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Also, panna cotta is an Italian dessert, made mostly of cream, sugar, and gelatin. I am not sure if they have Italian desserts in the Naruto world, but it is delicious, so it shall be used :D

Panna Cotta

There were rules in their household – usually simple ones. Things that no one ever had to question because they were just accepted.

No one went into Sasuke's room without his permission, because he liked his privacy.
No one touched Sakura's bookshelf, because she liked them in perfect order.
Quiet time was midnight unless they were all up together, because Sakura had to report to Tsunade early.
And most importantly, Naruto was not allowed to cook, because… well that one spoke for itself.

Unfortunately just as accepted as the rules was the fact that Naruto was going to break them, because he was Naruto and that was just what he did.

The pan was already on the stove, heating up, and he'd poured out the cream fairly well, really (except for the large puddle on the counter that steadily dripped its way to the floor, but he would clean that later.) Sugar was also scattered everywhere, but, like in the case of the cream, he'd measured out the perfect amounts and that was what mattered most. Sakura's cookbook was clean and safe on the dining table. Referring to it again, he made a face.

"What the hell is gelatin?" He poked into each cupboard, checking boxes unsuccessfully. "It can't be that important," he finally decided, pouring the cream, sugar, and vanilla in.

Naruto was excited – Sakura was working and Sasuke was doing extra training. They would both be tired when they got back, and imagine their surprise when they found a delicious dessert waiting for them. It also served the purpose of lifting that silly ban that they had placed on his involvement in the kitchen. Not that he wanted to cook, but he wanted to at least have the option!

He pouted, poking at the mixture.

"Doesn't look like it's doing anything…" The fruit still had to be cut, so he moved on to that instead.

It was sometime during the third strawberry that Sasuke arrived home and, in his eagerness to show just how well he'd been doing, Naruto accidentally cut through his finger.

"OW! IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS!" was what Sasuke arrived home to.

Ever unphased, the dark-haired boy lifted an eyebrow, taking in the sight of the kitchen, then of Naruto holding his hand with tears running down his face.

"Idiot," he said softly, rummaging through Sakura's drawer for some bandages and ointment. He sat down on the floor next to the sniffling Naruto and took his hand gently. "Sakura's going to be pissed." Naruto sniffed, wincing as the ointment stung and his finger was neatly bandaged. He didn't bother replying.

Sasuke stood. "Well," he said finally, reaching down to ruffle Naruto's hair in an affectionate gesture that the blonde had grown fond of. Affectionate gestures from Sasuke were few and far between – he cherished them. "I guess we may as well try to fix this."

Sakura's day had been rather difficult, and she was looking forward to a nice evening of relaxation.

Which was why she was not thrilled at being greeted by smoke pouring out of the window.

"… the hell?" She rushed in, expecting the worst, only to find Naruto frantically throwing a pot of some brown substance in the sink while Sasuke watched with a look of what appeared to be amusement. She couldn't help it – her kitchen was covered in cream and sugar and the room was filled with smoke. Fruit had flown everywhere and all the cupboards were open. Naruto stopped panicking when he saw her standing there, a look of horror spreading across his features.

She opened her mouth to say something – she had no clue what- and just burst out laughing. It was so silly, and it was so cute, and she loved them so much.

Later that night, after the kitchen was properly cleaned and a last-minute trip for ingredients was made, she would carefully show Naruto the proper way to make panna cotta, and the three would enjoy their hard work underneath a sea of stars.

Everything quickly returned to normal: Naruto was curled up in Sasuke's lap, half-asleep, and Sakura was stroking his hair softly, and Naruto was still not allowed in the kitchen.