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Katara stared at Aang.

"Katara? Say something? Anything?"

"What day is it?"


"What's to days date?"

"April 1st but I don't see why... oh daaaaaang it."

"See you can't fool me Aang. Muahaha! I'm good! I'm good! Uh huh! Uh huh!" Katara started to sing out laughing all the while.

'Aang, can I give you some honest advice?' Roku said to Aang in his head. 'Just forget about her, her heads to full of water.'

For the next few days Aang tried to take Roku's advice and not think about Katara. It was practically impossible considering he saw her every day not to menchion in to water teaching him water bending.

"Hey Aang?"

"Yeah Katara?"

"Can I tell you something without you getting mad?"

"Of course Katara anything."

"Well," Started Katara who started to fumble with her hands.

"I know I've acted kind of, well, uh, dense these past few days,"

'Your telling me..' Roku said to Aang in his head.

Aang resisted the urge to bang his fist on his head again.

"And I'm sorry if it's made you upset, but the reason why I was being kind of dense is because.."

"YOU GUYS! WE'VE GOTTA GO! I CAN SEE FIRE NATION SMOKE FROM THE CAMPSITE! LET'S MOVE!" Sokka shouted at them and they all ran off into the woods back to the campsite where sure enough you could see far enough over the trees to see trails of smoke coming.

They all boarded Appa and started to fly over the sea as the sun was setting.

"I'm tiered, wake me up when you want me to take over the rains ok?" Sokka stated with a huge yawn.

Aang was steering for about 10 minutes when he heard Sokkas snores.

Katara sat down beside Aang and looked at him.

"Hey you." Katara said in a mock-casual voice.

"Hey, so what were you saying earlier today?"

"I was actually wanting to Finnish telling you about that. I acted so dense because...I...I... love you Aang. I tried to do the whole get you to want me thing but.."

"Katara didn't you see? I already wanted you."

"Oh," she blushed a deep crimson, "you did?"

"Yeah, I did..."

They both were slowly leaning into each other...


Aang pulled away from Katara with a huge grin on his face.

"I'll be right back!" Aang said to Katara. Aang then jumped off of Appa and did a dive into the night sky.

"Aang! Are you ok?" Yelled a worried Katara.

Aang appeared on the other side of Katara at that moment.

"Yeah, I'm cool I'm cool." he said looking happier then he ever had in his life.

"Well good because your still steering Appa!" Katara said with a laugh.

"I don't mind, just as long as you stay by my side." Aang said putting his arm around her and pulling her close.

"There's no place I would rather be." Katara said as she leaned her head on Aang's shoulder.

Then the two -plus Sokka and Momo- rode off into the moonlight, finally things were how they should be.

'Yeah, what would that kid do without me:)'

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