The Fox and Deity Dilemma

Botan was walking through the hall to Koenma office.He said he wanted to speak to her about something but never told her what.She was going to find out now.She stop infront of the doors that lead to Koenma's office.She took a deep breath and enter.

"You wanted to see me Koenma sir."Botan said looking at Koenma.

Koenma look at her from his stack of papers."Yes Botan."Botan look at him giving him her full attention.
"Its about this whole month after your mission with the others in Feudal Japan."

"When we came back from our mission a month ago?What about it?"She ask still not understanding what Koenma is trying to say.

"I notice that you and Kurama is closer than when you left for Feudal Japan."Koenma said.

'Does he know our new relationship I hope not.'Botan thought nervous that he may find out.

"Are you sure there nothinggoing on with you and Kurama."Koenma said eyeing Botan carefully.

"No there's nothing going on between us."She lied.

Koenma didn't buy it but let it go knowing Botan wouldn't say anymore."Okay you may leave"
Botan left his office'I wonder why he want to know mine and Kurama relationship.'she thought going to her room in the palace to rest.
Feudal Japan

"What do you want you mangy wolf."Inuyasha said drawing his tessaiga.

"I'm here to see my Kagome you mutt."Kouga said in a fighting stance.

"What!She is not yours' wolf."Inuyasha said about to charge at him when...

"Sit boy!"Inuyasha fell face first on the ground.He slowly got up and look behind him to see Kagome with her hands on her hip.

"What was that for."He said getting to his feet.

"Well why did you have to pick a fight with Kouga what did he do to you."Kagome lecture.

"Serve you right mutt."Kouga said smirking.

"What was that."Inuyasha said about to charge at him.

"Inuyasha don't make me say the 's' word."This may Inuyasha stop.

"There so why are you here Kouga?"She ask.

"I'm here to see you my love."He said grabbing both her hands with his.Kagome sweat dropped at his declaration of love.

'I can't beleave him,he's flirting with Kagome and she is not doing anything.'As much as Inuyasha wanted to stop Kouga he couldn't unless he want to end up on the ground again so all he did was sheath his tessaiga.

Kagome remove her hand from Kouga's"Thats right."Kagome said remembering something both Inuyasha and Kouga stare at her in confusion."Um Kouga can you give me the Jewel on your legs."She pleaded.

Kouga look at her like she crazy"Why?"He ask.

"Well you see Naraku is dead and I need to make the Jewel whole again."

"So he's actually dead."Kouga said.

"yes so you don't need the Jewel anymore."Kagome said.

"Alright."Inuyasha and Kagome look at him in shock.

"Really."Kagome said hoping this is real and not some dream.

"Yes I will win you over from mutt face over there without the power of the Jewel."He said bending down to take out the Jewel.
He stand up and handed both of the jewel shards to Kagome.

"Thanks."She said taking the shards and placing it in the Shikon jewel.She place it back into her backpack.

"See you Kagome,smell you later mutt."He said before taking off.

"I can't beleave that wolf."Inuyasha said.

"Stop being like that Inuyasha all we need now is Kohaku Jewel shard."

"Yea but how are we going to get it without him dieing."Inuyasha ask.

Kagome was thinking about that than a light bulb showed up on her head"I know."

Inuyasha look at her"Okay what is it."

She look at him and smile"We go ask Sesshomaru."

"WHAT!"He said."Did you get hit in the head or something."

"No...Just think about it he can use his tenseiga to bring Kohaku back."

"But that bastard won't help us."

"But lets try anyways."


"If you don't come no more ramen for you."

Inuyasha look at her in shock can't beleave what she said"No you wouldn't."(lol reminds me of Naruto don't you agree but Naruto is wrost when it comes to ramen. )

"Than come along with us."She said.

"You mean the others are coming?"

"Yes as soon as I tell them."She said running off towards Kaede hut to tell her friends the news.

'How did I get myself into this.'Inuyasha thought.
Finally the sequel to Mission:Time travel;I know kinda short sorry about that.anyways I know its more Inuyasha in this chapter and no K/B yet don't worry in later chapter It will have KB but I did it this way so you Inu group can get the others shard after their Journey won't end if they don't get all the shards.Don't worry the Spirit detective will meet Inuyasha and Kagome again after all the spirit detective have no business in feudal Japan.Hope you enjoy it pls give me reviews,the more review I have the quicker I update,Thanks.Bye.