when Nathan was just 5 years old he was suddenly taken from his mother and his original home by his father, now living with his father who Nathan did not know was an evil scientist putting the lives of poor innocent creatures in cages for a mutation experiment, he was also living with Nina who was staying as well as Nathan. Nathan & Nina were playing tag one day and Nina got curious about the furry orange animals in a smallish and cramped cage "I think dad said there band-I-coots" Nathan said noticing Nina's curiosity "what are there names " said Nina.

" who cares about there names they already have fleas they don't need to be named, that's like saying we should bask them in luxury" from the darkness came Nathan's father not the tallest of things but is very demanding and cruel to others the list of words to describe him is endless " and don't even think about touching them! " he said eying Nina which made her cringe

" you don't have to shout dad" Nathan said Nina's sensitivity makes her powerless against her emotions and finally lets out tears, cortex as much as he loves seeing people cry he was disgusted at Nina's tears and simply tutted " now come child you mustn't cry, crying makes us weak and we don't want that now do we because when your weak you get struck down by others and besides I did not mean to shout at you I just don't want you catching there mange " cortex wipes a tear from ninas face and wipes it on Nathan, Nathan merely frowned at this.

Cortex looked at Nina he observed her face legs and arms Nina felt uncomfortable with this "come with me Nina" Nina and cortex entered a room with a warning sign which Nathan couldn't work out the writing of, rust was making its way into the sign.

Nathan was left alone in the lab with the two bandicoots and other creatures in cages to his left " one of the bandicoots which had lightly coloured fur licked Nathan's hand, Nathan smiled warmly at his hand he noticed the other bandicoot next door he was has a slightly darker orange fur to the previous one he seemed a bit playful and hyperactive " your a fieste little guy aren't you?" moments passed as Nathan came attached to the first bandicoots eyes then the silence was broke when the door of which his father went into with Nina earlier swinged open.

" Nathan what did I tell you about those filthy animals" I'm sorry father..wheres nina?" nathan glanced around in confusion " shes got a virus" nathan blinked cortex sighed for nathan doesn't know what a virus is and cortex hates talking simple " nina has the flu and has gone to her bedroom for some rest" when he says bedroom he means the attic " oh.. ok " how did nina suddenly get the flu? nathan looked back at his father cortex stood there with a stern face " what?" " back to the subject about you and the filthy animal scene" nathan looked around to try and found an excuse before he hears another lecture from his father again. "HEY! Look at that what's that" cortex looked in the direction Nathan was pointing a giant machine looked like the inside of a clock "that is the source of this lairs I mean buildings power" cortex turned and withdrew the cage on the table with the two bandicoots. " hey dad!" " what!" " I know what to call those bandicoots" " go on then tell me" " crash and coco" cortex rolled his eyes and groaned " yeah sure Nathan" and then he once again entered the room he previously went into and slammed it shut an echo ran through the castle and Nathan was left alone..Again " great now who am I gonna play blind mans bluff with me?" he ties a white blindfold which had oil on around his face " ok the lantern will have to replace nina for the time being" Nathan walked blindly through the laboratory which was a danger hazard for people especially children. A screwdriver which was mistakably left on the floor along with some test tubes and a rubber band are a hazard someone could get hurt which Nathan will he continued to walk he then walked on the screwdriver which rolled forward and Nathan tripped and fell with his back against a huge object. He removed his blindfold when he regained strengh Nathan pulled himself up but noticed he was caught on one of the gears which was pulling him and pulling him Nathan used his arm to try and get loose but the gears were spinning so fast Nathan got his arm stuck moments passed and each moment his arm started to crack his hand was crushed under the gears Nathan screamed with agony his father heard noise and ran to Nathan " Nathan what did I tell you about… " daddy help me!" " hold on I'm coming!" he tugged at Nathan but no luck he glanced at nathans arm " Nathan I'm sorry if this is very painful but it's the only way" " only way for what… before Nathan said anymore his father yanked him out nathans arm came right off Nathan screamed and screamed but then half fainted with shock, cortex carried Nathan to a table Nathan barely hd his eyes open all he could see is a figure of his father and then complete darkness.

Nathan heard a voice telling him to wake up Nathan slowly opened his eyes to see his father looking at him with a sort of smile, " how are you feeling" he asked " I.. I feel fine dizzy….but fine" Nathan felt fine but he didn't look fine he slowly turned to his left arm his face went pale he felt he was going to vomit his arm was there but it wasn't his arm there where his skin and bone arm was , was replaced by a titanium arm (just imagine the terminators arm) it was a horrible site for poor Nathan " its Devine isn't it, it has all military weapons, nuclear weapons, its water proof fire proof and look it even has blue tooth"

Nathan didn't say a thing he was still focusing on his arm "your speechless aren't you I knew you would be" Nathan finally was able to speak "what have you done" "excuse me?" "Look at me dad I look terrible how can I go out looking like this will my friends think, oh hi guys sorry about this but you see my dad turned me into a FREAK!" "You don't look like a freak" "through your eyes maybe but others no!" " now you listen to me boy" said cortex in a harsh voice " I have gone through a lot of trouble bringing you out here" " but I didn't choose to come out here I was taken away, why did you take me away" " because, because …" "never mind that now how am I supposed to go to school looking like this" "ah this is when we come into a delay area" " huh what… do …you mean" I'm sending you and Nina to a new school the academy of evil where you will learn to be evil and will join me in my plan to conquer the world" Nathan stared at him and raised an eyebrow " what is wrong with you, no way am I going to that shit school neither am I joining you to as you say conquer the world" said Nathan " don't mock me Nathan" " no why should I I'm not going be evil just because you want me to and another…" silence! I will not tolerate your stubbornness you will go or do everything I tell you I'm your father you will do as I say everything I say goes" Nathan backed off " where's Nina?" Nathan ran to try and find Nina "Nina! Nina where are you?" "Hiya Nathan looking for me?" "Oh Nina there you are…" Nathan gasped "oh no you too" "whatever do you mean Nathan?" said Nina

Nathan stared at Nina straight in the eye and blinked her face was a pale blue colour her hair was much shorter and had spikes in he hands were made of steel she had hideous buck teeth showing at the front. "What? You mean this isn't great I feel all good inside oh I mean all evil inside" Nina chuckled " Nina what's happened to you your not the Nina I knew a few hours back" " your right I'm not" said Nina she smirked and laughed at the sight of Nathan's face " look at you, you look like a confused animal no where to go no one to turn to we are greater then we used to be Nathan and yet you still are so unhappy" " well Nina what would you want my face expression to be happy you must be joking" " have it your way" " see Nathan Nina's happy" cortex was standing in the archway " I'm sure as time goes by you'll get used to the idea now come we have work to do" Nathan grew enraged he clenched his fists but said to himself no he will go along with it for now but Nathan will never do it " it will never work they'll see I won't be treated like this"