AN. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm on a roll. Written for the fanfic100 challenge on LiveJournal, with the prompt of circles. R&R is fun, yes it is.

May Be Habit-Forming

Tamaki really does adore Kyouya, maybe even more than he does Haruhi. With most people, he can only feign interest, albeit convincingly, and to the people he calls his friends, a genuine interest and concern, but nothing about them captivates him in such a way that he is drawn to examination and observation to the point of obsession.

For that, he has Kyouya. He notices every little thing about him, every unnoticeable quirk that proves Kyouya to be an actual human being, susceptible to habit and growing accustomed to things.

Kyouya took a lot of notes. Everyone knew that. Tamaki, however, was one of the few people, possibly even the only person, who noticed how Kyouya tended to encircle important things. He deduced this by walking by while he wrote, and peering down nonchalantly. Names, items, as long as it mattered, it was encircled.

Kyouya had a mysterious eloquence, a way with words. Everyone knew that. However, Tamaki was the only one who noticed how Kyouya's lily-white hands made slow, graceful circles in the air as he waited for the right word to come to him and click. Most probably because it would never take Kyouya too long to find a word – the man never said "Um…" in his life, Tamaki bets –, and no one but Tamaki would watch him that closely, maybe out of respect, shyness, or fear that his eyes might suck their souls out, or something like that.

Tamaki liked Kyouya's circle habit more than his tendency to put his hand on his hips and stand like a bratty little girl would, and more than his habit of lowering his glasses to peer out at the one in front of him, a sincere smile crawling on his face, even if the adorability of both left Tamaki salivating and gasping for air.

No, Tamaki liked this circle habit a lot because it even manifests itself when they kiss. The way Kyouya's tongue played around his and teasing circular motions in such a deceptively relaxed, languid way was so, so good, that it had to be illegal and something Kyouya had to do more often, like a quirk, a habit, or a tendency, because it was something Tamaki could really get used to.