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Chapter Twenty: Released

'What takes her so long?' Draco mused, sitting in the living room. 'It's been an hour already.' Ginny's legs had visualized on the stairs. 'Finally' He stood up, dusted off his pants and then… nothing. Now Draco knew that breath could be taken away quite literally. He just stood there, stunned by the view of endless legs, attractive curves, milky skin of exposed neck and shoulders that were created to be kissed and a waterfall of flame that begged to be tamed. Ginny's black dress seemed too tight to him and his pants were surely very tight already.

"Common. There is plenty of room upstairs," she said in a carefree tone and started to go back to her room. Draco followed as if somebody was pulling him on the leach. "Here. We won't disturb anyone."

'No, no, no, no! Why the bedroom? Merlin, help me. Why must she torture me so? And she doesn't have the slightest idea what she is doing to me.'

"What are you, a statue or something? You came here to dance, remember?"

"I… I…" 'Get a grip of yourself, Malfoy!' "Won't the music wake up the children?"

"You are the master of silencing charms. You can take care of it."

"Yes, I can." Draco noticed that his hand was shaking; this was very, very bad. But he wasn't a Malfoy for nothing. In one deep breath he steadied himself and put several silencing charms on the walls and the floor.

"What music is more suitable for tonight?" Ginny asked, brushing her hand over his.

That was the last straw. Draco jerked to the door. "I am sorry, Ginny, but I must leave. I don't feel well."

'No! This is my last chance to stop him.' "I've put on your present. Would you like to see it?"

Draco heard the sound of a zipper opening; he turned to the door and screwed up his eyes.

"Look at me, Draco. You've chosen it yourself, don't you want to see how it suits me? Draco…" she breathed into his ear, leaning onto his back.

"Stop it, stop it right now or I'll -" Draco said through clenched teeth.

"You'll what? Rip it off of me? Take me right now and here? Then what are you waiting for?"

"I… I don't want to… force you into anything."

"You are not forcing me. I am begging you. I've waited for this moment for more than two years. I know you feel at least something for me, Draco. I saw it in your eyes. You don't need to hide it or trap it inside you. Be a man, Draco!" Ginny cried, grabbing the collar of his robes and tearing it off of him. That move certainly made him turn. "Take it or live it!"

'I was right. This underwear makes her look deadly sexy,' Draco thought, looking her over with eyes completely black from desire. "It is awful," he finally said, eating her with his passionate look and moving towards her.

"Awful?" Ginny asked flabbergasted.

"Horrible, disgusting, vomiting, terrible, dreadful." With each word Draco took a step forward, making Ginny take one back until her legs stopped against the bed. "I absolutely hate it. It must be removed immediately." With a slight push Ginny landed on the bed. Draco soon joined her.

Ginny knew what passion was, but she never would've imagined what passion was trapped inside Draco Malfoy. It burnt her inside out and upside down. But at the same time his every kiss, every caress was soft and tender, as if he was afraid to break her, to hurt her in any way.

When they finally became one all the walls between them were broken. Broken by their will to live, to lust, to love. Even when trapped inside a castle ruled by a crazy maniac, they learned to love each other, despite the cataclysms around them. They hid their feelings from each other, believing in the impossibility of them to be returned. And yet… They were cuddling after the best night of their lives.

"Do you want an heir, Draco?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I can give you one."

"So your infertility wasn't permanent?"

"The curse the Healer cast allows me to get pregnant only from the man I love. I wish I could give you my virginity too."

"It isn't important."

"It is."

"If it is so important to you, I gave you mine with all love in the world."

"What have you just said?" Ginny asked, rising her head from his chest to face him.

"You are the first women I slept with."

"No, after that. Did you say you…loved me?"

"Yes, I did. For quite some time actually."

'He loves me! He loves me! He loves me' "Oh, don't tell me you fancied me at school."

"No, I didn't. It was… much later."


"Why do you want to know?"

"I don't know," she uttered, shyly taking her glance away from his.

"Woman's curiosity?"


"I bet you just want to know when Draco Malfoy, who has no place for a woman in his life, started to fall in love with the only woman present there."

"But isn't it fair for me to know?"

"Let's say it happened at second sight. At your initiation. You twisted Voldie's knickers so hard that day. It was spectacular. That day the fight began."

"What fight?"

"Between me and all other single men in the castle."

"But I was a Weasley!"

"So? You are a woman, not to mention quite a hot one, especially after you started to dress normally. And you are still a Weasley, by the way."

"Hot? What do you mean by 'hot'?"

"Well, I don't know… Maybe exactly what is usually meant in this context?" Draco said huskily, lightly tracing the way from her right thigh to her neck. Even if the touch was a light one, it made Ginny shiver from head to toe.

"Till when will I stay a Weasley, Draco?"

"Till… tomorrow?"

"Aren't we in a hurry?" Ginny teased.

"Well, you know, I am a busy man."

"No, you are my man."

"Aren't we possessive?" Draco teased back.

"Yes, I am. Now I will never let you go."

"So what about tomorrow?"

"No way, Draco. I want a real wedding, not some papers. You yourself complained about it. We could do a double wedding with Pansy and Blaise if they haven't had a real one yet."

"You know, that's a wonderful idea! Susanna can be a flower girl."


"Pansy and Blaise's daughter."

"So they have a daughter?"

"Yeah. Pansy gave birth in the dungeons. It wasn't an easy delivery."

"Dungeons? What for Merlin's sake was she doing there?!"

"Actually, we all were there, the whole England Mortals department. We were hiding in Gringotts during all this publicity mess. It was far more complicated than I told your mother."

"You were hiding in Gringotts? That's awful! For how long?"

"Just for two months, while I was tracing that bastard. I hadn't imagined that one person could hate somebody so strongly, moreover I. I don't even know the reason why he blew up the cover of the whole organization. For some stupid revenge?

It was kinda funny, really. We were all staying in one building under everybody's noses. Under my nose. I was sitting all days long and scanned the minds of people I trusted. It took me two months to catch the incriminating memories. And I just snapped. I took him to a separate room and… and…"

"You killed him," Ginny stated.

"Yes, I killed him. Strangled with my bare hands. I won't ever forgive myself for such pointless loss of temper and self-control."

"Don't push yourself, Draco. You did the right thing. You saved hundreds of people by doing it."

"You know, it was a real shock. I was in a merry mood, sitting behind a table covered with wedding feast. Atlanta had finally found a suitable man; everything was working smoothly and then BOOM! That bloody article in the Prophet. For a whole day I thought everything had been lost. I couldn't understand how it happened. Even with Voldemort I managed, we all managed to hide everything and now, with no death threat above our heads, everything was being ruined by some stupid articles.

At that time people looked for somebody to blame for the after-war crisis. The Fate had chosen the Mortals to be that shape goat. Frankly speaking, during those days I wished for you to be with me. To tell me your stories…"

"Those times are the past, Draco. Don't dwell on them. Now you can look into the future. You'll open your office in Diagon Alley, the trade will be going and all your dreams will come true."

"Don't forget to include yourself in those dreams, partner. We will do it together."

"I like how you say it – together. I always thought you were more of a solo player."

"Your stories taught me a lot. You had a great a family."

"And how are those two sentences connected?"

"Ginny, am I a fool? I almost immediately understood that you were telling me stories about your family. And frankly speaking, who else could you talk about so fluently?"

"You've got me there. So you are not offended by listening about the Weasley family?"

"Of course not. Those stories made me realize a lot of things: the importance of family, its love and unity; that fun played an important role in our life, that devotion must be equally divided between all parts of one's life, especially if you have another someone in it. And I also understood how talented all you brothers were. By the way, I myself used the twins' services at school."

"You did?! But how come they never told us?"

"I have my ways."

"Yeh, definitely. The night is still young, how about having your way with me?"

"Most definitely."


Ron wasn't in a good mood that bright shiny morning. Brandon kept him up the whole night. He was really glad to have a boy, but that boy drove him crazy. Fatherhood wasn't an easy task. And now he needed coffee. Dark, strong coffee. Hermione soon joined him with Brandon. Soon the whole family went down for breakfast except for…

"Where is Ginny?" Run grunted, pouring himself another cup of coffee.

"Must be still upstairs, sleeping."

"But she always gets up early, not later than eight."

"Well, today seems to be an exception," Hermione remarked evenly.

"Wait a minute… When did Malfoy left last night?" Ron asked with rising suspicion.

"I don't know, I was with Brandon," Hermione replied.


"I didn't notice either. He must've not left at all," molly added the last sentence with a small smile.

"What do you mean, he didn't left?! Then it means he is still here! In… in…" Ron couldn't finish the phrase, because he was overwhelmed with indignation and shock.

"Ginny's room," Molly finished for him.

"That bastard! I'll show him what it is to mess with the Weasleys." Ron stood up ready to protect his sister's honor, but Hermione pushed him down.

"Stop it, Ron. You are acting like you are still at school. They are older than eighteen and they are engaged. If you are so worried about Ginny's well being I'll just go and check on her."

That's how Hermione found herself knocking on Ginny's door. No answer was given. As quietly as she could, Hermione opened the door, peeped in and couldn't help but smile widely.

The room was a mess – clothes were scattered everywhere. It was exactly the same picture as in Hermione and Ron's bedroom after his return from a long trip. She moved her gaze onto the bed in pure curiosity. Its occupants were obviously naked, no surprise there, but the way they were pressed tight to each other was quite astonishing. There was absolutely no space between their bodies as if they were holding onto each other for dear life. It looked really sweet to Hermione.

"Everything is alright, Ron. I am sure they'll come downstairs eventually."

"So he is in her room! I'll gladly remove him from there."

Ron's hostile attempt was interrupted by the sounds of laughter and skipping steps. A moment later, Ginny appeared in a long sleeved sundress. She was skipping from stair to stair like a cat which ate a very fat canary. She wasn't looking where exactly she was putting her feet on that's why she tripped on the last stair and would've fallen down if it hadn't been for Draco who appeared on the stairs out of nowhere and grabbed Ginny's right forearm.

"I told you one day your heels would kill you," he reproached seriously.

"Sorry, Draco," Ginny replied with shame, noticing her alarm signal on his Mark. 'He must've thought I was in real danger.'

"Hey, lover birds!" Ron shouted from the kitchen. "Care to explain your actions?"

"What actions?" Ginny asked with expression of pure innocence.

"I got to go. I'll visit you later," Draco whispered into Ginny's ear for nobody to hear.

"You are not going anywhere. I have the right to at least have breakfast with my fiancée. Right, Mum?"

"Of course, Ginny dear. We have so much to discuss, the wedding, for example."

"Common, Draco." Ginny nudged him to move into the kitchen. "You are not afraid, are you?"

"Don't be ridicules, Ginny. The only thing I am afraid of is poisoning."

"Poisoning?" molly asked confused. "Why will anybody poison you? Especially here."

"This is exactly what I am talking about, Mrs. Weasley. The chances of anybody poisoning me in this house are quite dim," Draco said, sitting down behind the table to finally consume some food to restore the energy he used during the night activities. And there was quite a lot to restore.

A shadow of panic crossed Ginny's features. "You are not talking about what I think you are talking about, Draco?"

"No, I am not. There won't be any other attempts."

"What attempt?" Ron blurted out; sick of listening to a conversation he didn't understand a word of.

"Attempts to kill me," Draco answered, buttering a toast.


"Now everything is secure and I can freely marry your sister. In two months perhaps?"

"Two months?! It is impossible to organize a wedding this fast!" Molly protested.

"Are there any reasons for such a rush?" Hermione asked, with obvious text between the lines.

"Do you have any special reasons, Draco?" Ginny asked in turn, oblivious to Hermione's suggestion.

"The house will be ready by then, but if it isn't enough, well, then it will take longer. There is so much organization with double wedding and everything…"

"Double wedding?" molly asked completely disoriented. The whole context of Ginny getting married was too sudden for her. Molly felt like everything was planned without her. She was the bride's mother for Merlin's sake! And practically didn't know the groom! Ginny wasn't going to ask about her mother's blessing as it seemed.

"Yes, Pansy and Blaise didn't have a proper ceremony. And the Mortals must attend! All of them!" Ginny exclaimed with sudden enthusiasm.

"Ginny, this is impossible," Ginny stated.

"Why? It is their duty to attend the wedding of their leader. I won't take 'no' for an answer about this matter."

"But there are hundreds of them."

"So? Two months is quite enough to inform them."

"Then you are going to write the invitation. You'll understand what I am talking about when you are half through them."

"I won't write them. The Mortal's Mark will be quite enough to be a proof to me," Ginny finished with a look that said 'And what do you have to say to this?' Draco only bowed his head in return, admitting defeat.

"Are you always like this?" Hermione interrupted their picketing.

"Like what?"

"Bickering, without noticing others' presence in the room."

"A familiar picture, isn't it?" Ginny remarked, winking in Ron and Hermione's direction, making them blush slightly.

"Patrick will come an hour later than previously arranged. Problems with international apparating," Draco informed out of blue. "Is it okay with you, Hermione?"

"Yeah, we can have lunch together," Hermione drawled, already forgetting about the whole ordeal.

"Forgetfulness is not a good trait for a Mortal, Hermione," Draco said sternly.

"Watch who you are raising your voice to, Malfoy. She is my wife and I can't just let this," Ron threatened.

"You are her husband, but I am her boss. It makes a great difference," Draco said in return in a tone that clearly said not to mess up with him.

"I don't envy you, Ginny," Hermione whispered, finally beginning to understand why Malfoy had hundreds of employees and was able to control them all.

"I think, it is time form men's heart to heart, Malfoy," Ron stated, looking into Draco's eyes with determination and surprising strength. "Being the only male in the Weasley family I'll be giving my sister's hand in marriage; thus I have the right to know who exactly I am giving her to."

Draco smirked, but nodded. "We have time. Ginny, you know what to do," he said, tilting his head in Hermione's direction.

"Yeah. Don't be afraid, Ron won't eat you, he is already full from breakfast."

"Don't worry, Ginny. I know how to handle Weasley men," Draco threw, following Ron to his room.

"What was the last comment about?" Ron asked, firmly closing the door behind him.

"I was friends with your eldest brother Bill. I surely could handle him, so I don't think there will be any difficulties with the youngest brother, namely you. So you are quite serious about it," Draco remarked, noticing Ron locking the door.

"Yes, I am always serious when it concerns to my family. Firstly, I want to know in what mess you are dragging Hermione."

"I am not dragging her anywhere. She volunteered herself. I was against it. But you must admit that she is a brilliant addition to the League. And I can assure you that the moment it gets too tough for her, I'll let her go. That was the deal. Is this clear now?"


"Can I sit down?"


"Thank you." Draco sat down onto a nearby chair and fixed his firm but calm glance on Ron.

"You know, Malfoy. I don't get you."

"Maybe you'll start getting me when you begin to call me Draco?"


"Why did you bring me here, Ron? I know you have something to ask me, but I want you to tell me yourself."

"What did really happen at that place where Ginny was kept?" Ron breathed out.

"She hasn't told you?"

"Well, only briefly. She said something about you saving her from her fate. What was it?"

"Do you really want to know? It was nothing pretty, believe me."

"She is my sister."

"She was to become the Dark Lady, the wife of Lord Voldemort. But even before that she had been visiting his chambers for three weeks."

"Holy Founders, but how…what…tell me everything."

And Draco did. Every fact told by Draco made Ron turn paler and paler. He couldn't imagine how Ginny managed to live through all that. Now he began to understand Ginny words about Malfoy helping her. It was impossible to survive there alone. And somehow Draco Malfoy happened to be the person who cared for his sister, helped, healed and saved her. And knowing Ginny, the actions were mutual. Their relationship was based on a very solid ground; it was the only thing Ron needed to know.

"So you and Ginny are moving back to London?"

Draco even blinked from surprise. It was the least awaited reaction to his tale. "Yes, we are," he only managed to say.

"Take care of her then."

"That's all? No threatening or older brother advice?"

"If a woman managed to put you on your knees, she must mean quite something to you."


Who Is Who in the Wizarding World Year 2015

Draco Siberius Malfoy – born 21.11.1980. Kensington, England, UK; 1991-1997 Hogwarts; 1998-2003 Financial Consultant of Voldemort; 1999-current – Head of the League of Mortal Businessmen (LMB); 23.08.2006 – mar. to Ginevra Molly Weasley (5.12.1981); 15.04.2009 – son Fabian Basil Malfoy; 22.02.2014 – daug. Vivian Melody Malfoy; 11.05.2006 – establishing of the LMB HQ on Diagon Alley 38; 07.05.2007 – putting into mass production potions: Antihangover, Fresh Sleep, Universal Painkiller etc. under the trademark 'Legacy of Severus Snape'. Personal credo: We make history with our own hands.

The League of Mortal Businessmen – officially established on 11.05.2006. HQ – Diagon Alley, London, England, UK. Main area: financial consulting. Brunches in 52 countries, 2058 cities. Appx. 3000000 emp. Director – Draco Siberius Malfoy. The corporation is considered to be the most trusted company in the world of international business. Slogan: There is always someone for you in this world. Ask us and we'll find him.

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