The Fox and Deity dilamma

The sun was bright the next morning and Kagome felt it. She slowly open her eyes. She used one of her arms to block the sun rays.

"You're up." She heard the voice said.

She slowly remove her arm from her eyes and saw Inuyasha standing there in front of her blocking the sun rays.

Kagome slowly got up from bed.

"Good morning Inuyasha." She said with a small smile.

"You better get dress, Yusuke and his friends should be waiting for us." He said.

Kagome eyes widen 'I almost forgot.' Her mind shouted.

She sprang out of bed to get ready.

"Whats taking them so long?" Yusuke said irritated.

"Calm down Yusuke, we haven't seen them in a long time so be patient." Keiko said.

"Hey everyone." A cheerful voice said.

Everyone look towards the voice and saw Botan with Kurama.

"Hey guys." Kuwabara said.

Everybody greeted each other. They all decided to meet at Genkai place, Keiko gave Kagome the direction to get here so they don't get lost.

"Hey I think I see them." Yukina said in a quiet voice.

"Really?! Where?" Yusuke ask excitely.

He look around until he saw two figures.

"Oh I see them." He finally said after searching.

"Oh nice hat Inuyasha." Yusuke snicker.

This earn him a growl from Inuyasha.

"Hi everybody." Kagome said waving. -
The reunion was great, everyone was talking about what has been going on in their life. Everyone was happy that Kurama and Botan was together. They told everyone that they were getting married and they all was invited.

Everyone quickly agreed.

"It's getting late we better go." Kagome told Inuyasha.

"Okay." Inuyasha said.

"Bye everyone." Kagome said waving her hand to them. The ex-spirit detectives did the same. They all agree that they will se each other soon.

Hi everyone, finally this is my last chapter. I know it suck...but to be honest nothing inspire me anymore with this story BUT I didn't want to discontinue it (because I know how many people will hate that) so I decided to finish. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!