It was a perfect day for the nine rookie ninjas not hot not cold just... perfect. There wernt any missoins latly so Naruto

gatherd all the rookies and brought them to Konohas park. It had a pond and fields basicly it was a nature park which normally

only the hokage had access to but she loand to Naruto since se didnt go there often. Naruto Kiba and Hinata swamm in the pond,

Sakura and Ino tanned in the sun, Shino and Shikamaru just stood and watched the others(shika was lazy and shino wasnt a

people person!), Choji just put his feet in the water wile he ate chips, and a very soloumn Sasuke sat on a tree branch wathching

the others. Though he kept his eyes mostly on the blonde that was constantly trying to get Sakuras attention. 'Damnit why is he

allways trying to go out with her ecen if she turns him down constantly' he thought ' Why?... ' his thoughts were cut off by a small

voice he looked down and saw the blonde calling to him " Hey! Sasuke come swim with us the water is great!" he left his thoughts as

he changed into his swim suit and joind the others in the pond now noticing that Sakura had gotten in he thought ' damnit as if im

gonna let this bitch get narutos affection ' he spent the rest of the day swimming and occasionally he would "accidentally"brushd his

hand on the blondes virgin ass.

A wek later Sasuke stopped Naruto on his way to Sakura's house.

"Oi' Naruto I need to see you."

"Whaaaaaat? but i want to talk to Sakura " he said in a pouting voice.

"Just come here dobe i need to ask you someting"

"What is it Sasuke i need to hurry before she leaves for Ino's" he said approching the raven haird boy

"Hey Naruto why do you always ask her out even when you know shell turn you down?"

" Ummmmm... cause I dont like giving up mabey one day shell change her mind and accept me! Well gotta go see ya Sasuke."

the blond skipped off to the girls house excited and bouncy. Sauke couldnt help but watch the boys but bounce behind him. he coverd his

nose to stop the bleeding as he thought dirty and fun things to do to the blonde. he sat there and thought of how to make Naruto his

before Sakura really did change her mind and go out with him. He headed home thinking of ways to get the blonde but no matter the

stratagy he thought up the bitch wound up as an interfereance. 'Damn the only way to get Naruto is to kill Sakura... ' then he got

it he would us her as bait to get the blonde to be his. He smirked as he pland it on the way home an prepared for the exacution of the


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