Maddie Fitzpatrick took two steps to the side and yawned. A break was in need. A 5 hour shift can really kill any energy that was bottled up inside anyone, especially a long day of school. But her small break, as usually, was short lived. The twins of the Tipton approached.

"Hey there sweet thang!" Zack obnoxiously stated while settling himself comfortably on the top of the candy counter. "Can I have the sweetest thing here? You Baby!"

"Zack, really, what makes you think that I would ever want to go out with you after you say something like that?" Maddie yawned.

"Because of my great looks, hun." Zack stated obviously while brushing a lock of his golden hair behind his ear.(Zack wasn't much for maturity)

"Ha" Cody firmly added. "If you're so good looking then how come you can't keep a girl for more than 2 weeks."

"Hey! It's not that I can't keep a girl…it's that the girl can't keep me."

"Very funny guys" Maddie yawned once again "But I'm going to take a little break right now. Is it alright if you guys watch the counter for a few, just don't touch or sell anything."

"Sure" Zack said "Anything for you sweet thang!"

Cody and Maddie sighed in unison.