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This is part one of my Alternative Perspectives series. Also, this is un-beta'ed, so all the mistakes are my own.

Hermiod's POV

I observe the Atlanteans, study their behavior, and I cannot help but note how foolish they truly are.

They are humans, children of the Ancients. Yet, they are fools. Perhaps they truthfully are too young to understand, just as the others of my kind believe. They notice much, always swift to detect a dangerous situation or a potential ally. However, they do not truly see.

The Ancients ascended individually and were unwilling to assist any that remained behind, not their siblings, not their friends, and most definitely not their own offspring. They left the others to die, to be feasted upon by the Wraith.

Still, the humans expect to be assisted, to be saved. The ones native to this galaxy are even worse. They actually revere the Ancients, their Ancestors, worship them in everything but name. However, to borrow a metaphor from General O'Neill, the Ancients would not spit on them, even if they were on fire.

The Ancients care nothing for anyone but themselves. They are inherently selfish, more so than any other species I have ever encountered. They are narcissistic and possess only love for themselves, finding faults within all others, while unwilling to admit to their own.

Only the survivors, the ones forced to flee to Earth, ever showed any true empathy. Even then, it was all but forced, a result more of the situation and their own weariness than from anything else. Conversely, perhaps it was simply vindictiveness. They despised the Wraith and desired their end, merely using their progeny as a means to do so.

Regardless, there have been a handful of additional exceptions. However, they are few and very far between. Oma is certainly among them, but in the end, it was still their descendants that paid the price of her errors. Orlin is another, but even now, he suffers for attempting to assist them, for endeavoring to show true compassion.

Yet, the Others claim they are nothing like the Ori. They assert that they abstain from interference so that they will never become as their brethren are. However, they have yet to realize one simple fact.

They are worse.

The Ori murder dissident humans outright. At least, they do not even attempt to deny this.

The Others simply neglect their offspring to death. They leave their progeny to face the Wraith and the Goa'uld all alone. Their children are left to contend with the mistakes of their forbearers, things that the Ancients could so easily rectify.

Yet, they do nothing. They perceive themselves too far above such trivial concerns. And it is left to us, the remnants of the now broken Alliance, to protect what they have created.

That is my purpose in this place: to assist the descendants of the Ancients, to protect them from both themselves and the mistakes of their predecessors. Nonetheless, they make it so excruciatingly difficult to do so with their flawed and erroneous convictions. They regard the Ancients as pinnacles of wisdom and compassion.

I know that I must correct these assumptions. However, part of me is incapable of such an action. I am unable find it within myself to shatter their perceptions, to destroy the comfort they find in their illusions. They are so very young, and I am unable to bring myself to harm a child, even if it is for their own wellbeing.

Or perhaps I simply fear that they would never comprehend the truth.

And in the end, the Ancients are not decent beings. They are civilized. Yet, for all their marvelous science and technology, they are not considerate. They are not compassionate. They are not good… and ten thousand years has done nothing to change that.

Ever Hopeful,