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Chapter 3: Day 1

As Kouta set up the tents, the girls were unloading all the stuff from the jeep. They put everything down on the assembling table they brought. As Nana brought one of the bags of food over and placed it on top of the table, she looked around at the gorgeous scenery. A coo, crisp mountain breeze blew through the valley and passed over them. Nana closed her eyes and smiled as she let it pass over her. Feeling the wind blow through her cherry colored hair and glide over her skin and seep into her clothes, she just felt so free.

She opened her eyes again, just appreciating everything in her life, then she got back to work. Finally, all the stuff was finally unpacked and the tents were all set up. Everyone then decided to pitch in looking for fire wood. The air was already cold now, so they knew it would be freezing when night fell. Everyone did relatively well finding good firewood, except for Nana who would occasionally have her arms yanked off by the weight she was carrying and she would require immediate attention in getting them back on.

Once all the wood was collected, Kouta began finding stones to create a barrier for when they started the fire. While he did that, Yuka had Mayu, Nana & Nyu put some of the wood in a pile. As they did that, she went through the food and decided what they should eat tonight. She shuffled through the items in the bags, pulling things out every once in a while with an exasperated sigh.

"Of course Kouta gets all this junk. Not a single fruit or vegetable in these bags. It's all meat & sugar. Typical guy stuff." she decided that she would just have to deal with what she had to work with. She decided on burgers and hotdogs. Then for dessert they could make smores, and try to teach Nyu and Nana how to make them without them burning anything.

It was already sunset and everyone decided that it was a good idea to start eating. Kouta got the pan and the little grilly thing(I don't know what they're called. Those silver things that can hold pots or pans up and let the fire through, like on grills.) And put the pan on top of the grill. Then he took out the pack of matches, lit one and threw it into the wood. Soon, the fire was up and the burgers were sizzling.

The aroma was intoxicating to both Nyu and Nana, neither ever having tried the delectable disks that were being grilled right in front of them. While they grilled, Yuka got the buns out of one of the bags handed them around to everyone. Then Kouta grabbed the spatula and took one of the patties and placed it on his bun, doing the same for everyone else.

"Anyone want any ketchup or mustard?" he asked pulling them out of the bags. Yuka had hers plain, stating that she didn't need anymore fat in her diet with all the junk Kouta had bought. Mayu had hers with ketchup, Nana and Nyu wanted both as to see how each tasted, as did Kouta. Then, after everyone was good with what they had, they all simultaneously took their first bite. Suddenly there was a horrifying scream.

"WHAT!? WHAT IS IT?! WHAT HAPPENED?!" Kouta yelled frantically looking around for the source of the blood chilling wail.

"I wurned wy wung!!!" a teary eyed Nana stated sticking her tongue out of her mouth as it began to turn a shade of red from biting the burger. Kouta sweat dropped as he watched Mayu put an ice cube from the cooler into Nana's mouth. Nana took the cube into her mouth and began to run it over the burned area of her tongue, the tears still evident in her eyes. Yuka sighed.

"Nana, there's no reason to flip out over a little burn on the tongue." she said softly.

"B-but it-it it hurt real-really baaaad." Nana whined as she let the ice cube melt in her mouth as it began to soothe her burn. Yuka just closed her eyes and exhaled softly through her nose. Kouta walked over to Nana and took her burger from her and began to blow on it. Then blew on it underneath, on top and especially the area where Nana took a bite so that his breath would travel throughout the inside of the patty.

He handed it back to Nana.

"Here you go Nana. It shouldn't be so hot anymore." he said. Nana looked up at Kouta and then took her burger back from him.

"Thank you, Kouta." she said softly. Kouta smiled at her and then went back to his seat and began to eat his burger. The rest of the meal was spent in grateful silence. After dinner, Kouta thought it was a good time for the highest of all camping cuisines; smores. Kouta pulled the chocolate, the marshmallows and the graham crackers out of their bags.

He gave everyone a stick he had gotten from the woods and a marshmallow. Mayu, Kouta and Yuka all put their marshmallows in close proximity to the fire, Nana and Nyu, not knowing what exactly to do with what they were given, just followed everyone else's example and put their marshmallows to the fire. Of course, for the rose haired diclonius's, nothing ever comes easily. They ended up putting their marshmallows into the fire and, of course, they caught of fire.

As soon as they saw that their sugary puffballs were ablaze, the began to panic. They brought them out of the fire, but they were both still on fire. Now they were REALLY scared. They both stood up and began running around with their flaming treats on the ends of their sticks. Nana tried to quell hers my fanning it off with her hand while Nyu frantically flung her stick back and forth.

Eventually, both marshmallows were out, but were incredibly black and flaky. Both Nana and Nyu gave a relieved sigh as the problem had been solved. Kouta, Mayu and Yuka all looked on at the two with amused expressions. Kouta then got up and got two more marshmallows out of the bag. He came over to Nana and Nyu, pulled off their old marshmallows and put two new ones on their sticks. He then brought both girls over to the fire and, with both girls on either side of him and his arms wrapped around both of them, he showed them both how to properly roast them.

Nana felt a strange warm feeling welling up in her face and throughout her body, and she knew it couldn't be the fire because it was at least four feet away. She didn't know why she felt like this. The only time she did feel this way is when she would mess up in trying to cook or clean in front of Mayu. But, now...

"And that's how it's done. The trick is to not put them to far in or they'll burn, and not to far away or they'll take to long. You know they're just right when they have a kind of golden-brown color to them." he said as he got up and went over to his marshmallow. The feeling in Nana's face and body was gone now, and she was a little disappointed at that. She liked it.

"Now, time for chocolate and graham crackers." Yuka said as she pulled them out and took out five graham crackers and three Hershey's chocolate bars. She gave one cracker to Kouta and Mayu and then broke Nyu and Nana's in half for them, just in case.(In case of what? I don't know.) Then she broke the chocolate bars in half and handed each one of them to everyone and storing the one extra one away for later.

"Okay you two now what you do is take your marshmallow off of the stick. Do it carefully so that as little gooey stuff as possible is left on the stick." Kouta told them. Nana and Nyu did as they were instructed and, surprisingly, didn't leave that much goo.

" Now, put the chocolate on one of the graham crackers and then put the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and then put the last cracker on top of the marshmallow." he said as he did each step. Nana and Nyu followed each step diligently. Now, everyone had a complete smore in their hands.

"Now just eat it like a sandwich." he said as he bit into his. Nana and Nyu bit into theirs and their eyes pop open and their eyes begin to tear up.

"Nana, Nyu what is it? You guys didn't burn your tongues again, did you?" Mayu asked. Nana and Nyu then smiled as the tears began to flow from their eyes.

"It's the greatest thing I've ever tasted" Nana said, joy oozing all over her words.

"Nyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuu." Nyu sighed with her eyes closed in a dreamy fashion. The others just laughed.

So, with the smores successfully eaten, the group decided to do a little star gazing before bed. Kouta put out the fire with some water from the lake and brought out the sleeping bags and laid them on the ground for them to lay on. The two diclonius lay on both sides of Kouta, Yuka next to Nyu and Mayu next to Nana. They all gazed up at the brilliant nigh sky. A giant sheet of black/blue with dots of white. The stars were so bright, and there were so many of them.

"Look" Kouta said to Nyu and Nana. "If you use your imagination, you make out shapes using the stars."

Nyu and Nana looked up into the sky to try and see what Kouta was talking about. They looked for a good minute trying REAL hard to see any kind of shape in the stars, but sadly...they couldn't.

"Look, I'll show you. See that star right there? Well if you follow it down and then around it makes the shape of a ladle. That's called the Big Dipper." he said while tracing a line from star to star to show them how it should look.

Nana and Nyu gave it another try, and this time, they saw it. They saw the outline of a spoon in the stars.

"Wow, that's amazing Kouta!" Nana exclaimed.

"Nyuuuu." Nyu stated, fascinated by the phenomenon.

Nana began to feel cold laying out on the ground in the pitch of night. And with the fire out, there was no natural source of warmth, except one. Very cautiously, Nana reached over the Kouta's arm and encircled it with her own. Kouta looked over to her at first, and then smiled. Nana, seeing this as a sign of approval, cuddled her body up against Kouta's.

Kouta and Nana's eyes met. Deep sea blue meeting hot dark pink. And for the first time ever, Nana was able to see Kouta in a new light. His deep blue eyes, his silky black hair. Every feature of his face was glowing in the light of the stars. To Nana, he had to be the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on.

Now they were all in their sleeping bags, curled up in their tents. All of them were asleep, eagerly awaiting the next day of camping, except one. One certain pink haired, horned diclonius who just couldn't get to sleep yet, the thought of a certain man on her mind. Someone who she was viewing in a whole new light. Thoughts of this man raided her mind, well into her dreams. But it was a peaceful sleep. A blissful slumber with thoughts of innocent love dancing around in the confines of a young girl's mind.

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