Okay, I just got into Elfen Lied yesterday, but It's just so good that I had to write of fic for it. Something I noticed about the show is that there is a lot of blood and gore in it, anyone else notice? Well, unlike my other fics, 'cept for Rei's Roommate, this will not have any action. So R&R and, TRY to enjoy it.

P.S. I've only seen up to episode 7(which is like half the show anyway) so this is once Nana moves in and I'm going to make it that her and Nyu are on good terms. I have no idea what really happens yet, so bear with the fact that this does not follow any significant time line. Also the characters will be going to the store in this chapter and I don't know any Japanese foods, save for a few, and theirs no point in having ass loads of American food and like 3 Japanese foods right? Right.

Chapter 1: Proposition and Food

Summer was thick in the air and the streets were completely empty. Shops were closed because of the heat and the beach was so crowded that those who got there to late would simply turn back to their homes.

Better to be in an air conditioned house than a beach full of people feeding each other their body heat, right?

The Kaede Inn was in a lazy heat slump. All the inns residence sat inside in the dining room, sweating. The air conditioner had over heated and broke late last night, so when everyone got up they were completely soaked in their own sweat. All the female part of the house, which was 3/4 of the population inside of the house, were all in tank-tops and short boxers they had borrowed from Kouta.

They weren't going to walk around the house with their panties in full view for a guy to see. Though Nyu did not have any objections, but Yuka did. And Kouta was in a tank top and shorts. Each had a fan and were furiously waving them back and forth in an attempt to cool down what air they could catch and blow to their face. Also, glasses, covered in heavy duty condensation sat in front of each of them.

The glasses used to be full of lemonade that Yuka had prepared earlier, but they were now completely drained, as they had been for almost an hour. Then they had been full of ice that each had taken out and placed on random parts of their bodies in an attempt to cool themselves off.

Each had been thinking for the past hour to think of a way to cool off. It was summer and none of them wanted to waste it dehydrating. Not even Nyu, who had soon learned that school was not all that fun, and she didn't want to waste what precious free time with Kouta she had like this.

Then I happened. After an hour of brainstorming, Kouta got an idea. "Hey you guys! Why don't we go camping to the mountains!" Everyone looked up at him, at first surprised at the sign of movement, then Yuka got a smile over face.

"Hey yeah! That's a great idea! It's always cool up in the mountains and this would be a good chance to introduce Nyu and Nana to more worldly experiences." Hearing the use of her name, which meant that whatever was going on pertained to her, Nana looked to Yuka.

"What's camping?" she asked in her little kawaii way. Kouta came up and answered, "Camping is when we get food, drinks and random stuff from home, take it and go out into the wilderness and spend a few days there. It's a great way to connect with nature and see more of the world."

"Nyu!" Nyu yelled out with a happy look on her face. She didn't entirely know what he said, but Kouta sure looked happy about it.

Wanting to learn more about the human world, Nana was only to eager to tackle this camping thing. "Well, if it will help me become more accustomed to things around here, I'll do it!"

Mayu hadn't been camping since she was a little girl. Way before her mother married that son of a bitch step-dad of hers. "Yeah, it sounds like fun! I haven't been camping for so long!"

Standing up, Yuka began, "Alright then, it's settled! We're going camping this summer! Well Kouta, come on we have to go buy supplies." with that she began to walk towards the exit, then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to find that the hand belonged to Kouta.

"Yuka, don't you remember? All the stores are closed because of the heatwave."

"Oh yeah. I forgot." She then stood there and pondered. Then she came out and said, "Well then, we'll just gather up our supplies from the house and then go out and buy a tent tomorrow."

"Empty out all our cabinets for a camping trip? Then when we get back we'll have nothing to eat. Why don't we wait until tomorrow and leave early in the morning to go buy the stuff. It's still cool in the morning and some of the business's open early in the morning for those who are smart enough to come and shop then." Yuka, kinda annoyed that Kouta had shot down her idea, decided that his was more reasonable.

"Oh alright. We'll go tomorrow, but then we leave that same day! I am not staying in this volcano these people call a town one more day!".

Early the next morning...

They had split into unequal groups very strangely. Yuka and Nyu both wanted to go with Kouta to get the items they needed so Mayu thought it would be easier if they just put all their names in a hat and find out who went with Kouta. It ended up that neither Nyu or Yuka got to go with Kouta. Instead, Nana was the one heading to the store to pick up the food, while a disappointed Yuka and Nyu headed to another store with an amused Mayu to pick up the tents.

With Nana and Kouta...

Nana and Kouta were headed to the grocery store to stock up on food, snacks and drinks. Once inside Kouta got a shopping cart and first headed to the food section. Nana walked alongside him while he browsed the shelves.

Nana had never been to a supermarket before and there were so many bright and colorful packages. She saw as Kouta took five cans of chili off the shelf. Then they headed to the frozen foods section and got burger patties and hotdogs.

Nana stared at the crude, yet delicious looking morsels he was placing in the cart. "Kouta, what are those round, brown things?" she asked pointing to the patties. "Hm. Oh those are burgers. That's right you've never been to a fast-food restaurant have you?" he asked her. Nana shook her head indicating Kouta was right.

"Well you should go sometime. Their not the healthiest places to go, but if you're in a hurry and need a quick bite, then that's the place to go." Nodding, she then looked down to the hotdogs, "And what are those?"

"Those are hotdogs. Both them and burgers are really good. I think you'll like them." They continued the shopping by picking up some chips, soda, water, buns, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.

To get to the check-out lane they had to pass through the frozen food section again. It was cold and Nana had dressed for the heat that she had experienced the day before, a spaghetti-strap tank-top and hip hugging mini-skirt. Not something to where through a giant freezer area.

She grabbed onto Kouta's arm in order to warm herself up. Kouta had a slight blush on his face as he felt Nana grab onto him and snuggle into the warmth of his shoulder.

Once they got up to the check-out counter, the guy looked up and began to pass the items over the laser. As he passed one item after another, he eyed Kouta and Nana. Then when he finished he leaned over to Kouta and whispered, "Hey man. Nice catch, but...don't you think she's a little young?"

Kouta's eyes almost popped out of his head at the question. And it only made him blush more. He then leaned forward and whispered back, "Hey man, listen to me! It's not like that. She's...she's ah...my sister." he said lamely. The guy looked at Nana who was serenely resting her head on Kouta's shoulder, even though they had passed the frozen foods at least 4 minutes ago.

"Yeah, 'course she is. That'll be 20,000 yen." "What!" Kouta exclaimed loudly, breaking Nana out of her state of bliss. She looked to Kouta and asked, "What is it?" Kouta began looking through his wallet and only came out with 11,000. "Oh man. I don't have enough." Seeing that he was upset over the money, she smiled. "Oh is that all? That's nothing to worry about." she said as she reached into her handbag. "How much do you need?" she asked. "Um, 9,000." he said. She took out one of her wads of bills and ripped the binding paper off of it. "Let's see, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 , 6000, 7000 , 8000 , 9000. Here you go. Mayu's been helping me with money so that I don't burn more bills." she said with a kawaii, prideful smile.

"Thanks Nana. But I couldn't take so much money from you. Maybe we could just put some stuff back." he began as he started to back up to get out of the lane and put some of the stuff back, but he was stopped by Nana pulling on his sleeve. "No! I want to be able to try all of this food! Please Kouta-niichan?" she asked with those pleading eyes of hers.

Kouta, being the big push-over he was, just couldn't say 'no' to those eyes. So he reluctantly accepted her money, much to her delight. And they left the store with the bags in hand. Surprisingly, for all the stuff they bought, it only required two bags to hold all their food.

They were soon walking back to the house to meet Yuka, Nyu and Mayu. On their way there, they just happened to pass a crepe stand. And it just so happened to be the exact same crepe stand that Nana had first come to. Smelling the sweet smell of the delicious desserts in the air, Nana just couldn't help but drool.

When she stopped to look at the stand Kouta noticed and turned around to see why she had stopped. Looking in the direction she was looking, he smiled. "Do you want one, Nana?" he asked. Nana's eyes lit up and she enthusiastically nodded her head. Kouta walked her over to the stand and asked for their choices. "I'll have banana-cream. And she'll have whipped cream and jelly." "Coming right up sir." the man said. He pulled out two crepes from under the counter and handed them to Kouta.

"That'll be 1000 yen." the man said. Kouta's face flushed as he turned to Nana with pleading look. Nana just let out a giggle as she reached inside her purse and pulled out one of her bills. She handed it to the man. "Thank you. You and your girlfriend come again, sir." Kouta face-faulted onto the ground at the statement.

"God, why does everyone think that she's my girlfriend! You go out early in the morning with a girl to buy some camping supplies and everyone starts jumping to conclusions!", "Yeah thanks man." he said as he took the crepes. Then they continued on towards the house. Kouta slowly munched on his, while Nana was taking huge chunks out hers, like a little child when you first introduce them to ice cream.

She still had her arm around his while her bag was slung on the arm holding the crepe. It was 4:27 a.m. The sun would be rising in two hours. They had to hurry.

Well, that was long! And just so you know, I am not pairing Nana and Kouta. But, it could happen. Send in with your review who you want Kouta to end up with, and which ever girl has the most requests then she'll be the one Kouta will be with in this fic.