Episode One: The Mysterious Pyramid

"We're now over India, Mr. Kaiba. We will arrive in Africa in approximately three and a half hours."

"Good," Kaiba tells the pilot of the Kaiba Corp. private jet. 'If the upcoming meeting goes well, Kaiba Corp. will have government approval to build an African Kaiba Land.' Kaiba looks out the window. 'So this is India...' He looks out toward the green hills below and frowns as he thinks, 'I thought the view would be better then this.' A river meanders through the valley and snow-capped mountains are in the distance. 'Wait! What was that!' Kaiba thinks when getting a glimpse of something through the trees. As he watches the area closely, he gets another quick look at the object. 'Was that a pyramid? How could there be one way out here, in the jungles of India!'

"I'm going to investigate something. Don't wait for me," Kaiba tells the pilot while grabbing a parachute.

"What!" the pilot asks in alarm, glancing over his shoulder to see his boss putting on the parachute.

"I'll call when I'm ready to be picked up."

The pilot watches with wide eyes as Kaiba reaches for the door. "But what about the meeting!"

"Tell Roland to take care of it," Kaiba tells the pilot as he pulls the door open.

"But..." the pilot begins, but Kaiba's already gone.

The strong wind tousles Kaiba's hair and the bottom of his navy blue jacket nosily whips around his body. After free-falling for a few seconds, Kaiba pulls the ripcord. The force of the air under his parachute jerks him up a few feet before he begins to drift gently downward again.

'Great. The wind is blowing in the wrong direction. I'm being carried away from the structure. I guess I'll have a hike ahead of me...'

Kaiba lands softly on his feet. He takes off the parachute, leaving it lying on the ground, and begins walking in the direction he knows to be toward the pyramid. A few birds fly out of a nearby tree when Kaiba comes too close to them. There's other birds, who's calls can be heard throughout the forest. 'This place needs to be turned into a parking lot...' Kaiba thinks when stepping in some mud. 'Those shoes were genuine leather and custom made.'


When finally getting to the area, Kaiba sees the pyramid in a crater below, cliffs surrounding the giant building. Kaiba works his way to the bottom and stares up at the large pyramid from the entrance for a second before walking inside.

It being dark inside, Kaiba gets out a pocket flashlight and turns it on. After walking for a few minutes, he comes to a staircase. He begins to walk up the stairs but then hears something and jumps to the edge just as the stairs collapse. "Booby traps..." he mumbles under his breath before walking on, careful to stay on the ledge by the wall. "Why is this place here?... I have to find out." He comes to a room with some Egyptian art on the walls. There's two possible ways to go - one stairway leading downward, the other up. He picks the one going upward, but when reaching the top, only finds a locked door. Kaiba looks behind him when hearing something, but doesn't see anything. "Stupid rats..." he says to himself and starts back down the stairs. A set of eyes watch Kaiba as he walks downstairs.

Kaiba returns to the original room and picks the other staircase. When getting to the bottom, he finds a gigantic room.

"No way!" Kaiba exclaims when seeing the floor. Trees, mountains, and rivers are painted on the tiles. "It's Capsule Monsters!" Kaiba says as he bends down to examine the painting. "How could the Capsule Monsters board be painted on the floor of this room! That would mean... Either some freak built this whole pyramid for show - or the game board was based on this very image..." Kaiba reaches out to touch a tile in curiosity. His fingers go right through the floor and his eyes widen in surprise. Before Kaiba can jerk his hand away, he's pulled into the illustration. The echoes of his surprised yell bounce off of the walls of the empty room.


Tell me what you think about this idea.

I was kind'a disappointed that Kaiba wouldn't be in Capsule Monsters, so I thought of this... Can you say if you like it or not? I might not finish it if no one likes it...