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Chapter 14 – Snow Day!


It was finally December, and the holidays were in the air. It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate in class, for everyone's minds were so far from school. The teachers were beginning to lecturing their students about their midterm exams, which got everyone frenzied, scheduling study sessions and forgetting to do their homework after being up late all night, reviewing old material.

Collins awoke one Tuesday morning to find a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and a snow day. He celebrated by sleeping in, and then telephoned Angel to see if he could come over and play in the snow and celebrate the day off from school. Angel accepted his invitation, thrilled, and was at Collins' house in a flash.

Collins met Angel outside, dressed in snow gear from head-to-toe. Angel giggled.

"What?" Collins asked.

"You look like...a human-coat or something!" Angel continued to giggle.

"AGHHHHH I'M A HUMAN COAT! RAWRRRRR!" Collins growled, chasing Angel around in the snow until he fell flat on his face. "Are you okay?"

Angel continued laughing. "I'm fine!" He grabbed a handful of snow and chucked it into Collins' face, who retaliated, causing an all-out war between the two until they both collapsed in the snow; Angel lying on his stomach, directly on top of Collins, who was lying on his back.

Collins smiled slightly, and his happiness, lying there with Angel caused him to reach up and kiss Angel full on the lips.


Angel gasped faintly, before he began to kiss Collins back. He couldn't believe this was happening...what if someone saw them? What would they say? Angel's worries suddenly disappeared from his mind as Collins intensified the kiss and placed his hand behind Angel's head. Angel kissed him back, stronger than before, and filled with passion.


Maureen loved snow. She loved to run outside playing in it, building snowmen and igloos and having snowball fights. She loved to return to the lighthearted days of her childhood, where she could be carefree and have as much fun as she wanted. Ideally, she would share this day with her boyfriend, Mark, but his mother decided that he was not allowed to go out today. Maureen settled for Joanne, who was just as fun, although she wasn't allowed to make out with her.

"I haven't played in the snow in so long," Joanne said and she flopped down on her bottom in the previously untouched snow.

"I love snow. It's so fun!" Maureen squealed, falling backward and making a snow angel. Joanne giggled, tossing a handful of snow in Maureen's general direction, although missing her entirely. "You're really bad at that," Maureen said, sitting up.

"I know," Joanne replied, tossing another handful of snow.


After the two had thrown snow at each other for a good five minutes, they proceeded to construct an elaborate snowman, whom Maureen named Bob. The two went tumbling back down into the snow again, smiling proudly at their creation.

"Maureen?" Joanne asked quietly after a few silent minutes.

"Hmm?" Maureen replied, making another snow angel.

"Do you ever think about...homosexuality?"

Maureen snorted. "Do you always have to use such big words? Can't you just say, 'gay people'?"

Joanne rolled her eyes and ignored Maureen's comment. "Well, do you?" she pressed the matter.

"Well...yeah, I guess...since Angel and Collins and everything..." Maureen grabbed a handful of snow and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Well, yeah, but...do you ever wonder if you're not entirely...straight?" Joanne asked quietly, turning her back on Maureen and beginning to sweat despite the frigid air around her.

Maureen choked on the bit of snow she had been slurping. "What?"

"Well...sometimes I just...wonder," Joanne said.

"I don't know..." Maureen paused. She'd thought about it, that's for sure. But she wasn't about to let Joanne-or anyone-know. The two sat in silence for another few minutes.

"Do you ever think about it? Being gay, I mean," Maureen asked suddenly.


Joanne inhaled sharply. "Sometimes, I guess..."

"What do you think about exactly?" Maureen was watching Joanne closely.

"I don't know...sometimes I just wonder...what if I...discovered I like girls...what would my parents say, and stuff..." Joanne trailed off, and lost her nerve to say what was really on her mind. She wanted to tell Maureen how she felt about her; she really did. But she just couldn't find the words.

Maureen merely looked at her thoughtfully. She opened her mouth to speak, when: "Maureen!"

Mark's mother had decided to let him out of the house after all, it seemed, for Mark was suddenly climbing out of his mother's car and walking towards the two.

"MARKYYY!" squealed Maureen, dashing over to kiss him. Joanne sighed, rolling her eyes. "I thought you couldn't come over?"

"My mom changed her mind; she's coming to get me around five." Mark noticed Joanne on the ground. "Hey, Jo!"

"Oh, hi, Mark."


"Hey, Mimi," Roger said on Wednesday, as he walked over to her locker before homeroom.

"Hey!" she said happily, putting her arms around him.

"So, I was wondering...are you free on Saturday?"

Mimi grinned. "Of course."

"Do you like bowling?" Roger asked, hoping Mimi wouldn't think that was a lame first date.

"I love bowling!" she squealed.

"Great, meet me at the bowling alley at seven; sound good?"

"Sounds great."

Roger grinned.


"Bowling? Really?" Maureen whispered when Mimi shared her news with her friend that morning during Cooking.

"What? I like bowling," Mimi replied coolly, as she poured sauce over English muffins for some English-muffin-pizzas.

Mark appeared at this point with some grated cheese. "I heard you and Roger have a date on Saturday?" he asked Mimi.

"Yep!" she responded. "I'm excited."

Mark made to reply but was suddenly ambushed by Maureen, who put her arms around his waist from behind and kissed his cheek.

"Would you get a room?" Roger said as he came over.

"Shut up, Roger!" Maureen said angrily as Mark's face turned pink.

"I'm only joking, sheesh."

"Excuse me, but do you think we could get back to cooking now, students? This isn't social hour!" Ms. Bartels shrieked from behind them. Maureen jumped and hurried back over to the sink to wash dishes, while the rest of the group continued with their respective jobs.


Roger peered into the mirror, smoothing out his hair. Why wouldn't it lie flat? He was getting ready for his first date with Mimi, and he was more nervous than he was willing to admit. After smoothing out the creases in his t-shirt and attempting to fix his hair again, he exited his room.

"Are you ready to go, Roger?" His mother asked as he entered the kitchen. He nodded.

Roger's mother dropped him off in front of the bowling alley and parked nearby while he waited for Mimi. Finally, after what felt like hours, Mimi's mother's car pulled up at the curb and she climbed out. "Bye, Mom!" She turned to see Roger and smiled widely. "Hi!"

"Hey," Roger said, smiling just as widely. He embraced her and they both waved to Ms. Marquez as she drove away. The two walked side-by-side into the bowling alley and got in line to get their shoes.

"Ah, why do they have to make these so ugly?" Mimi asked as they headed towards their lane, bowling shoes in tow.

"So nobody steals them, probably," Roger said, snorting. Mimi giggled. Roger sat at the computer, trying to program him and Mimi's names into the it. However, he had no idea what he was doing, and ended up typing "sdgfe" as his own name. "What the hell?!"

"Want help?" Mimi asked, shoving him off the stool and correctly typing in their names.

Roger soon found that Mimi was good at bowling. Really good. Roger thought that he, himself was good, but Mimi proved otherwise as she doubled his score. Roger didn't even care that she had beat him, which was unlike him. If it had been anyone else, Roger probably would have sworn that she had cheated. But not Mimi.

"Want a rematch?" she asked.

"You bet!" Roger took his turn and bowled a gutter ball. Mimi stifled a giggle and proceeded to bowl a strike.

"How'd you get so good?" Roger asked incredulously.

"Years of little kids' birthday parties at bowling alleys," she said, laughing.

After Mimi successfully beat him again, the two decided they were hungry. Roger bought a large platter of French fries for the two to share, and sodas. Roger dived right into the fries.

"So, Roger, what's your favorite movie?" Mimi asked, to get the conversation moving.

"Hmm...Probably Wayne's World. It's so stupid, but hilarious."

"I've never seen that one," Mimi replied, reaching for a fry. Roger proceeded to explain the movie's classic jokes to her. Soon, there was only one French fry left. Mimi raised her eyebrow and reached for it at the exact same time as Roger. The two grabbed at it so forcefully and it got squished and broke.

"Oops!" Mimi said. Roger laughed.

All too soon, it was time to leave. Roger and Mimi headed towards the front doors to wait for their parents to come pick them up. Mimi shivered. Roger put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. The two stood in silence for a few minutes, enjoying each other's company. Suddenly, Mimi's mother pulled up at the curb. Mimi gently eased out of Roger's embrace and looked him in the eye.

"Bye, Roger," she said, and leaned in closer, pecking him lightly on the

lips. Roger raised an eyebrow and quickly kissed her back.

"Bye," he replied. And she was gone.

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