Naruto-Conspiracies and Deceptions

Chapter 1-Unexpected Things

(A/N: Do NOT own Naruto or any possible crossovers I may put in here. There I said it you bastard lawyers now you can't do jack squat to me. HA! Full Summary is inside.) A Naruto/Hinata fic. Naruto at the age of 11 right after failing for the second time at the Ninja Academy walks home late at night after drowning his sorrow in over 20 or some Ramen bowls and heads home to sleep. Not realizing a ninja assassin hired by his landlord in his apartment complex is trying to kill him as he sleeps. Naruto however, is saved by the most unlikely of people...or rather the most unlikely beings and from their things change. But are they for better? Or for worse?

Naruto walked home late that night as he had drowned his sorrows at the Ramen stand deflating much of his once oversized frog wallet. The slightly smaller frog wallet itself in question had been slowly expanding with money for sometime since most of the village shopkeepers and restaurant businesses chased him out with broomsticks or whatever was in their hands on. On most of the occasions that they did the objects they would use to scare and chase him out with were sharp ones like knives and stabbing like weapons. The blonde haired boy was 11 years old and had just finished trying to pass the Genin Exam once again at the Ninja Academy.

It was an academy where he wanted to learn to be obviously a ninja to eventually become the all powerful and all mighty Hokage. It was his dream to become a Hokage and then eventually surpass all of them making him the greatest. Sadly today had not been his day like the last time he had tried and this time he had pushed himself twice as hard as the last time. With a fake smile on his face and a happy stomach now filled to the brim with tasty Ramen of multiple flavors Naruto headed home ignoring the hateful stares of people out at night from both villagers and ninja alike.

Naturally, Naruto did not like the dark looks from everyone very much and at the same time he didn't even know why they hated him so much. Well...besides the small pranks he pulled on them every now and then, which were mostly harmless. The most harmful thing he had done was have a few of the stores with customers inside that had been mean to him be temporarily consumed in purple or pink paint after one of his paint bombs went off locked in a scroll when they were opened. Despite their threats that they were going to report to the Hokage about what he did he was only brought before the Third Hokage noticeably around second or third offense. 'I'll talk to old man Hokage about giving me help tomorrow seeing as its that time of the week when paper work is the lowest for him,' thought Naruto as he had more then his fair hair of visits to the Hokage's office for some of his more "serious" pranks.

When Naruto did sit before the Hokage the elderly man looked at him with eyes that one would see in a gentle Grandfather. Grandfather like eyes that told Naruto he understood the boy's inner pain of being alone and wanting attention since he did not have the kind and loving parents like most children his age. Unfortunately though, it still did not grant Naruto the immunity of doing several hours of community service on required days under a watchful ninja supervision. The reason was that their had been times when working at a house that the person or people living their had tried to secretly kill or severely injure the boy forcing the ninja watching from the shadows to interfere on the boy's behalf. "That's another thing I have to talk to the old man about. Maybe he will finally tell me and not change the subject like he's done in the past. It's almost as if I did something wrong, but what I did was so bad it made everyone hate me. But did I do to make everyone like that even before my pranks started?" said Naruto in a very low whisper feeling that talking to himself would give him the answers he wanted to his question, but his mind could not give him the answer he wanted.

He shook it off for the moment as he headed back to his apartment and dreaded landlord who he could swear to the four Hokage Heads above that the old bastard of a man had been stealing money from within his apartment. Naruto entered the slightly decaying on the outside looking building while ignoring the looks from what few tenants were in the hall area that he passed by. Just as he was about to enter his sickly old landlord popped his head out with a look of disgust on his face at seeing the boy was still alive. "Hey brat! I want another few hundred ryo from you tomorrow for this months rent," said Jin the old man landlord who knew perfectly well he had been already paid in full by the boy since the boy got an allowance from the Third Hokage himself.

"You have this months rent from me so I do not have to give you anymore for this stupid month old coot. Why do you not you actually bother the other tenants who DON'T pay their rent?" said Naruto unlocking his apartment door with the key he had.

"Hey you listen to me you damn brat I'm the landlord of this place and whether you like it or not I can raise the rates of any part of this apartment complex higher then the other. If you don't like it then you can get the hell out," said Jin as he didn't like it when little demon boys told him what to do as he had seen and felt the power of the nine tailed fox demon sealed inside the boy.

"Maybe I will when I go see the Hokage tomorrow and tell him that your bother someone who pays rent while you don't lift a finger to those who don't. Maybe he can fire you for doing a piss poor job," said Naruto opening the door, entering, shutting, and then locking it to prevent Jin from coming at him with his cane.

Judging from the look on the old man that was any indication Jin probably would have tried to come at Naruto even if the cane was reinforced with solid steel. Even now Jin was pounding on his door cursing and raving about lousy brats and not respecting their elders who were much smarter then the boy. "You little bastard I'm warning you right now! If you don't give me the money tomorrow that I ask for I'm evicting you Hokage's orders be damned," said Jin beyond the door before stomping away cane and all.

"Lousy old man I'm not paying him anymore then he deserves and when I go to see the Hokage tomorrow I'm going to make sure he knows what that old fart said to me," said Naruto as he headed for his bedroom taking off his white shirt with orange spiral on it before falling into bed face first with just his black pants on.

Unknown to Naruto as he slept however, was that the landlord had no intention of Naruto even seeing the Third Hokage much less expecting the boy to live past tonight. He had secretly talked to a low level Chuunin level ninja whose parents had died at the hands of Nine Tailed Demon Fox Kyuubi those 11 years ago. Originally the ninja didn't have the knowledge of Kyuubi's existence within Naruto though after the landlord spoke VERY discreetly with the ninja the hatred for the boy as seeing him as the Kyuubi flared to no end with only revenge in his mind against the demon fox.

So Jin and the Chuunin level ninja came to an agreement that after the boy left on this particular for his home to sleep the ninja would sneak in via window to the bedroom and kill the "demon boy" in his sleep thus killing the demon fox inside of him. 'Soon I'll have that annoying brat out of my hair and the demon within him making me a hero. Then the people will flock to this place where the demon died that I helped kill and I will make a fortune in the process,' thought Jin as he could only imagine the money he was going to make off of the boy's death as he himself slowly went to sleep with the perfect alibi that was available to him for being old as he did what all old people do...sleep.

The low level Chuunin ninja in question crept up the wall silently to the window that the Jin had left opened for him to enter knowing the "demon boy" was too clueless to even realize his window had been opened by someone other then him. 'Time to die Kyuubi. Then and only then will my parents souls rest in piece!' thought the Chuunin who was masked and covered from head to foot so he couldn't be identified as the man who did what the Fourth Hokage could not...slay the Kyuubi.

The Chuunin entered the room leaping over Naruto's bed with Naruto in it looking as the boy turned over onto his back his stomach with the seal exposed in the moonlight that entered the window. The very seal that the Fourth Hokage gave his life to put on the boy to contain the monster that was Kyuubi. "Now you monster I'm going to do to you what should have been done when you were put into this child. I'm going to kill you and then I'll become a hero of the people just like the Fourth Hokage was when he watched over this village," said the Chuunin as he took out his sword from his back raised it over his head with the sword point downward towards the seal ready to thrust it into the sleeping and unsuspecting child below him.

He did just that however, just as he was about to make contact with the seal it came to life with a demonic orange-reddish like glow knocking the Chuunin back several feet onto his back. When he looked back at the boy what he saw scared the shit out of him to no end as a hand was now rising out of seal. It was soon followed by an arm...and a head with only one cold, ruthless, and evil looking eye. It was not long before the figure left the prison of a seal completely stepping on solid ground cracking his neck back and fourth. Then the unknown being started stretching and cracking other joints with the figures body. "Ah the smell of a living body!" said the figure breathing in air heavily as he looked around now dressed in half orange half a shadowy black, with strange looking metal arm as well as leg bands, with a strange looking metal masked face and one eye.

"Who the hell are you?" said Chuunin reading his sword in case he was in for the fight of his life, which his instincts told him that he was.

The figure cocked his head slightly to the right then back again before looking over at Naruto's form before putting his index finger up to his mouth to silence the man from waking the boy. "Shoos! We don't want to wake up the boy do you? He's had rough day and needs his rest. Double Sound Barrier Jutsu!" said the masked figure as he now went though several dozen hand seals before activating the power of the jutsu.

"I've never heard of a double sound barrier jutsu. What is it?" said the Chuunin gripping his sword tighter looking between the figure and Naruto wondering if he could still kill the boy if he still tried.

"It's quite a genius technique really as it creates a sound barrier over someone inside of the room so they don't listen in on conversations. While creating a second sound barrier around the room to prevent anyone outside the room from listening in. As for not hearing about it I just created it some few months ago while inside the boy. The very same boy that you were about to kill just now," said the figure his voice at the end went from casual to a very dangerous to near threatening tone as the one eye narrowed dangerously at the Chuunin.

"Wait! Did you just say you were inside him? Then that're Kyuubi!" said the Chuunin backing away towards the door of the bedroom only to find it was strange as it was...locked!

"Please mortal that is a name you people gave me and to me such a name has no meaning if it is not real to who I am. Though I feel you do deserve to know my name before I kill you and send you into hell. My Slade," said Slade moving at inhuman speed and grabbed the Chuunin ninja by the throat into the wall squeezing the now gasping man to death.

(A/N: All will be explained at the end of the chapter. I SWEAR!)

"Wait! I...I," said the Chuunin knowing if he could hold out long enough he could somehow escape from this...thing then he could warn the Hokage, which in turn would force his leader to kill the boy to protect the village.

"Depending on what you say will depend on your life's value to me thus not having me kill you in a painful manner," said Slade before kneeing him in the stomach making the Chuunin drop his sword onto the ground.

"The...the landlord...Jin. He kill...the...boy. He...he did try and profit...from his ack...I mean your...death," said the Chuunin who now saw two of the Kyuubi now calling itself Slade narrowed its eye dangerously.

"I'm well aware of that fact fool. In fact you are just one of many who have tried to hurt and kill the boy when you are not trying to stunt his development at being a ninja. Let us have you try telling me something I don't already know from being inside the poor boy for over a decade," said Slade punching the man in the side fracturing and breaking 5 out of 6 of the Chuunin's left ribs making the man want to scream in pain...if his poor throat wasn't so hard pressed against Slade's metal covered right hand.

"All right...all right! (groans in pain) Your...your vessel...that is...Nar...Naruto. He should have...should have passed...passed the...the Genin Exam at the Ninja Academy...not once, but BOTH TIMES!" said the Chuunin whose eyes were closed from the pain that he was feeling on the left side of his ribs as he felt as if one was intruding through his left lung.

"Really? My my now THIS little man THIS is interesting news. Do you know how they prevented Naruto from passing the Genin Exam? Did those who told you what you know so far not give that little piece of information or did they decide in the interest of secrecy not tell you that little piece of info?" said Slade as he squeezed tighter on the throat just before he slammed his fist into the man's left knee cap.

"AHHHHH! They said...they said something...something about a...a genjutsu that...was being...being used on his...on his test papers. The genjutsu would...would look a test...a test from another...another exam so...he wouldn't able to...answer...the tests correctly. Then...then when the...the genjutsu was...dispelled later they...they would mark his...his test wrong...thus failing him. That's...that's all I...I know...I SWEAR!" said the Chuunin as the intense pain his body was feeling was indescribable and was now a breath away from blacking out.

"That's a good boy. Your information that you just told me will come in handy when I go to speak to your Third Hokage about these types of indiscretions against my vessel. As payment for telling me...I will grant you a swift and...near painless death," said Slade as his hand around the man's throat was now covered in fire spreading through the man's body before the Chuunin screamed right before his body was turned to ashes in Slade's hand.

With the Chuunin ninja now dead Slade turned his attention to the boy that was his vessel that still slept in the bed as if nothing had happened. Slade dispelled the first half of the jutsu that was surrounding Naruto before looking out the window out towards Kohona. 'Well at least its cleaner then the last time I was here before the attack I launched on this place. Though Jump City was my personal favorite of a city to be in. Oh well beggars can't be choosers and I am neither nor will I be. Time to get down to business, but first I need to take care of despicable landlord of his...and I know just how to do it. Heheheh' thought Slade as he turned to the boy and gave him a pat on his head, which Naruto tried to flick away moving as if he were in a fight.

"Save your energy my boy your going to need it for when the real training comes and not from the ones in your dreams," said Slade also known simply as The Great Kyuubi the great and power Nine Tailed Fox Demon that turned around leaving the boy in the room and Naruto's apartment heading towards the landlords right down the hall.

(5 Minutes Later)

Jin woke up to the sound of polite knocking at his door and smiled to himself knowing that the deed was done and the "Kyuubi brat" or "demon boy" was no more. Soon it would be time to spread the word the boy was dead and the wealth pouring in. Naturally the ninja assassin that was the Chuunin he hired would get a significant chunk of the pay seeing as neither one could back out of the deal without facing the Third Hokage's wrath. However, Jin's smiling face changed when he opened the door seeing that it was not the ninja he hired, but someone of much taller, stronger, and intimidating stature to him then his assassin ever was. "Who the hell are you?" said Jin his fowl tongue not hiding any of the venom in his voice because this meant the deal was still in motion of being complete for him.

"The name is Slade. I'm here to talk to you about one your tenants that currently resides on this floor with you. I believe his name is...Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto is his full name to be more precise," said Slade as he slightly narrowed his eye to gauge the mans response.

"What about the brat? If you want his apartment you have to wait awhile as his "eviction" is going to be quite an eye fill and eye sore all in one for this village. Once he has been what's the word I'm looking for..."disposed of" I'll give it you with the first two months free and you can redecorate it anyway you want it. Till then leave me the hell alone," said Jin who moved to shut the door only to have metal finger from Slade block the man from shutting the door completely.

"I think you have miss understood me sir. I am not here in regards to removing Naruto's presence from your...housing complex. I'm here in regards to removing YOU from here AND from Naruto's presence," said Slade who then punched the old man from the gap in the door before the man could react sending him flying back several feet into a nearby coffee table.

"What are you saying you idiot? Don't you know about that boy? He is the Nine Tailed Fox Demon Kyuubi reborn in a human body. If he is killed now then he will never grow up with a second chance to kill us a second time," said Jin who was surprised this man would even defend the beast.

"You will forgive me if I don't sound so shocked as you are not the first person who has said that about Naruto with a different point of view. None the less you are a threat to the boy and therefore a threat to me since I live within him," said Slade in a dangerous yet still calm voice as he extended his right hand and let a demonic orange-reddish flame that turned into an enlarged hand towards Jin grabbing him and sending him into the wall.

"Aaaaaahhhhh! What the...? How can you be the Kyuubi? You don't look like a demonic fox to me," said Jin as the flaming hands squeezing his old frail body into ashes and bone dust.

"With that remark I don't know if I should feel like I have been complimented or insulted by you, but regardless either way you are thin ice. After all such flattery towards me will get you nowhere," said Slade squeezing the old man with his fire extension of a hand.

"Wait! If you let me live I will be your loyal servant and help you get out of that pesky brat you are a vessel of," said Jin hoping Kyuubi would listen to him if he were offered a chance for freedom from Naruto's body.

"Thank you for the offer, but I must decline seeing as I rather like my vessel and it would be a dishonor to his father and mother if I didn't protect him from dying from people like you," said Slade as he continued to squeeze even more of what remained of life out of the old man before the old man was nothing more then what he was aiming for...ashes and dust.

'Now that is taken care of I need to make sure no one goes investigating, which means I have to destroy this place while at the same time take Naruto somewhere where he can have a solid iron clad alibi. It wouldn't really hurt to have as a precaution in case he is accused of doing it because of my shining influence. People always used to say be careful of faulty wiring,' thought Slade as he went over to the TV with the plug behind it before peeling away the wiring and making it catch slightly on fire, but he put a small, but still quite powerful containment jutsu barrier around the fire so when the time came it would spread when he removed the barrier with a mere mental thought.

Slade then went to the gas powered oven and turned on the gas to a setting between low and medium, but at the same time kept the opening of oven thin to give time for the gas to leak out giving him at least five or six hours to go before he would leave with Naruto to some place in the village while this part of the complex went boom. "Now for phase 2 of the plan," said Slade as he went left this apartment and went straight back to Naruto's as there were some things that needed be said then and now.

Naruto stirred slightly in his slumber only to find that someone was jostling him from his sleep rather urgently causing him to wake up. Out of instinct Naruto tried to punch the unknown figure in somewhere on the body whether it was the person's face or someplace else. He wasn't exactly the most liked person in all of Kohona after all and his land lord was proof enough as it was. What Naruto felt with fist connecting with when his mind became more conscious was a metal covered hand or rather palm now closing around it slowly. "Who's that? Who's there?" said Naruto trying to remove his trapped fist from the enclosed palm while trying to see clearly in the darkness of his room.

"As much as I would like to humor myself by indulging you on who would win this little battle of the fists in the dark we don't have time," said Slade letting go of Naruto's hand and turned on a light in his room, but not before he closed the blinds and tightened them shut so no one would no he was awake.

"Who are you? Are you some crazy villager trying to kill me for some stupid reason or did that crazy old landlord hire you to beat me up to take money from me?" said Naruto getting into an amateurish, but still promising fighting stance.

"The name is Slade. As to your second question I'm not a crazy villager out to kill you for whatever reason they have against you. As for your landlord...I think he's taking a nap right now considering his old age," said Slade lying about the last part before turning around moving over to a splintery, cracking, and nearly unstable chair sitting on it as if it were the safest thing to sit on in the world and sat down in it.

"So...who exactly are you? I mean I know your name, which sounds pretty cool from the way you said it, but...could you tell me more?" said Naruto looking at the man with the strange metal face and one eye.

Slade sat their for a good full minute considering his options on telling Naruto everything and not just a half-truth lie of sorts to make the boy trust him. If he told him everything it could make the boy unstable and possibly freak out on him thus make things very much more...difficult for him to handle the boy. If Slade told only half the truth, then lied all the same to gain Naruto's trust and then got caught in one of the lies...then the boy wouldn't trust him later when he would much stronger from his tutelage. No one like it when they are lied to and when you channel that anger into the teachings given to you then anything you face becomes a wall that must be destroyed. Quite frankly Slade did not want to be that wall that needed to be destroyed as he wanted to help the boy as he was the uninvited guest inside of him. "Okay Naruto I'll tell you, but when I do you may not like what you are going to hear," said Slade getting the boy's already full undivided attention.

(A/N: Okay! OKAY! I know I have explaining to do. Yes it is Slade from Teen Titans as you can tell from the description and name. Yes I know Slade is a bad guy I mean come on I've seen the show. Now that I have said that I have more to say. I'm sure you are all wondering WTF is going on here with me having Kyuubi being Slade in a human looking form. Note that Kyuubi or rather Slade is not free entirely from Naruto I will explain later in the next chapter (when I get a chance) so don't worry. Also you might be wondering why Slade as he is a villain is doing what he is doing. Note please wait for next chapter for answers (or you could take stab in the dark be my guest). Also please remember that everyone sees Kyuubi as the meanest, toughest, and nastiest SOB on the face of our god forsake planet when it comes to the world of Naruto. So I thought to myself, "Who better to play the part of a human looking Kyuubi then Slade seeing as he is as we all know a mean psychotic hard ass, but in a way has some form of honor in him. Don't worry I have a plan on how to explain how Slade is in fact Kyuubi otherwise I would not have done what I have done. Please don't hate me for this. Do remember to keep in mind that this is my very first Naruto fic and I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt considering some of the OTHER fics that are being shown. Thank you and please review this with what you think as it would really mean a lot to me. Goodnight as I have school tomorrow and then long hours of work. I will in fact try to update possibly next weekend due to Labor Day coming up giving me some solid free time to write more. No promises, but it is a quite possibly a certainty. I may even have Kyuubi or Slade rather fall in love with one of the female ninja's seeing as he needs to find that special lady in his life. Note I will explain.)