Temporary untitled or "A sister's grudge"

Arthor notes-This idea come to me one night while chatting with my friends online about what Cree would be thinking if Abby and Hoagie were to be going out. It takes place somewhat in the future, and is in Cree's POV. As for disclaimers, I don't own KND,and if I did 2/5 would be canon.

Cree Lincoln couldn't believe it, how could my little sister who I considered to be some what of a tomboy have a boyfriend? She wondered, And Who is it, you may ask? None other then Hoagie P. Gilligan one of her childhood friends, only now he was not so little anymore. The once chubby and somewhat dorky boy was now much taller and thinner. He traded his love for airplanes and 2x4 technology for the drama club, and hanging out with the football team. Did I metioned that he now played football? As for my sister, when not hanging out with the leadership class, she would be seen around with the jocks and Hoagie, whom she always seemed to be with. And, if they weren't hanging out, they would be talking on the phone or emailing each other for hours on in. Hoagie, being the romantic he is,is also very good to her, alway buying her flowers, and such, or taking her out to dinner, he even made her chicken soup once when she was ill. None of my boyfriends have ever did that for me.

As for my love life, well lets say that ever since I broke up with Chad last year I have been miserable.Even though Chad was a jerk, I missed him, especially since being with him made me one of the most popular girls at school,and soon after we broke up , I decided to make a move on Hoagie, knowing that he once had a thing for me, and also because he grew alot cuter over the years.Imagine my surprise when I found out that he liked Abigail, talk about a blow to ones ego. Not only that, but to see him over at our house all the time is enough to make me sick. Not that I am not happy for my little sister, for I really am, the thing is that although I hate to admit it, is, that I am a bit jealous. For Hoagie is such a great guy and he treats my little sister well,and also makes her happy. It just,that it makes me wish that there was someone like that out there for me.