhere in open space."

"It is a castle with a lot of rooms like this."

"Care to elaborate?"

"No. You are not supposed to know where it is, remember?" Malfoy remarked like scolding a small child.

"I don't want to know exactly where it is, it won't help me. I am bound to this room, remember?" Ginny mocked him back.

'She mocked me! That bint! I just know she'll be the death of me. It was a doubt in the beginning, but I now I am certain. What is it? Another testing?'

"A castle?" Ginny continued. "Well, it is at least something. Is it Vo-" a piercing glare from the table's occupant, "Ok, ok, the Dark Lord's lair or headquarters?

"You ask so many questions, Weasley. You'll be given a perfect opportunity tomorrow," Malfoy said in a dismissive tone.

"You mean when I meet Him?"

"Yes, when you meet your Lord."

"He isn't my Lord," she protested with offence.

"He will be."

"But I don't want to," Ginny weaned, pressing herself to the wall, as if increasing the space between her and Malfoy would help to prevent her becoming a Death Eater.

"You don't have a choice. Your life was spared for some unknown reason. You must be grateful."

"Maybe it was spared only to give me a worse death."

"Maybe. But you still don't have a say in this matter. Even every House Elf has a Dark Mark here. If you are on this side you are also to have one. There is no other option."

"But, but, but…"

"No buts, Weasley," Malfoy barked, taking his glance from the papers for the first time. "You'll do whatever you are told and when you are told! Got it? You don't have a wand thus you don't have a will! And shut the Hell up already, I am doing serious business here!"

After another glare full of hate and despise, Ginny really shut up, Malfoy stood up and went to the map marking something there with his wand. She felt she was pinned to the wall with that look. It instantly reminded her of Malfoy at school with his smirks and glares. She'd never seen a smile on his face or even a happy expression.

The following two hours were spent in complete silence, broken only by Malfoy's mutterings from time to time. Soon Ginny's eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. Somewhere in the middle of the night she seemed to hear a strange sound, like the air was beaten out of something.

But she decided it was just her imagination.