Far Flung Hope: More than meets the Eye

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Chapter 2 Gathering the Storms

Location: Starscream's Flagship orbiting Halo# Unknown

The Strikers approached the Flagship near the odd Hulk the scouts found. Air Strike couldn't figure out why the sudden interest with the thing. Sure, the construction was impressive but the design was bizarre, especially to him. He just couldn't understand why anyone would make a giant space station, put an organic landscape in it, and just leave it. Sure, he knew that some races were organic but organic planet's always struck him as odd. The total alien nature of it really made his armor creak. However, the one thing all the Decepticons hated about organic worlds was the corrosive atmosphere none of them liked.

When his team left for their mission, only the 1st Fleet including the flagship was here. But when they returned, the number of ships was multiplied by a factor of five. Now thousand's of ships were in the area and judging by the fact that his scanners were picking up three transwarp signatures during the approach, there were more on the way. Whatever the reason for this buildup, something must have been found on that ring to cause this little get together.

Loose Cannon interrupted Air Strike's thoughts, "Hey boss, do you think we're going to attack Char again?" He said in his usual over confident tone, "I haven't seen this many ships since the last attack. I think almost half our fleet is here!"

"Actually it's only twenty-two percent of our fleet. Also, none of the Mobile troop production facilities are in this sector, not counting the Flagship. However if the ships keep arriving like they are, I guess that soon this entire area will be filled with ships." Wild responded obviously curious.

The rest of the trip to the landing bay was filled with questions with little answers.

The outside of the flagship was impressive to say the least. The color shared the Decepticon standard color of their starships. It was massive compared to most anything else in the fleet. The sheer firepower was also immense and very few ships could even match it. More to the point, it was designed with speed and distance in mind. It could operate completely cutoff from the main fleet for five hundred years without resupply. The ship stretched out lengthwise and had one set of massive engines at the rear. The bridge area was hard to see in the ship since it was barely exposed from the armor. Like the other ships, it was very tough to see any distinguishing features from the outside of the ships beyond the symbol the ships bore.

The entire landing bay was big enough to land an aircraft carrier in with room to spare. In the area many Decepticons, of all shapes and sizes, were arriving and leaving. Some were undergoing repairs, some were waiting for orders, and others were leaving the hanger for other parts of the ship. There was a post for emergency repairs to be administered in case a critically damaged Decepticon managed to land and some security Decepticons capable of transforming into turrets to fend off any enemy forces that wanted to attack the landing bay.

The Strikers arrived in the landing bay to be greeted by a Decepticon with big black spears extending from its shoulders with glowing green vents on them. The design was an Atropian design one of the races that was killed off when a Decepticon Exponential generator was activated on their planet. The result destroyed all life on the planet and released massive amounts of energy for the Decepticons to collect and supply their forces.

The Decepticon began speaking with static in his voice, "Air Strike, you and your men are to head to the main conference room. Commander Starscream is going to make a speech so once you finish offloading, head there. "

Then the Decepticon just walked off to another group that had just arrived. The Strikers then Transformed into robot mode and began to offload energon cubes from Air Freight and into the sector designated for energon drop-offs.


Location: Starscream's faction's flagship, Conference room.

The room looked like a bare room with a table and solid metal chairs in it. The Conference room was placed well inside the ship to decrease the chance of enemy spies learning any important plans. The room was always under guard by four Decepticon warriors; two inside and two outside. The reason for the guard was not specifically for guarding the Decepticon Commanders and other members that might be attending the meetings, instead they were mainly used to make sure that no one managed to sneak anything inside while the Commanders were not there. Even though the room looked like it had no form of tactical displays in it, there were actually almost a hundred different tactical and holographic readouts in the room.

Inside the room, most of the Decepticon Commanders and a few high-ranking soldiers were already in their seats or standing around and discussing different events. Onslaught was discussing strategies with Wild One of the Strikers who was well noted for his vast combat experience. Motor Master was apparently bragging to a Seeker about his victory over an attack on a human stronghold. The Seeker only showed signs that he was either not impressed or that he really didn't want to be here any longer than he had to. Air Strike was pacing around and slowly getting more agitated by the minute, the only reason he could think that a meeting would be called like this would because something terrible happened. Two other Decepticon Commanders, one with a gray color scheme and his alt mode was a flying saucer, the other one had an alt mode that turned into a massive black metal spider both were apparently enjoying the show Air Strike was putting on. The other Decepticons were more or less doing the same thing.

After a few minutes, Shockwave and Starscream entered the room and the Decepticons standing immediately began to sit down into their respective seats.

Starscream began, "As most of you know, I've called all my forces to this area in space and abandoned all worlds currently under our control. Now, soon all my forces will be making a short trip."

The group were looking at each other in confusion and seemed to have little idea where this was going.

Onslaught spoke first, "Commander Starscream I don't see the logic in this. Why have we just abandoned all our positions? It's almost like we're giving up."

"No, not giving up," Starscream answered, "Moving on."

Then Starscream pushed a button and a holographic image of the Ring appeared at the center of the table. The image was impressive it looked just like it would in real life. Even down to the ripples in the water on the ring to the shaking of the leaves. After all, the image was being recorded in real time. All the Commanders in the room were familiar with the ring since they all saw it when they arrived in the system.

"Shockwave will now explain the first reasons as to why we're all here." Starscream stated.

Shockwave began in his usual tone, "Several days ago our scouting forces discovered this deserted hulk. The scans revealed that is was incredibly old, thus we were curious as to this object's function. We dispatched exploration teams and they were able to discover the object's data grid and found out that this ring is actually from a race that was once at war with our ancestors a long time ago. I will not go about approximating the dates at this time since because some of the data was corrupted it is difficult to achieve an approximate age right now. Currently we have been looking into the inner workings of the ring and discovered that it has two main functions. One is a weapon capable of annihilating all organic life in a massive radius. The other is that this ring functions similar to that of a space bridge and as long as the sending and receiving ends are functional it can be used to transport to another galaxy entirely. The energy requirements for this Galactic Bridge is massive however, the power generators are still fully functional on the ring. However, the ring this bridge receives from is currently damaged but is apparently undergoing repairs."

Starscream then chose this time to interrupt Shockwave, "This is the reason we are here. Currently our forces are capable of holding off both Galvatron and the Autobots. Unfortunately, this has left us mainly on the defensive and our chances of gaining enough strength for counterstrikes has minimized. So I propose we are going to use this Ring to take our forces to another galaxy so we can gain enough time and resources to build our forces enough to attack the Autobots and Galvatron's forces with enough power that they will crumble." Then Starscream hits a few buttons and the hologram changed to a picture of a general representation of a sizable fleet, "Now this Ring is capable of receiving data from the other ring but because of the other ring's damage we can't get as much data we would want. This is the setup of the fleet coming in and I want our forces to deploy accordingly to meet them. I want our forces to go through them and enter this other galaxy. The next mission will be to find other of these bridges if there are any and take one to prevent any of our enemies from finding us quickly. Then we shale find a suitable cluster of worlds to make the beginning of our new Decepticon Empire. Next phase will be to metalform one of these worlds and begin fortifying the planets. Then we start constructing an infrastructure to gather energy and raw materials. Finally, we will start building facilities to mass produce troops for our war effort. Soon, if we achieve all these objectives, we will be able to begin spreading outwards and taking other systems and then become powerful enough to challenge Galvatron and unite our two factions."

"Now these are our long term objectives." Starscream stated, "Shockwave will now brief you all on our short term objectives."

Shockwave connected his gun hand into a slot and the hologram changed to the Fleets current positions in the galaxy, "Here is the current area our forces are still occupying. According to my calculations, all our forces will be here in a standard Earth month. Now before then we must insure our energy stockpile is at maximum levels. For that, I have dispatched teams to the Relic's generators to extract power from it. It should be able to allow us to generate enough energon cubes for an adequate length of time. Raw materials are in good supply due to the fact that we are now strip mining the worlds we're leaving. Our main problem is intelligence. We currently know nothing about what is outside of this galaxy so we must first acquire intelligence. Once the extra galactic travelers exit the bridge I want two teams, one a sizable force of battleships and Seekers to eliminate eighty percent of the enemy fleet's ships. The other group will focus on capturing any ships that look like capital ships, especially what could be the fleet's flagship. Another group will insure no enemy ships escape to warn the forces on the other side. The boarders will mainly consist of minibots and cassettes since they are close to most organic life forms in size. I also want prisoners and DNA samples to be used for pretender shells. We will also have other units in the boarding parties to link up with the ship's systems to download any useful information and prevent anything from self-destruction. Finally, all captured ships will be towed into our flagship for study. The data in the captured ships should reveal the position of the other fleet on the other side of the Spacebridge. Thus, we will have a tactical advantage in attacking our enemy. Further orders will be made after the ship's capture but after the captured ships are in the hold be ready to had for the space bridge in a matter of five hundred breems (1 breem 8.3 earth minutes)"

Then Shockwave then began the tactical discussion, "Now before we go into specific formations on phase 1's tactics are their any particulars any of you would highlight?"

There were none and the meeting continued for 3 hours.


Location: Earth/ Starscream Faction Pretender base/ A Sports coliseum.

Time: 3:00AM

Lightblast, the current leader in charge of all pretender operations on Earth was a busy Decepticon. He was in charge of three hundred Decepticon human pretenders on the planet each one's job ranged from being in charge of a high office to a lowly janitor. This mission was usually high risk not because the fleshies were much of a threat it was because none of them could even allow the slightest hint of the fact that they were robots that walked among the fleshies that looked like them as well. In his human Pretender shell, he smiled. He looked like an ordinary street bum but underneath the shell was a human size Decepticon armed with several missile launchers.

Another Pretender approached him the current leader of the base. He was dressed in a nice business suit. The leader saluted him and spoke, "Lightblast the evacuation is going smoothly. We orchestrated several fake assassinations and terrorist attacks to allow our operatives to reach the ship. Soon when he have the last group gathered at this base the entire coliseum will detonate and destroy any remains or evidence of our presence."

Lightblast finished, "Then we leave for the gathering point. I can't wait to leave this dirt ball. But I bet when we get back to the base we will get a new assignment for infiltration again."

The true base below the coliseum was almost stripped bare and Lightblast would be leaving with the last convoy.

The convoy consisted of several Decepticons with truck alt modes, each were instructed to head for the ship located in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship was fitted with the latest stealth technologies and it would be completely invisible to the human eye and all their scanners. However even the oldest stealth ship the Decepticons were currently deploying was still completely invisible to all human scanners as well.

All the Decepticons on Earth were generally relieved at the news they were leaving. Earth's current temperament toward sentient Robots was immensely violent. Their were some protests to defend these robots but the current government was apparently using the fear of the Transformers to unify the planet so several activists were assassinated by a old organization called the I.I.I. (Intelligence and Information Institution) that's been breeding distrust against the Cybertronian race since almost the beginning of the Earth phase of the Great War. The operation was like a powder keg if one was discovered then the entire planet would turn into a witch-hunt and undercover operations would then have a lot of difficulty staying undercover, not to mention having to also deal with a massive political upheaval.

With a sign, Lightblast leaned against a wall and announced, "At least we're getting off this volatile energon keg."


Location: Autobot Territory, the Nul Nebula. Incomplete Halo

"This slaggen thing is an illogical nightmare!" Perceptor shouted at all the other scientists in the room.

It has been 2 weeks since the Autobot's found this half-finished device and what they discovered did not make anyone happy. This structure was designed with a failsafe that was designed to annihilate the entire population of 1/7 of a galaxy if it was activated but not to destroy itself or anything on the structure. At first, they thought it maybe something very important to keep away from others and the race that made it may have been overly paranoid. However in the last few days all the Autobots on the slaggen piece of scrap agreed that who ever made this, is a heartless good for nothing that made Galvatron look like a noble leader.

In everyone's opinion, what the failsafe was designed to protect was not that important at all. The piece of slag was a massive version of a spacebridge and from what they could tell was that the race that made this had millions of others, and they tended get infested by dangerous parasites. But instead of self-destructing like any logical being would, it seems designed to reduce all life to nothingness whenever anyone let them out. Like a perpetual loop of destruction. The idea sickened everyone that some race would play God like that. This race was one that Perceptor was glad was not around anymore.

As far as the team here was concerned this incomplete spacebridge needed another receiving spacebridge to receive the travelers and that one is complete on the other side and this one was receiving data on it. Several Autobots including himself wanted to complete the Spacebridge with out the failsafe to see where this led however, Optimus Prime had to put any operations on hold because the war seemed to reach another climax again and no one knew how long this one would last. Currently Starscream's faction and Galvatron's faction has caused enough chaos that it was difficult to mount a prolonged offensive against either.

Perceptor looked at the data he had and right now, all they could do is sit here and wait until they could do something.


Location: Char, Galvatron's throne room

Soundwave was standing in front of Galvatron's menacing form if Soundwave was experiencing any emotions he was hiding them perfectly. He looked like he was made form a cassette player. His blood red optics made most Decepticons feel like he was looking directly into their CPU when he looked at them. Which that wasn't far from the truth since he is capable of scanning minds.

Galvatron was sitting on his throne and looking at the communication officer in an odd way a mixture of respect and disdain. No one could completely figure out why he seemed to respect Soundwave and look down at him at the same time. But Soundwave's role in the was diminishing apparently Galvatron seemed to see little use any more for spies among his enemies so Soundwave was given less and less missions as time went on. Everyone was sure Soundwave resented this but no one could exactly tell with him.

Soundwave was the first to speak, "Yes Lord Galvatron." He spoke in his usual emotionless manner.

Galvatron then began, "Soundwave recently it has become apparent that the usurper Starscream has apparently pulled all his forces away from all their positions. I want to know why." Galvatron ended the last of it with venom almost like an obscure threat.

He continued, "I want you to find out why and report back to me. Now go!" Galvatron ended the audience with a threatening gesture of his plasma cannon.

"Yes Galvatron." The way Soundwave said Galvatron's name, one could almost say that there was a trace of disgust in his voice.


Location: Char, Secret Lab

Time: 2 hours later

Deep in the depths of Char lies a hidden base well away from the eyes of Galvatron and his subordinates. Here Soundwave had entered the room 5 minutes ago and was greeted by a pair of Decepticons, one was the Constructicon Hook, his alt mode a crane, and second was Scrapper the Constructrcon leader, his alt mode a bulldozer.

Soundwave spoke first, "Project update."

Scrapper answered, "We've already began construction when you gave us the original schematics. Soon the body will be complete with every circuit copied with precession down to the microscopic level. My best estimate for the body to be fully completed is in three weeks…but this body is useless without a mind. How is that coming any way?"

"Download 79 complete." Soundwave informed in his usual way.

Hook then answered, "Everything is made precisely as to his original plans and nothing was over looked. Now all that's left is the Nucleon after the brain in finished.

"Now that's done you better get back to your mission or Galvatron may suspect what were doing and that's bad for all of us." Scrapper suggested.

"Debriefing completed proceeding to mission." Then Soundwave left the room leaving Scrapper and Hook alone.

Hook turned to Scrapper and asked, "Do you think we can pull it off?"

"Doubtful, but I doubt we have much choice in the matter Galvatron is going to kill us one way or another if he remains our leader."

"I just hope we succeed." Hook said.

Then Scrapper looked at the other areas where the completed other bodies lay. "At least we know this is important."


Location: Sol System (Transformer one), Sol Defense Headquarters.

General William was in a meeting room with several of the other high-ranking generals. They were in deep discussion concerning several recent activities.

General William was a tough looking General currently wearing an eye patch after he lost his eye, one he lost in a recent skirmish on Earth. Throughout the entire Sol Defense forces, he was the highest ranking general and the most influential person next to the President. Outside the military he was known and revered to be the one with the most experience against the Robot threat and the one with the most knowledge of how to fight them.

However, the other Generals' opinion of him is very different. These people actually knew him and what he was really like.

Sitting next to him was General Black, the second highest-ranking General in Sol Defense forces. Unlike his counter part General Williams, he has the respect of the other high ranking generals except for General Williams. General Williams seems to consider him a waste of a perfectly good rank. General Black is a tall masculine man of African American decent and is a dedicated and honorable leader. It was even rumored that he struck a temporary cease-fire with the Robot Scourge to evacuate several transports filled with civilians.

Then there is General Monro. She was the strangest of the Generals but even though she was not the highest-ranking one, she was known to be the most cunning of them all. She was able to establish a covert ops team of the enemy's home world and they have been a never ending source of intelligence on enemy movements for a long period of time. However, several reports were apparently omitted for mysterious reasons from General Williams's purview. General Monro is a five feet seven inches tall Chinese woman with a medium build. No one can actually figure out why she seems to fall in line with General Williams most of the time even when she disagrees with him quite strongly.

With them also is the third highest ranking, General Patton. Unbelievably he was actually made from genetic samples of the original General Patton. He shared several characteristics of the original General Patton but he has none of his memories or his experiences apparently the cloning process despite claims made by scientist do not make perfect replicas with the same genetic material especially personality wise. He one difference the new Patton had was he actually paid close attention to intelligence reports and even changed his tactics accordingly. He is a tall, six foot five inches, white man who wears a combat suit everywhere he goes. It is known through out the military of his loyalty to the Sol Defense force but he is known to be the most outspoken person when it comes to the logic behind the war with the robotic threat and he even questions whether we really know what's going on. The men who he commands are known to fall into only two categories: those that hate him, or those that love him.

Then there was General Thompson, the head of military research and development. Currently he is mostly organizing research on the technology or the robotic threat but he and the scientists are rarely given anything to work with so with the funding to study the enemies tech just lying there he began several other forms of research to improve military hardware, weapons, tactics, civilian life styles, and ships. His main focus is currently on producing a ship that can withstand enemy robot hits since the current armor just melts away with even the slightest hit from enemy fire. He was also responsible for discovering a way to temporarily jam enemy sensors that allowed for several successful incursions in enemy lines but soon it became apparent that the enemy discovered how it was done and made counter measures against it. He is of African Decent but he grew up in the colonies on the moon. He towers above the other Generals standing at a full seven feet. He is also known to make many complaints about not receiving much technical hardware from salvaged parts. He also is in charge of enemy prisoners.

Finally, there is General Wickly who is actually openly stated that they should halt the war and look for a more diplomatic solution to the war. However, she is the lowest ranking general and would have been striped of her rank if she had not been able to achieve victory from impossible odds on several occasions. She also survived quite a few missions against the robotic enemy in person and several assassination attempts after her. She is an attractive woman standing six feet seven inches, with glasses and a long scar across her right cheek. Her entire family has been known to be a long time opposition against the war with the robotic enemy.

The meeting started out calmly but like usual it just erupted into a heated debate in next to no time.

"I tell you again we have no information as to why this is happening!" General Monro exclaimed, "I remember that you personally ordered to have all the information my teams gathered from their homeworld to be given directly to you first before any even goes to me. In fact I rarely have been given any information from the homeworld lately I've been waiting for you to send it to me!"

General Williams responded, "I did not ask for excuses. You have agents on other worlds use them and you will receive any information from their homeworld if it's actually of importance."

General Black jumped up and shouted, "General with all due respect intelligence isn't even your field of expertise you wouldn't be able to fully understand everything that's important or not."

"Everything is in a need to know basis. Now…what is the status of the new weapons that should have an easier time penetrating the enemy armor?" General William said apparently to avoid the subject from going any further.

General Thompson started to speak, "Well research is antagonizingly slow mostly due to the fact that I have been receiving very little in the way of enemy alloys to research on. Most of them you seem to keep sending over to research projects under your command General William." That announcement was said more as an accusation than a statement. "So now after several tests I'm critically low on materials, and they are mostly needed for research in the construction of the new ship class that should be able to with stand enemy fire." Mentally he included, 'also I've been getting more specimens form the other generals than from you.'

General Williams then apparently seemed not even phased by this. "The prisoners you have are made of their alloys right so use them."

Thompson looked at Williams in horror. "Are you insane their needed to decode the enemies written language and for the reprogram projects. Besides their isn't enough metal in that comprises their brains to make enough metal of the entire 200 prisoners. Their brains are the size of peas!"

"I don't care we don't need to know their plans it's our destiny to gain complete victory over these bunch of scrap." General Williams began in his usual dreaded ramblings, "We will win no matter the cost or what will happen. These robots made a terrible mistake when picking on the might of the superior human race!"

General Black looked at his counter part and eventually asked, "Can you please tell us what your plans are now since our opinions matter little to you?"

General Williams then began, "One of my combat teams has managed a successful attack on an enemy held world and the enemy fled the planet rather than face our unstoppable might. So we are going to capture and hold several more of their worlds now that they enemy shown their true colors and their true fear of us."

The other Generals were beginning to feel that their leader just lost his mind.

General Patton looked at the General, "Why did they retreat that fast? Also, I also noted that several other of your attacks failed as well when you launched your attack on that planet. Three other planets repulsed our attacks on our forces really easily and we were forced to retreat."

"Cowards and traitors the lot of them!" Williams shouted, "If they had stuck with the attack then victory would be inevitable."

"Now I propose a brief break until we reconvene later and I want battle plans set out for our next phase in Operation Rust!" General Williams ordered.

Meanwhile General Wickly just sat back in her chair observing the proceedings are almost groaned at the mention of operation Rust. Operation Rust was a project to use a variant of a rare metal eating microorganism to exterminate the robotic threat the only problem was it also ate metal from friendly forces as well. Also, the fist strike with the contagion did show great results but the enemy quickly formed a counter for the contagion. Apparently, they discovered the original contagion before and had defenses for the original already in place and so they just modified the original solution slightly and it stopped the new rust plague form getting worse. Now so far further use in this research has showed that their was little to be gained but General Williams keeps the other Generals to research this stuff even though they concluded the resources would be more useful else where.

Then General Williams left and the other generals started leaving.


The corridors in the building were only sparingly filled with people and everyone knew to keep a distance from the Generals for fear of getting on their bad side. Their was usually a space for all the generals to go and with General William he was given the most distance.

General Williams exited and met up with his right hand man. "We may need to fix some problems, the current Generals are proving to be more of a nuisance than a help." He said to his trusted aid.

His aid was a strange man who always seemed to stand in the shadows. He answered back, "That would be inadvisable I can't just orchestrate the entire removal of all the generals except you that would leave suspicion on you. Besides they're all prepared for assassination attempts now that Wickly survived a few."

"Wickly!" The General repeated in a whisper filled with Venom, "She should have been killed as a child before she could reach these ranks…Well there is another thing to be taken care of remember the soldiers on the three failed capture operations for those planets."

"Yes." The shadowed man answered.

"I want them executed quietly. They are traitors and what they know must not spread. I am the one who survived several engagements from the enemy no one else and it's because of me that I and the people under my command survived them at all." The General stated. After all, he is revered for being the best.

His aid then responded, "At least until they are all silenced afterward so the truth can't get out." He was slightly smug at this and no one knew that all it was usually his leadership that put his men into bad situations and anyone who know usually never spoke of it or could.

"The other Generals worry me. They are opposing my views too much and if they get the attention of the President I will be made to step down." The General announced.

"Sir…but your plan is almost complete for your final operation then you will no longer need to worry about the President." The Aid assured Williams.

General Williams looked back to the aid, "They are almost in place and the resources I've secured for my projects will aid me tremendously in my agenda but I must wait for the right time. If my hand is forced to commence the operation now it would have disastrous consequences. No I still need to bide my time. At least I don't have to worry right now; there is little reason for anyone to point fingers at me."

"No they don't." The aid responded as the two walked to the office.


Location: General Wickly's office

The General's office was a well furnished area but it was somewhat plane. Their was little in the way of decorations but you could see a fair amount of paper work on the General's table. The room had a light blue paint job and the other furniture in the office were carved from oak. It was a modest and comfortable room. In it was General Wickly and her aid, first lieutenant Max Thompson. Along with General Patton and General Black.

Lieutenant Max was a long time friend of Wickly and both were nearly inseparable. Both apparently covered their backs just about all the time. It only became apparent to why they were so attached and helpful to each other was mostly because they were cosines. Lieutenant Max stood three inches taller than General Wickly and was around the age of thirty-five. He was well built and looked like he went through three tours of duty. He had one eye and a huge gash across his right side of his face.

Everyone in the room was in a deep discussion.

"Why is General Williams so tough to get accurate info from?" General Black complained, "All we get are orders from him and we barley get intelligence from him anyway unless we get it with out going through him."

General Patton nodded in agreement, "I know, how did someone like him even get to that rank? I checked out the information of all the missions he's been on and they either say he achieved complete victory or nothing at all and it was all classified top secret for General Williams's eyes only."

General Black looked at Patton while going over that information, "That's very strange. General Williams is getting more and more unstable lately now he's almost impossible to work with and people that fight under him keep disappearing."

"I feel sorry for General Thompson and Monro they keep getting most of the abuse from that guy." Wickly stated, "Williams barley gives them enough resources they need to do their job and he complains that he does not get what he needs from them." Then she changed his tone to a very accusing sound, "And what does he do with all the stuff he salvages form his missions according to the reports I've managed to get he should be handing over a lot more material to General Thompson and Monro than he currently has. It's almost like he's stock piling them for something."

"I don't know but we need to keep a close eye on him." General Black answered, "He could be setting out something for a power struggle, but I hope I'm wrong. We may need to prepare for this eventuality but we need to be very quietly. General Williams is getting more and more dangerous and if he tries to take control of the Presidency then we may have a serious problem on our hands."

Everyone in the room looked at each other and shuddered at the thought of a man like General Williams becoming the Leader of the Human race. It was a fairly horrifying thought.


Location: Starscream's Flagship. Storage area.

In the storage area, two Decepticons were standing around a strange looking box.

One of the Decepticon looked like a skeleton in a samurai suit and the other was purple in coloring and had some plane like features on him.

"I don't get it Buldgeon, why does Starscream want us to use Cybertronian Empire technology? I mean we wasted those guys but still everything they have still makes my gears grind." The Purple one said.

The skeleton Buldgeon answered, "Because it's the fastest way to make a planet sized base, Dreadwing. That's why once we find a suitable location all we need to do is metal form a world and he have a solid base of oppressions to expand."

Dreadwing looked at Buldgeon and thought it over true it was fast but the Decepticons feelings towards the Empire was not very pleasant especially when the Empire gone so far as call itself Decepticons and called the true Decepticons to be obsolete and there fore must be destroyed. "I still don't like it."

"Well tough we have a job to do so let's get this to the R and D room and were done." The skeleton announced.

"All right." Dreadwing answered.


Location: Planet Haz II, Galvatron Decepticon faction's Front Lines

It was a bad day for Commander Scorpinok. Not only had this world had forced him and all other Headmasters to fight sparingly but it almost became near impossible for either opposing force on the planet to even amount an attack of any kind. This world was dubbed an almost vital world considering that this world was actually very similar to Cybertron in the fact that it is entirely made of metal. However, this one is actually one massive slab of it. The Entire planet was made of several different forms of metal almost fused together and who ever had control of this planet could up troop production by at least 10. However what no one actually bothered to check was the planet's atmosphere was practically one big EMP field that lessened and grew during it's seasons. So far the only time either party could attack was during the time when the EMP was at it's least. However, the commanders of both sides attempted to bypass this by tunneling to the enemy but unfortunately, this turned into a very strange version of the fleshy game bland man's bluff. No one actually knew the exact area the enemy was based in but the tunnels now went practically every where underground. The Headmaster's binary bonded partners kept saying they felt like ants and he was agreeing with them.

"Insecticons would be really useful here." Scorpinok heard Tunneler as he walked by apparently oblivious to the fact that his commanding officer was right next to him. Despite the insolence Scorpinok was inclined to agree this planet would be really perfect for Insecticons to fight in unfortunately after the three original Insecticons were converted into sweeps it became very difficult to goad the other Insecticons in the swarm to attack certain planet's and most defected to the traitorous Starscream's faction.

"Commander Scorpinok!" The announcement snapped Scorpinok out of his apparent brooding. The voice came from a deep blue Decepticon that Scorpinok hadn't met before. The Decepticon apparently made of Cybertron and has never been reformatted. He still retained his original Cybertronian alt mode of a Hover Tank. It was obvious as his tank gun was easily seen attached to his right shoulder.

Scorpinok plainly answered the new comer with a slightly irritated fashion, "Well out with it! It's not like I have anything else to do on this slaggen planet."

The Decepticon was obviously startled and some fear could be seen on his face plate as the Decepticon's optics went wide.

"W-well," He stuttered, "One of our digging patrols stumbled onto one of the tunnels controlled by Starscream's forces, but it was apparently abandoned. So a few scout were dispatched to check it out…"

Scorpinok was listening intently but he knew from experience that something unexpected happened or this report would be given to him in a different manner.

"We discovered that it lead to every tunnel that should have been under the Renegade's control." Renegade was a term popularly used among the newer Decepticons to call Starscream's faction. No one knew why they started calling them that but it seemed to stick, The Blue Decepticon continued, "But from what we can tell all Renegade forces just left. There are no Renegade forces left on the planet period. After we confirmed this we found several bombs lain around the network and apparently, most have been detonated before we arrived. Unfortunately before we could disarm them all the bomb's managed to cave in 85 of the Renegade network."

This information was new and confusing. It made little sense why Starscream's forces would just up and leave so quickly. Unfortunately, no answers could be apparent now Scorpinok had to take advantage of what he could.

"See to it that he can take control of what ever tunnels are intact. We maybe wasting our time but at least were doing something now. I want what ever excavation teams available to begin searches for any kind of recording equipment they can find maybe we can find out why they left." He ordered.

"Yes sir!" The blue Decepticon responded before running off.

Then Scorpinok turned around and muttered under his breath with a smile creeping up, "Finally something to do."


Location: Decepticon Ship, untranslatable text , Bridge

The Bridge aboard the ship looked like it was designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. At least that was what Shade 1 thought. He hated being this ship but now he was trapped in it and now he currently had very limited supplies. He thought back to when he joined Earth's intelligence forces thinking he could make a difference. If we knew he would be hiding in the Communication officer's computer, he would have probably just joined the Marines. He started on this mission with twenty-five other officers thinking it would be easy to infiltrate the enemy forces especially from what they were told. They were given the most advanced tech to sneak in. However, of the twenty-five men he left with, he was currently the only survivor.

When the ship blew up, he was lucky enough to get a space suit on and managed to get into this ship from a small hull breach. At first he thought it was caused by the ship's weapons however when he started to move around he found out that this ship was long over do for dry dock repairs. Apparently, the ship had already been in heavy combat a few times and was in need of repairs when it ran into their ship. Now he was onboard an enemy ship and he could listen into what ever conversations they were having provided he could record them they play it back to himself from the ship's own translation systems. One good thing about this species. They never considered placing security systems on the translation computers. Unfortunately, doing this usually kept revealing he recorded unimportant conversations, mindless chatter, and one that was apparently a drinking song.

'Why do I feel like headquarters order's to send up to spy on these guy's is actually just a big waist of time?' The Spy thought to himself, 'So far I barley know what to look for and not to mention I barley have any idea how to contact anyone with this information.' the spy was starting to fume again and he hated this part he wasn't able to recover any of the special communication equipment from the ship since it was destroyed so the only way he could contact anyone is to use this ship's com systems but that would be unbelievably risky.

The only other problem was food. Considering the limited food supply, he needed to find a place where he can restock. Unfortunately, this ship had nothing onboard that a human could digest. He needed to find something out fast.

The spy then walked over to one of the many over sized wires on the ship and repelled down it. The entire ship felt over sized and it gave him a feeling that he was horribly undersized.

Finally, after several moments his feet hit the floor. The sound of metal clanging against metal could be heard everywhere on this ship. Whether it's doors shutting or metal feet walking around. Personally, it was annoying as heck to him but he still kept trying to get use to it.

The spy quickly looked around and the entire area was on of the many spaces in between decks that were used to run wires and circuitry around from section to section. This area was mostly safe for him but occasionally their would be a routine maintenance being conducted by a crew member in here and one had to be scarce when that happened. But overall, he couldn't complain general security was rather lax to him. Eventually he figured out that they never seemed to consider species like the human race to be much of a threat to even start security measures against. Not to mention he constantly felt like why would you want to make a security system designed to keep mice out the size difference was almost the same.

The spy started walking in the general direction to where he reasoned the officer's meeting room was. As far as he could tell that one room was the only place he found that looked like it was used for meetings. He navigated the ducts and tunnels of the ship with care. After all, he's been stuck in this place for quite a while and he still gets lost.

After around twenty minutes of walking he finally found the room he was looking for and apparently there was a meeting going on. The occupants were a strange assortment of robots. One looked like it's armor was made from an old sports car. The next one had a very exotic look to it, instead of just a pair of arms, it had four; and each one was doing a separate job. One typing into a keyboard, another holding a data pad, another apparently interfacing with the ships computer, and the final one was apparently gesturing to the other two. The final robot was small almost human size it looked like it was designed like a hover bike. The three were communicating in their own language and he didn't understand any of it. All it sounded like was a series of strange mechanical noises.

Still the spy recorded everything in the conversation hoping something useful can come out of this.