Christmas disaster

A few months had past and Nathan was having a family Christmas party in a huge mansion in Manhattan .

through the wall cortex could hear the neighbours singing again " arghhh there singing again damn carollers" he starts banging on the wall "HEY KEEP IT DOWN!" Nathan is outback with his mother since cortex had some decency left to invite her and the rest of his family

" what a fabulous family Christmas" Natalie said (Nathan's mother)

"well enjoy it while it lasts you won't have one of these again"

" yes well …. Ooooo that dogs been in the garbage again NEO! That dogs been in the bins again" said Natalie

( in the background) " WELL SHOOT THE DAMN DOG!" replied neo

" I ain't shooting no dog"

" well I'm trying to watch TV damn it" said cortex turning the volume up

" Nathan whats the matter"

" oh nothing it's just dad keeps pushing me to hard to do stuff "

" like what"

" like killing someone"

" Nathan if he's pushing you to hard you got to stand up to him you gotta smack him in the the face and say I've had enough of your shit you fucking bitch"

" uh????? I don't think so"

" well I tried…. Ouch I have got to check on the turkey.

In the dining room

" you know Nathan we haven't seen your ass in a long time" said Nathan's cousin nick Nathan despised his cousin nick he was a little shit he destroyed everything Nathan had when he was a toddler and so Nathan just turned to his plate and started poking it with his fork.

"Nathan I made all this food and your not having any?" said his aunt nala

" I'm not that hungry"

" while we are on the subject about food I went to the doctors because Natalie told me to I don't know why I mean I am myself a doctor anyhow she wanted me to have a cholesterol test and the doctor was going on about peoples health and shit I mean I know about health and stuff you don't need to tell me about health, and that's another thing I don't know why people want to loose weight anyway we don't want to be all the same we all want to be different BIG, SMALL MEDIUM all different" said cortex who had a few drinks at that time

"power to the people!" said nick doing a little dance

Natalie smacked nick round the head " don't encourage him!" she then changed the subject " yeah Nathan I saw this thing on tv about all this global warming thing and it said islands will be underwater maybe you should come back with me.

Cortex choked on his drink "no way that won't even happen until another 50 years and besides if people just recycle and use less carbon dioxide then it won't even happen so don't be putting no shit in his head"

"if people just recycled? ..well here him talk you're the most polluting person I know!" said Natalie pointing a fork at him

" see this knife I'll put this between the crack of your ass" cortex said nick laughed then Natalie smacked him round the head again

"what?" nick said rubbing his head

"you dare neo I swear I'll kick your head in and turn it into a bruised melon" said Natalie

Cortex swung back in his chair and sighed "so feisty … well I can't take this shit no more so I cant be bothered to say anything else I'll leave it at that" and left the dining table.

That night when everyone was asleep Nathan couldn't sleep and decided to go for a walk he went down to the kitchen and into the living room and passed his uncle nobhead who had collapsed on the floor because of over drinking he had a bottle of whisky in his hand Nathan picked it up and tossed it in the bin

" oh nobhead always good for a laugh" he said Nathan heard his mutterings in his sleep

" get off my whisky!" he said

Nathan sighed and slided the front door open and went down to the shores (you see there mansion was by a river bank ) Nathan sat down on a rock and looked out to the sea

" hmm if I stay here I have to put up with my old man, if I go back to the island I wouldn't know where to go and if I go to coco's, dad will probably harm her because I was there" Nathan thought to himself " oh I still don't know what to do" he kicked a nearby log which fell in the water and floated out to sea and then Nathan decided what he was going to do "yeah I'll go back and if dad tries to harm her I'll be there to protect her".

Nina suddenly woke to the smell of nathans feet " Nathan, get your feet out of my face" she looked to the end of the bed "Nathan?" she climbed out of bed she went to cortex " uncle?.. uncle wake up"

cortex groaned and woke up with one eye open "what is it nina I have a really bad hang over I guess nick spiked my drink again little bastard wait till he wakes up" he said holding his throbbing head

" but its Nathan, he isn't in bed"

"maybe he's just getting a drink or something" cortex said turning over in his bed

" yeah but what if he's going to try and go back?"

"he wouldn't do that" he sat up suddenly " but still .. Maybe we should go find him" nina looked upstairs while cortex searched downstairs when they couldn't find him in the house cortex began to worry " I'll look outside" he jogged outside " Nathan!, Nathan!…..Nathan where are you?"

Nathan came from behind "hi dad" he said

" argh!" cortex jumped into a bush " oh thank god …why did you go wandering off like that?"

" I just wanted some air its really stuffy in there…. Why where did you think I was going? Said Nathan

" I thought.. You had… oh no where I was just concerned that's all" said cortex

As they began there journey back Nathan stuttered a bit then finally spoke

"erm dad?" said Nathan

" yes Nathan" answered cortex

" why did you use me?"

neo stopped still and turned " used you I haven't used you don't be silly boy"

" you used me to kill crash for you"

neo rubbed down his face with his hand and thought ".. yes .. And I'm…. I'm…you know that word which begins with S" cortex broadly smiled at Nathan, Nathan frowned at him " ok, sorry there now I'll be scarred for life, look Nathan I know I have done mistakes in the past and have hurt a few people but we have to let the past go"

" let the past go dad coco had lost her most closet thing in the world to her" Nathan said taking cortex's arm

" oh who cares" he said and pulled his arm away from Nathan's grip

" I bet you wouldn't say that if it was me" cortex's frown faded he looked at Nathan

" but ... but Nathan that's an entirely different matter" Nathan shook his head " different entirely" cortex tilted his head upwards

" crash is no different to any other person or animal in this world who has been loved and coco loved him but what would you know about love I doubt you have any for me nina or nicky"

" now that's not true" said cortex

"oh yeah then why did you use me then hmmm"

"I…..I don't know"

"you do know why you thought if you could destroy crash by using your son you could go carrying on trying to control the world and all this shit" cortex lowered his head " I really don't see any point in this world domination stuff you are just like all the other beings in this world and there thoughts of power….greed…they don't care who or what gets hurt as long as they achieve there goal" cortex flinched at nathans words "I'll leave you now" Nathan turned his back and made his way to the river

" where are you going" said neo

"to N.sanity isles" replied Nathan

"but its too far from here you'll never make it" before cortex could say any more Nathan was already out shore and neo could not stop him

"oh no" cortex hurry's back to the mansion and says nothing to nina when walking past, he went to the attic the only place in the house where he can think " hmmm Nathan has no where to go on the island …unless he goes to coco or ..or our old castle.