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Ch. 6-Ugly Truth

The Titans awoke the next day to a flash of lightning and the pounding sound of thunder. It seemed, that lately, storms were sticking close to jump city and the Titans were all but happy about that, every one of them, except Beast boy.

So, 8 o'clock found Robin roughly drying Beast boy's wet hair as the younger male shivered happily below him.

"Beast boy, you can't do that you'll get sick!"

"I've forgotten what rain felt like…"

And Robin's anger melted right away. To the Titans it was like Beast boy had been back with them forever, but truthfully, it had only been two days, this being the third. Beast boy had forgotten a lot of things and it was up to the Titans to help him get re-adjusted, the safe way.

Bending down onto his knees, Robin placed his hands on Beast boy's thighs, who was now sitting higher then he was, for he was sitting on Robin's bed.

"Alright, but don't just go running off like that, you scared the shit out of me,"

Anger flashed across Beast boy's face, but Robin leaned up and forward, pushing his lips onto Beast boy's, stopping any argument the younger Titan was going to make. And Robin knew the subject was dropped when he felt Beast boy smile against him.

"So," Beast boy said with a smile, pulling away from Robin, "what are we doing today?"

"Nothing, I hope. I'm not to fond of going out in storms to collect the trash."

Beast boy smiled still,

"Well, that won't be the case."

And Robin growled, "Yeah, I know."

And just then, the alarm went off in the tower, long and loud. To Robin though it was like a death sentence. The storm that morning was particularly bad and was only going to get worse; he didn't want any of his team to fall ill, especially Beast boy.

"See, told you." Beast boy chuckled and stood, dragging Robin with him.

Robin sighed; he didn't think this was going to end up good at all.

An hour later found the Titans running around in the dangerous storm, soaked to the bone. Robin growled for what seemed like the 10th time and kicked up speed on his bike. They were no were near this guy, whoever he was. The storm was only making it worse. The high winds and heavy rain was making it hard for Robin to see. He knew for sure that it was messing with Cyborg's systems and that Raven and Starfire had trouble flying in a straight line.

A beep on the Titan communicator made him slow down,

"Robin," Raven's angry voice floated into his ears, "this is pointless, none of us can find him and the storm is making us weaker by the minute," She paused in her complaint to watch Starfire fly into a building, in which Robin heard her yelp of surprise, "we need to head back to the tower, now."

And the connection went fuzzy without Robin even getting a chance to say anything.

Sighing once again, Robin hoped Cyborg's communicator was still working.

"What's up Robin? Find the guy?"

"No such luck Cyborg, we're going to call it quits, it'll be impossible to go on forever in this storm."

"Alright, I'll meet ya guys back at the tower."

"Robin out."

And Robin sped his bike around, heading to Beast boy's location.

Unknown to Robin and the others though, Beast boy had tracked down the criminal, or rather, the criminal had tracked down Beast boy. On the other side of the city, far from Robin, Beast boy was trapped with the one person he never thought he'd see again. Huddling underneath a small, battered roof cover, Beast boy watched through a small hole for the feet of his pursuer.

As a large black boot splashed in the inch deep puddle right before him, Beast boy hunched in closer to himself, on guard.

"Come out where ever you are my little vinkerv (1)," A voice snarled, obviously female, "Kanvic!(2) I could of sworn I saw him here." And the voice had a sudden change from dangerous to frustrated.

Beast boy kept still, not quiet believing that she had fallowed him all the way to Earth. He shivered in the cold and tried not to let the wind and rain bother him.

A familiar noise came from the alien female still standing in front of him, and a voice soon after that was being broadcasted from somewhere else over a communicator.

"Lady Valic, you are pushing the limits that you can withstand Earth's atmosphere. It is clear that he is not there, one slave will not be the end of the world."

The alien growled and grabbed the odd looking radio from her see-through belt.

"It will be the end of the world if I do not find him! Prince Sheridan will not be happy!"


And She let out an alien noise that reached louder than the thunder and higher then any person could sing.

"The prince will have my head if I do not get this human back! I sold him to Sheridan! For personal uses, do you know what the prince will do if he finds out that I lost his slave! His vilveka!"(3)

"N-no Lady," the male voice seemed to shudder in fear of her anger.



"Bring me back, and search the rest of the galaxies near by, he has to be somewhere! I want 'The Beast boy' found!

And the silence of her shrieking gone seemed endless to Beast boy as he sat huddled in on himself in the shadows, cold, wet and trembling with fear.

It was a long time before Robin ever reached Beast boy and found him near shock.

Robin frowned as he went over the radio waves that his communicator had picked up. He had kept it on in hope that he had caught the criminal talking on a phone or something that he would be able to analyze later. However, what he did catch was not quiet what he expected. It was distant and got interrupted from the storm every now and then, but it was clearly a voice.

It wasn't anything that he had heard before and it was nearly an hour later after going through all Earth languages (none being a match) before Robin asked Starfire to join him.

Starfire hovered next to him, listening intently for the 3rd time. She narrowed her eyebrows in uncertainty and chewed o her lower lip until the clip was finished.

"So?" Robin asked, clicking off the sound clip and waiting for Starfire to reply.

"It sounds like a Naviray." (4)

"A what?" Robin asked.

"A Naviray," Starfire repeated, now standing on the ground and typing in the dialect and race to identify the speech. "I don't understand why they would come here though."

"What is a Naviray?" Robin asked, leaning on the computer panel next to Starfire.

The alien girl glanced at Robin with a fierce look in her eyes.

"The Naviray are an alien race that is considered the most horrible. They don't attack planets or start wars like some aliens do, but instead the kidnap any stray race and take them back home. It's there that such horrible things happen. Supposedly they experiment on different races, to see if something will work on them. They test it out on someone else first. If the person survives, they are sold into slavery."

"Experiments?" Robin questioned.

"The Naviray are a dieing race and they kidnap those with the closest DNA to them, humans, or Tamerrians. Most however, don't live through the experiments. It's supposed to be brutal. The experiments are to change the race into Naviray, therefore keeping their race alive. But, nothing has worked so far."

"I still don't understand what they are doing here. I thought you said they only pick up trays that are lost in space."

"Yes, but the reason why they have come here could be anything."

Robin frowned and turned around to lean his back on the panel instead. Running his hand through his hair, he breathed deeply.

"Well, can you get the computer to translate it? I need to go check on Beast boy, he was starting to run a fever last time I checked him."

"Alright, just a minute."

Robin nodded and went to put away his weapon belt across the room when a loud voice spoke out in English over the speakers, shattering Robin's heart.

"The prince will have my head if I do not get this human back! - personal uses, do you know what - if he finds out that I lost his slave! His vilveka!"

Robin frowned at the obviously cut out parts from the storm.

"N-no La -,"

"- search the rest of the galaxies near by, - I want 'The Beast boy' found!

And the silence cut the room in half.

"No…" Starfire gasped, fear for Beast boy growing in her heart.

The clatter of Robin's belt hit the floor, confusion swirling his mind. What was a


Starfire turned around slowly to look at Robin with sad eyes.

"Robin, a vilveka is what you would say 'a being forced into sexual acts."

Robin stared at her, unbelieving.

"You mean, a sex slave!?"

"Yes." Starfire answered, sadness in her voice.

"Oh my god." Robin whispered and he ran for the door. He had to get to Beast boy; he had to know if it was true.

However, as the door slid open, Robin ran right into a fever looking Beast boy, who apparently had heard the loud voice over the speakers.

Robin stepped back and looked down at Beast boy, who was now on the floor.

Tears stung at the teen's eyes and his body shook from fear and the fever. And the broken voice that he spoke with tore Robin's heart in two.

"I-I'm sorry…"

"No…" Robin whispered and dropped to the floor in front of Beast boy, "No, don't be sorry."

And Robin gathered Beast boy in his arms, holding on tightly and never intending to let go.

1. Vinkerv - "slave"

2. Kanvic - "Damn!"

3. Vilveka -"Sex Slave" Pronounced without the "l"

4. Naviray -The alien race that took Beast boy as a prisoner and as a slave.

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