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Deidre smacked on some gum while leaning against the wall of a store. Listening to music on her player, she blew a bubble. "Beep Beep" A hoverchair glided past her. Turning off her music, she glanced over to find Tennyson heading down a street then turning once more. Curiosity had gotten the better of her as she followed. She had to practically run in order to keep up with him but silently cursing because her new designer clothes were soon soaking in her sweat.

Tennyson finally slowed down and then a stop. He was glancing at something from a store window. Deidre stayed within the alleyway watching as he made an attempt to enter the store. She walked to the window, glancing inside to find him picking out something.

'What is he getting?' She wondered. A few minutes passed and Tennyson turned around. Deidre realized he saw her as he made his way out of the store. Blushing, she popped another bubble.

A lot of computer beeping and whirring sounds came out as he inquired what she was doing. Deidre quickly searched through several excuses. None seemed to fit. "Can I not walk down the street without an interrogation?" She used the only method she knew, anger and annoyance.

More computer sounding beeps came as a response. "No, I was not following you. I just happened to go in the same direction. A new jacket was coming out and it happened to be down this way." She crossed her arms defiantly.

Again, the beeping sounds. "What do you mean I'm lying? Why would I lie?" Now, she was getting angry. She hated it when people always assume their answers through her. Beeping again. "Just because this is the part of town that sells mainly electronics, doesn't mean that clothes also can't be sold here. It's a secret store that …umm, isn't that well known." She lamely finished and turned to walk away.

Beeping again. "What do you want now?" She asked with her back to him. Beeping. Tennyson drove around her to her front. He held out a bag. "For me?" Tennyson nodded. Deidre grabbed the bag and looked inside. It was a music box that held a flower bud. She turned the knob and a beautiful tune would play and the flower would slowly bloom.

Beeping. "Yes, I like it. Thank you, Tennyson." And they left the alley way and the music still playing.