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Shuichi yawned as he dropped his bag and shoes at the front door--it had been a long day. K had become even more bullet-happy than he usually was, Hiro was sick, Suguru was in a bad mood for whatever reasons, and all this made Sakano as edgy as he'd ever been. The worst part? They'd hardly gotten any work done.

Yuki glanced at the door to his office for a moment when he heard Shuichi come in before he return his attention to his latest novel. The deadline was a long way away, but he preferred to get his work done early so that he would have time to spend with his Shuichi, though he'd never say that aloud.

Shuichi glanced at the study door, which was shut--meaning leave Yuki the hell alone. Normally he wouldn't have listened to this nonverbal warning, but he was too tired to argue tonight. He just walked straight to the bathroom to take a shower.

Yuki looked up at the door again in worry. Was shuichi okay? Did something happen at work? Normally his hyperactive lover would bounce in and demand that Yuki pay attention to him and take him out to dinner or something like that. This was just...weird. He sighed and closed his laptop befor pushing away from his desk and heading for the bathroom. He knocked twice. "Shuichi? You okay?"

Immediately when he heard this, his hyperactivity returned. 'Yuki cares about me!' was his immediate thought. He bounced out of the bathroom, shirtless, and met Yuki with an idiotic grin. "Yeah, I'm okay! Are you okay? Of course you are!" He continued rambling about unimportant things like this and gestured madly with his hands.

Yuki put his hands on Shuichi's shoulders to keep him in place. "I'm glad you're all right, you had me worried for a minute, you usually just jump into my lap as soon as you get home; I thought something happened."

At that moment Shuichi's joy boiled over. "YUKI LOVES ME!" he shouted, tackling said blonde writer to the ground.

Yuki stared at the ceiling for a minute, noting that it needed new paint. "Of course I love you, Shuichi, why would you think I didn't?" Yuki's voice was hushed due to lack of air caused by the pink blob sitting on his chest.

Shuichi pulled away only slightly to look at Yuki, his impossibly large, impossibly purple eyes shining. "Because, Yuki, you've never told me so until just now." He laughed aloud with joy, and licked Yuki's ear. "But now you have. Yay!"


"Hmm?" Shuichi said, resting his head on his lover's chest again.

Yuki was going to tell him to get the hell off, but...he just seemed so happy. He sighed. "You want anything special for dinner?"

"Okonomiyaki!" cried the pop star eagerly.

Yuki laughed. It was a deep laugh, though quiet, that rumbled through his chest and flowed from his lips. "All right." Yuki wrapped his arms around Shuichi's waist and proceeded to lift them both from the floor, Shuichi's legs wrapped tight around his waist and his arms coiled tightly around Shuichi.

Shuichi managed not to act surprised that Yuki was laughing and clung tightly to his lover as they rose. Yuki put a hand on Shuichi's butt to prevent him from slipping down and turned in the direction of the kitchen.

Blushing and inwardly hoping that Yuki's hand would stay where it was, Shuichi looked at the blonde man seriously. "Hey, Yuki?"

Yuki looked down at his lover. "Hmm?"

"I never did learn how to cook from you. We sort of gave up when I almost cut my finger off."

"You still want to?"

Shuichi nodded solemnly.

"Alright. Just promise me you'll be more careful than you were the last time, the last thing I need is for you to get hurt."

Shuichi smiled brightly. "Okay!

Yuki smiled and pushed Shuichi further up on his waist. "You wanna help me cook, then?"

"Yeah! I get to spend time with Yuki!" the spastic youth yelled to no one in particular.

Yuki laughed for the second time that day as he walked toward the table. "You'll blow out my eardrums if you keep that up. Then I won't get to hear your lovely voice."

Not able to think of another response to this, the pink-haired singer merely giggled.

Yuki put shuichi down on the table and went to get the ingredients and such.

Caught up in everything Yuki was saying to him, Shuichi had managed to forget what they were making. He commented on this to his lover.

"Okonomiyaki, koi." Yuki responded while he spread things out over the table.

"Oh yeah," said Shuichi cheerfully. He peered at what Yuki had set out on the table. "What are we using?"

"What I just laid out."

Shuichi curiously picked up a container, took off the lid, and sniffed it. He raised his eyebrows, made a face, and quickly put the lid back on, coughing. "We're using that!" he asked, pointing to it gingerly. "It's so strong!"

"That's why you don't use a lot of it and you fry it."


Yuki picked up a few of the ingredients and placed the in the frying pan and set it to simmer. He slid a recipe card in front of Shuichi.

Shuichi peered at the recipe card, then back at Yuki. He grinned nervously. "P-piece of cake," he said, making the "Victory" sign with his fingers.

"If you need any help ask and be careful." With that Yuki left the kitchen to go to who-knows-where.

The singer's face fell as his lover left the room. He had no idea what any of this meant...He made his decision and called Hiro. He lived on his own; surely he knew something about cooking.

"Hiroshi." The rough draft for their latest album could be heard blaring in the background; Spicy Marmalade was the song currently playing.

"Hey, Hiro!" Shuichi said, overly cheerfully. "You love me, right? I'm your best buddy, right?"

"What do you want, Shuichi?" Hiro laughed on the other end and the music was turned down.

"Can you cook?"

"I wouldn't be able to live by myself if I couldn't."

"Can you help me make okonomiyaki, please? Yuki left me alone with a recipe card, some ingredients, and a frying pan."

"Yeah. Here's what you do first, put the grated yam, water or dashi, egg, and shredded cabbage in the frying pan and set it to simmer. Let that cook for half hour or so."

"I think Yuki already did that."

"All right. How long ago was that?"

"Uhh, five minutes? Maybe?"

"Do you have a bowl near you?"

The pop star quickly snatched a bowl out of a nearby cupboard. "Yes."

"Good. Put a cup of negiyaki in it and half a cup of cheese. Then add a cup of water and two cups of flour."

"Negiyaki? That really strong-smelling stuff?"

"That's it."

He added the necassary ingredients and looked at the clock. Twenty minutes had passed since that stuff had started simmering. "Now what?"

"Now you stir it 'til it's thick and make sure it's mixed well. Then you want to add it to the stuff in the frying pan."

Shuichi followed these instructions and many more--this was more complicated than he'd thought.

Yuki watched Shuichi from his hiding place behind the wall. Though calling Hiro was somewhat like a cheat code, the kid still did fairly well. When he saw that Shuichi was almost finished he made a mad dash for their bedroom. He crawled on top of the bed and faked sleep.

As he took the finished--if slightly overdone--okonomiyaki out of the frying pan and into a serving dish and set it on the table, Shuichi wondered what his blonde lover was doing. Finishing with the table, the boy wandered down the hall to Yuki's room, to find the older man supposedly asleep on top of the bedcovers.

Yuki cracked an eye open when he heard Shuichi come in. Hopefully he didn't notice that Yuki hadn't been in the bedroom the whole time.

For a moment the pink boy was torn as to whether or not to wake his lover. He decided, finally, that he had made this dinner for Yuki, and Yuki was going to enjoy it--or at least eat it. "Hey--Yuki," Shuichi whispered, brushing a few blonde locks out of the writer's face.

Yuki opened his eyes and smiled. "No fire?"

Shuichi grinned and shook his head. "Nope," he said proudly, as though this were a big accomplishment.

Yuki sat up on the bed.

Scene Change

Shuichi sat back in his chair. "I'm done," he announced.

Yuki got up not saying anything in response. No "That was good, Shuichi" or "You could do better"; he just cleared the table, put the dishes in the sink, and walked out of the kitchen.

Shuichi scuttled unceremoniously after his lover. "Yuki...did you like it?" he asked bluntly.

Yuki turned and looked at his Shuichi. A small smile graced his features. "No, I didn't."

Shuichi cast his eyes down and blushed. "Oh...I'm sorry, Yuki, I know I can't cook..." he continued babbling.

Yuki kneeled down in front of his lover. "I didn't like it, I loved it."

The singer seemed to inflate. It was so cliche, but Yuki was the one saying it! "Yuki! You mean it!"

Yuki nodded. There was something he had to ask Shuichi, though.

Without further ado, the strawberry-haired boy jumped on his lover in a flying hug. "YUKI!" he cried.

Yuki tipped backwards. "Shuichi, what the he-" The air was knocked from his lungs as he hit the ground and pink ball of fluff curled around him.

He tapped Shuichi on the head. "Off? Please?"

Joyously Shuichi rolled off Yuki's chest to sit on the floor beside him, still with that stupid grin on his face.

Yuki took a deep breath to regain the air he'd lost. "Shuichi there's some thing that I want to ask you." Yuki stood up, brushed himself off, and offered Shuichi a helping hand.


Yuki pulled Shuichi up and led him to their room. "You might wanna sit."

Shuichi's violet eyes were filled with confusion as he sad on the bed, gazing up at Yuki.

Yuki shifted from one foot to the other in a nervous fashion. He got on one knee in front of Shuichi and pulled a little black box from his pocket.

Shuichi's heart nearly stopped and he was almost sure he knew what was going to happen, but he let Yuki talk--however, he could not hold back an excited squeal.

"Shindou Shuichi," Breathe, Yuki, Breathe... "I love you with all my heart and hope to spend the rest of eternity with you, which is why I'm asking you now...will you marry me?"

And Shuichi thought his heart was going to stop! It had to be going a hundred miles an hour as he forgot how to talk--or move, or breathe, for that matter. He could only choke out one word--"Yuki..."

Yuki stood, worry spread acoss his face--Shuichi was turning red due to lack of oxygen. "Shuichi?"

Losing the little self-control he had, Shuichi tackled his lover to the ground--again--screaming, "YES YES YES YES YES YES!" over and over again.

The box flew from Yuki's hand when his lover tackled him. It landed on the bed and the lid fell off, displaying a simple silver ring with the words 'My angel' engraved in it. Yuki wrapped his arms around Shuichi's waist and kissed his nose.

Shuichi giggled when his blonde lover kissed his nose, and gently pressed his lips to Yuki's own.

Yuki kissed back and licked at Shuichi's bottom lip teasingly before pulling away. "You going to put it on?"

"Oh--of course!" Shuichi, ever the little ball of energy, leapt off of Yuki and onto the bed in one motion, and slipped it on, reading the engravement in the process--that did it; his amethyst eyes shone with tears and he embraced his lover once more--gently, this time.

Yuki traced circles on Shuichi's back. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Yuki," Shuichi whispered, gently nibbling his lover's earlobe. He had learned from reading between the lines, that Yuki's ears were his weak spot. Reading between the lines, of course, meant noting how Yuki seemed to get extra-pissed when he was caught off-guard and his ears were involved.

Yuki titled his head and pulled Shuichi against him. He moved his hands down to Shuichi's butt and one toyed with the hem of the boy's pants. (Author's note: Shuichi's shirt is still off from when he was about to take a shower.)

Mischeviously, the pop singer's hands wandered up Yuki's shirt, to trace gentle patterns on the man's back with his fingernails.

Yuki was, to say the least, 'sensitive to touch'. He let out a moan and his hand plunged into Shuichi's pants and boxers and pulled the singer closer to him. He kissed the boy's neck and nipped at his pulse.

Whimpering slightly, said boy continued his assault on Yuki's ears and back, shivering a little in anticipation.

Yuki let out a breathy sigh and ground into Shuichi. He pushed both of them down on the bed and kissed the mark he had made on Shuichi's neck.

Ever so slowly, Shuichi's left hand found its way to Yuki's chest, then to the button of his pants. He toyed with it gently, not quite undoing it yet, but just to see what his lover would do.

Yuki pushed against Shuichi's hand and found his lips. He crushed his mouth to the singer's hard enough to draw blood.

Fumbling a bit, Shuichi unbuttoned the writer's pants and slowly slid his hand south, gently stroking the bulge through the thin material of his lover's boxers.

Yuki moaned and moved against Shuichi's hand. He pulled away from the kiss and locked his gaze with Shuichi's. "God I love you."

Shuichi grinned. Totally out of character, he said, "What? I didn't hear you." His left hand moved a little faster, a little harder.

Yuki bit his bottom lip. "Ah. Shuichi...mng...I-" Yuki moaned.

"You...?" the singer pressed. Just a little bit faster...

Yuki buried his head on Shuichi's shoulder, his back arched so that that lower half was slightly elevated. "I love you."

He let out a low moan and pressed into the hand. "God, Shuichi..."

The blonde had no idea just how much his mere voice, filled with lust, was arousing Shuichi. Feeling his erection rise, the pink-haired boy gently lowered it onto his lover's leg, as an alert.

Yuki licked Shuichi's neck and trailed his hands over Shuichi's chest to toy with his nipples. "I want you." It was the first time Yuki had acted, and he hated to admit it, but he liked it. It was a nice change.

Shuichi gently licked Yuki's nose, cheek, and jawline before answering--"Do you?"

Yuki's breathing became eratic. "Yes."

Without another word Shuichi's hands were up Yuki's shirt, unbuttoning it from the inside and tracing patterns on the man's chest as they went.

Yuki moaned and panted against Shuichi's neck. This was a first for him, and he certainly hoped that it would not be a last. He was enjoying it far too much.

Finally all the buttons were undone and the unwanted scrap of clothing was tossed into the corner. Now Shuichi pressed his shirtless chest against Yuki's, his tongue caressing the man's neck, collarbone, chest, stomach, and then it hit Yuki's pantline, at which point his mouth traveled back upwards, as his hands wandered nowhere and everywhere on his lover's body.

Yuki panted. His hair was plastered to his face and his eyes were half lidded in both lust and love. "Shuichi please just..." Yuki trailed off. He would not sacrifice his pride just yet.

Smirking, the pink-haired boy's hands slid beneath his lover's pant line once more. "Just what?"

Yuki bit his lip and laid back on the pillows. "Just...ahh...please. Take me."

"Hmmm..." His hands were where they shouldn't be. "You sure?"

"Yes." Yuki met his lover's gaze, his eyes held nothing, but love and devotion mixed heavily with lust.

Mentally swearing at Yuki's hold over him, and still caressing Yuki with one hand, the other s-l-o-w-l-y pulled down his lover's pants.

Yuki arched off the bed to make it easier for his love to rid him of the offending garment. He ran a hand through Shuichi's bouncy pinky hair. "I love you."

"I love you too, Yuki," said Shuichi softly, quickly sliding off his own pants and boxers. Now there was only one layer of cloth separating them and the pink-haired singer pressed down on Yuki's erection through the underwear. Yuki moaned, too loudly for his liking, and gripped Shuichi's shoulders.

Shuichi returned to his abandoned assault on Yuki's ear as he slid the only barriar separating them down Yuki's legs and pressed himself once more down upon his lover.

"Ahh!" Yuki tilted his head to the side to give Shuichi better access. He ran his hands up and down the singer's back, tracing his spine, his ribs, his hips, anything he could get his greedy hands on.

"SHUICHI...ahh! Please!"

Grimacing--the lust in his lover's voice was almost more than he could handle--Shuichi ground slowly on his lover, trying to contain himself.

Yuki held his lover to him. "I...ah! Shuichi, I.."

"Damnit," Shuichi mumbled in frustration. "You're driving me insane," he muttered huskily into the blonde writer's ear, and finally slid himself, gently, into Yuki.

Yuki bit his lip. It was a weird feeling, having someone inside you. Then he felt it--Shuichi passed over THAT spot. Sparks of pleasure shot up and down his spine causing his to scream Shuichi's name. He was getting so goddamn close.

Shuichi dug his nails into Yuki's back, moaning, then began to move back and forth. Slowly, at first, then began to go faster and faster with each beat of his racing heart. "" he moaned.

Yuki wrapped his legs around Shuichi's waist, pushing the pop star further in. "Ahh..."

Shuichi whimpered and moaned--then screamed as he climaxed, in pure bliss deep inside his lover.

Yuki came with Shuichi. His breathing became harsh before it began to even out. "Shuichi..."

"Mm?" asked Shuichi as he rolled over slowly, pulling out of Yuki before snuggling into his chest.

Yuki kissed the top of his head. "Was that..." He wanted so very badly to ask if that was how he'd made Shuichi feel so very many times before, but it just sounded so darn cheesy. " mind."

"Wha-at?" Shuichi insisted. No matter how tired he was, he was never too tired to whine.

"Forget it brat."

An evil smirk. A nibble to the ear. "Please?"

Yuki sighed. "I'm not going to win, am I?"


"Fine." He took a deep breath, exhaled, then asked the question, though the words were so jumbled and mushed together that the were somewhat hard to decipher.

It took Shuichi maybe twenty seconds to figure out what he'd said. "You...I...we...oh!" he finally understood. A light blush adorned his cheeks. "Well...Y-yeah," he said hesitantly. "At least, I hope so."

Yuki didn't say anything. A shade of pink dusted his face and he pulled the covers over the both of them before settling down and sighing into his pillow.


Yuki was pulled out of his half asleep daze. "Hn?"

Shuichi looked up at Yuki, eyes clouded with sleepiness, and smiled. "I love you."

Yuki smiled back. "I love you too." With that he turned the bedside lamp off and snuggled down next to his lover. Oh, how he couldn't wait to see his sister's face when she found out about the engagement.