This is not a chapter, I repeat, This is not a chapter.


Okay, I just got back into the Megaman fandom thanks to: Project X Zone (Yeah! X is in the Zone! (gets hit by a desk)), the X Fanimation (why X can't be that badass?), Megaman in SSB4 (finally!), and the fan games (Unlimited, Chrono X, they rock on making games more than Capcom).

Anyway, yes, I'm back and currently I'm fixing the Command Mission arc. I've notice that in Reploidian, that there are less human interaction than in Cybertronic. So yeah, I'll be adding the Reploidian's human view and opinions on reploids, which will clash with Sora's own. Pretty much, it's Cynicism vs. Idealism in the next revising chapters (Think Turbo... no, not Power Rangers! The snail movie!)

Also, I need a vote... whether I should go with the initial crossover, or change it. I love Code Geass, I really do... But then the Protomen came and now I'm confused on what to use as the last crossover. Yes, I've told my friend Cam about this is sent her the link of the said album. She also like the dark version of the Megaman, and in rock opera, but she told me that I should decide because I wrote this fic... Awkward...

So... I'll continue revising this then resume updating chapters once I get enough votes by September.

Side note: Lack of Megaman/Rockman makes me jump into other fandoms, so... Make a MM/RM game! Capcom!

EDIT: Added a poll in my profile, please look and vote. Thank you.