Hey guys! Ok, new story time! YES! For a long time I have always wanted to write a story on the episode, "Every Dog has His Day," where, the Titans didn't make it to Beast boy in time and our fav. green Titan thought that they just didn't care while he was whisked off to a new world. Anyway, I'm still having troubles with my divider tool so, you guys will have to deal with the 8's again, sorry! Please Review!



It was really the end, to Beast boy anyway. What could he do? Nothing, he couldn't get away, he wasn't strong enough. No animal could break the collar that hung tight around his neck. He was done for. Didn't the other titans notice that he was missing by now? Did they even care?

Apparently, they didn't.

And Earth was fading fast, his home long gone. Of course, was it really his home in the first place? Beast boy had never experienced a sense of belonging or love, not since he was known as Garfield Logan. And even then, all he had were his parents. His mother and father who where busy with their work most of the time. But when they weren't, they would shower him with love and happiness.

In time though, if Beast boy hadn't been bitten and infected, then he would have grown apart from his parents. The love that lingered in his heart would have disappeared, as he had gotten older. Would vanish when he was a teenager and would fail when he was an adult.

But that isn't what happened. Instead, a life the Beast boy couldn't decide was worse or better had taken course. He had gotten bitten as a kid and was infected with the rare disease. His life had been changed forever and his parents had been the price. He had then spent his life wandering, alone and afraid. He was different with no one to tell him to ignore what others said. No one to hug him every time a gang of kids beat him up. No one to stand him on his feet when he fell.

At least for a while things were like that. Until the Doom Patrol came into the picture. It was then he became Beast boy, part of a team, of a family. And Rita loved him like one of her own, and Cliff and Larry as well. But as Beast boy got older, Steve got tougher, harsher. And soon, Garfield Logan was a lost person and Beast boy had taken over.

Within 5 short years, Beast boy could no longer take the damage to his personality, to his mind, to his body. And with an unknown good-bye, Beast boy fled, leaving Rita to think she was to blame. After that it was two years of isolation and loneliness once again. And within those two years, the Doom Patrol had fallen apart. With the death of Rita, Beast boy fled and headed to jump city, across the country, away from his past, away from the pain.

It was around the same time that Robin had left Gothem, leaving Bruce with a confident farewell and smiles that hoped to see his foster father soon. Within months, Beast boy found himself fighting along side the boy wonder, along with the Tamerainian, a lonely goth girl, and half a man. It was something new, something different, and a new chance at happiness. It was, the Titans.

However, once again, after 3 short years, it looked like the Titans were never really his home. They never really were his friends, his family. It was all over once again, but this time, Beast boy would be going far away…far, far away. No longer would Beast boy see the green grass, or the deep blue ocean. Instead, all that was going to come was a foreign place, the foreign place of outer space.


A silly, deep voice echoed around the empty space ship. The owner of the voice stood, waving as his ship flew higher into the clouds, closer to the cold darkness. Soto, the rock like alien that had lost his dog and captured Beast boy instead.

Sure, Beast boy had tried to get away, but as long as Soto was in the ship with him, Beast boy couldn't get away. And he never would.

Growling, Beast boy gave one last tug at the tight collar around his neck and failed once again. Falling back onto the cushion below him, he sighed, anger blazing through him. He couldn't save himself and no one bothered saving him. His life couldn't possibly get any worse.

Glancing up at the window in front of him, Beast boy let his ears drop, the cold of space was glaring back at him, Earth now a ball in the distance. But maybe this was for the better? Maybe, just maybe, something better was in his future, away from Earth?

Yet, as a loud explosion erupted from outside and the ship trembled with a hit, Beast boy let that thought fade. Stuck to the floor, he huddled in on himself, wishing for the shaking to stop. He watched with annoyance and a skeptical look on his face as the alien known as Soto flapped his arms up and down as he went skidding across the ship as the blasts continued.

Just when Beast boy thought it wouldn't stop, everything went still. The silence bore into his mind, worse then the blasts ever did. And as a creaking echoed around the ship, Beast boy watched the floor, waiting for something to come aboard from the door. A pounding floated up and Beast boy couldn't help but grin, maybe, he was saved.

The noise got louder, burning Beast boy's ears and the 14 year old shrieked back, pushing his hands against his ears. Behind him, the alien, Soto ran around angrily, not doing anything to stop the pounding, or the thing outside. At long last though, the pounding ended and a beam of green light shot up through the floor.

"Starfire?" Beast boy whispered, maybe he was wrong? Maybe, they did care?

As smoke filled the ship and began to clear, three tall male shapes stepped into the small compartment. It was defiantly not Starfire. In front of him stood three human looking aliens, their eyes a glowing dark blue, no pupils seen. Their hair stood out in the gray fog, silver blankets of silk.

Sharp steps of high heels echoed around as a smaller forum stepped out of the fog, her shape curvy and slender. Bright pink clouds swirled in her eyes as her flaming red hair darkened and lightened in different places. She made a swift motion with her long fingers, her long red nails leaving a light trial of pink energy behind them as they moved.

Her voice said something foreign and the three male aliens were gone in a flash and attacking Soto who had been standing still in awe behind him. It didn't take long for the new comers to defeat the struggling rock alien and soon, Beast boy found himself surrounded by the males, the female alien bending down and taking his face in her slender hands, her nails glowing brightly, burning his eyes.

"Kernonkver volsve armiandeventie," her voice was enchanting and yet, a danger lingered in the back of her throat, making Beast boy feel threatened.

"What?" Beast boy said, startled and didn't expect an answer in return, but he did get one.

"An Earthling," the alien repeated. Beast boy yanked his face out of her hand and glared up at her. She smiled and stood up, smiling down at Beast boy,

"I didn't know that they had slaves like you,"

Beast boy growled and lurched forward, only to be held back by strange blue like rope that moved around his body like snakes.

"I'm not a slave!"

"No?" the alien asked and bent back down, pulling Beast boy close to her face, "you look like one to me."

"Look, thanks and all, but I think I'll just go back to Earth,"

"Why? You don't look like a human,"

"Well, I am,"

She tsked and made a motion with her head,

"Take him, he's different then others we've found,"

"Lady?" one of the male alien asked as the other two broke the collar off Beast boy.

"And have some fun with him will you? I think the Earthling needs to learn how we run,"

And Beast boy saw black.

Everyone has a new beginning in their lifetime. A time where a change is in need, whether it be forced or wanted. Garfield Logan has waited for years for a time when his life would turn around. For a time when things would look up and look brighter. A time when, Beast boy wasn't the only name he was called by.

Only, he thought that the time to change would come much sooner then it has. But now, as Beast boy felt such a strong pain travel through his body, he wished that the time to change would never come. For now, the time to change meant a whole new place for Beast boy and it was a place that he didn't want to go.


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