Wonderful Tonight

Chandler smiled to his wife as he pressed play on the CD player, their beautiful song filling the room, "Monica Geller Bing, will you marry me again?" he whispered as he pulled her close to his body.

She grinned as she leaned her head against his shoulder, unseen to them, the four Bing children poked their heads around the corner. Little Joe on the bottom, with Kara, Phoebe and Peter on top, they watched as their grandparents danced together.

"It's so romantic," whispered Kara as she grinned at them. The eldest of the Bing grandchildren she loved to watch her grandparents dance and show their affection. Life was so busy some days that she often times felt like she'd miss something. She like her father, took in every detail of life to the fullest.

Little Joe groaned, "Hows come my mom and dad don't do that?" he muttered.

"Prolly cause you're mom's pregnant again," returned Peter where he stood just above Phoebe.

"It's nice to see two people so happy after so long," Phoebe finally added.

"We can hear you," giggled Monica as the two glanced over their shoulders at their four grandchildren.

The four children let out squeals as they rushed into their grandparent's arms. With a smile the two adults held the small children close, treasuring all the wonderful moments they had with them. "Merry Christmas grandpa," whispered Little Joe as he clung to his grandfather.

Chandler looked over at Monica and gave her a knowing smirk, after nearly forty years of a wonderful marriage, Chandler realized what a true and happy family could really mean, and suddenly he couldn't wish for anything more than holding his family in his arms, "Merry Christmas Joey, Merry Christmas all of you!" He pressed a kiss to his granddaughter's cheeks. After forty years, this was what Chandler lived for.