This story actually came to me when I was brushing my hair and my bangs fell in front of my eyes so I couldn't see. Weird huh?

A.N. You may think this story is about Toph but you are WRONG! It's actually about how Katara is oblivious of Aang's feelings towards her.

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'Why doesn't she get it? How can I make her get it?'

'Who get what, Aang?'

'Whoa! Who are you? Are you my conscious?'

'No. Well, kind of. I'm Avatar Roku.'

'Oh sure! You're here to help when I'm having problems with girls but when it comes to fighting I get diddly squat!'

'Well I can't exactly fight for you, only give guidance. So what's your dilemma?'



"Hey Katara! What's wrong with Aang?"

Katara walked over to Sokka and then stared at Aang. He seemed to be... talking to himself? He was mouthing words to someone as he paced in a circle and every so often throw his hands up in frustration.

"Uh, Aang? Your... your kind of scaring me a bit. Aang? Aang!" Katara kept on yelling his name.

Meanwhile in Aang's head...

'So I should tell her straight forward? KATARA, I LOVE YOU!'

'Maybe be kinder but yes, you've got the general idea.'

'Ok! Thanks a lot!'

'Not a problem Aang. Just step through that door and back into consciousness.'

A door appeared and Aang, who had seen weirder things, turned the knob only to find a screaming Katara shaking him vigorously.








Everyone turned to look at a blushing Sokka who was slowly backing away.

Then, Katara's lips started to tremble.

"Katara are you o—" Aang barely got out the O when Katara broke out in fits of laughter!

"Hahaha! -giggle giggle- Hahaha!"

"What's so funny?" Aang asked worried.

"Ha! It's just that, ha! Just that, ha! It, ha! Looked, ha! Looked like, haha! You were having a raging mental battle inside your head! Hahaha!" Katara then broke out laughing again.

"Oh, yeah, haha..."

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