I Feel


Well, this is a strange poem to explain. Let's just say it came out of nowhere and leave it at that, kay? :) Enjoy!

I Feel
by A.j.

I feel
Skin brushing, touching
The lightest glide of a finger
Up the arch of my foot
Across my toes

I feel
The light sprinkling of hair
On my foot stands alive
The briefest of sensations
To the fleshy bit of my ankle
The pad of a finger

I feel
From bone to sinew
Circles, light, calm
Hot, fire waking, growing
Over the skin and back
Shivers on my arms
In my belly

I feel
To my calf,
A massage so right
So beautiful
My knee bends an invitation

I feel
Fingers touching, exploring
Offered freely
Tingling, warmth, excitement
Splayed on my flank
Right, so right

I feel
Encompassing me cold but hot
My arms strong but weak yet strong again
Bare, kneading, hands so beautiful
A brush and shiver
Scalding the touch across my thighs

I feel
My stomach tightens
Higher the touch
Valley, hill, valley, hill
Unending sensation
Breath moist and hot across
Higher the touch
My tongue worries a lip clasped in emotion

I feel
Blinding the joy
The beauty
Touching, feeling, knowing
The hands on my arms, my back
Homecoming and touch
Knowledge exploding, logic gone
To feel is to know

I feel
The texture of muscles bunching
My hands, knowing
Velvet and iron gliding on me
Near me
In me

I feel
Tensile and strong
Planes and ridges
The taste of salt and spice against my tongue
A flash of blue
All is white

I feel
A jolt then darkness
Wet, cold... fear
My cheeks so hot yet possessing rivulets of ice
Eyes, mine, opening, searching not finding
A scream in my throat
My fingers clench
A sheet

I feel
The emptiness
Dark and light blend
Mixing and swimming, my vision dims to one sight
My ears, burning still, detect something
A glow of green and beeping
A mask turning, staring

I feel
It passing away
A creeping, the feeling the dark separate
The white leaving, running to those who know
Those who touch
Spinning, gripping what was
Tight and cold, crushing and grinding
Ghostly tethers taunt and laugh
Beeping, ever stronger, ever harder
A blink

I feel
The ice warms on my cheeks
A breath drawn in, shuddering
Cold freezes warm
Wind through my window
Blowing and brushing where what was is gone
My body cools, the tears dry
The beeping continues
Eyes, green and cold stare into me
They take what is left and pull it away

I feel
The flash of blue
The brush of fingers
The taste of musk
The smell of spice and the night
The sound of a whisper

I feel
My tears dry

I feel