A/N: As a prewarning... each one-shot or drabble posted in here will be focused on team 7. When I say that, I mean it's focusing on three people as more than just teammates or friends. I highly doubt I'll ever make a graphic chapter (lime is extremely rare from me and lemon is nonexistant), but occasionally there will be implied(maybe slightly more than implied, but not much) boy x girl x boy (or boy x boy x girl...) sex.

The inspiration for these was random. I was thinking up a quick SasuSakuNaru one-shot in my head after taking a trip to one of the bigger malls in my state, where I walked into Hot Topic wearing a Naruto t-shirt, and the guy working there told me they'd just gotten a new Naruto hoodie (probably the cutest thing I've ever seen too). That put me straight into the writing mood for some reason. A frozen mocha, long car ride, and several cds later, I had the budding idea for this set of stories. Fortunately, it also gives me a mini-break from my SasuSaku fic while still letting me write Naruto fanfiction.

I've written five and a half of these so far, and will probably write more.
Hope everyone likes them :)

Beautiful Morning With You
By Bunny-Chan

The curtains are drawn, but still barely manage to completely conceal the bright morning light of Konoha. Somewhere in a tiny corner of my mind, I'm reminded that I promised my mother I'd be home earlier today to help her clean the house, but light like that shines on the village from six in the morning to late in the afternoon, and the clock is to my back.

I can hear Naruto snoring softly. It's not him I have to worry about waking (I have full confidence he could sleep through anything), it's the one lying between us.

I try to be as careful as possible when I lift Sasuke's arm from around me, but his eyes still snap open, taking an instantaneous survey of the room. When he sees nothing threatening, his dark eyes rest on me. The arm I was trying to move gently pushes me back down.

"Oi... Sleep, Sakura." He orders tiredly.

"But Sasuke-kun, I have to-" "You're tired, sleep."

Naruto mumbles something about ramen as he wraps his arms tighter around Sasuke's waist. At that, I decide to stay in bed. Cleaning can wait a little longer, and it certainly isn't worth waking both Sasuke and Naruto after such a long night ( I still feel quite bad about the nail marks I left on Naruto's back- I owe him a quiet morning after that).

I love these mornings.

This is when our priorities shift.

Techniques are and weapons are pushed aside.

Rivals and enemies are temporarily forgotten.

It's times like these when all that matters is that the three of us are finally complete.

Sasuke moves his hand to play with a piece of my hair, and I flinch when it brushes against one of the many bruises that must have formed overnight. He frowns a little.

"Your neck hurts?"

"It'll heal, just like it did last time." Though we're talking in whispers, Naruto stirs just a bit again and snuggles closer to Sasuke's back.

Suddenly tired again, I brush my lips against his, and close my eyes.

"Okay, just a little longer."

A/N: Short... but I think most of them will be. Maybe I'll try to write out a relatively long one at some point, but the ones I have already are mostly closer to drabbles (a bit longer... but not by that much).

Title taken from "Beautiful Morning With You", by The Pillows.

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