A.J.'s Diary, Entry # 1: Getting to Rethink Pink

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Memorial Day - May 25, 2015

Hey, diary, A.J. here. That's Alexandrea Jeanette Cranston, in case you didn't remember me. HS Junior, scion of Amber, Shapeshifter, and looking forward to summer vacation like you wouldn't believe! This last year has been KILLER. Here, let me catch you up.

September 2014:

I am a Power Ranger. Yes, one of THOSE Power Rangers. I'm the Pink Chameleon Mighty Morphing Power Ranger to be exact. At the start of this school year, my friends, my brother, and I were comfortably sitting around, dreading upcoming surprise exams and mystery meat lunches in relatively normal Reefside, California. Then my Best Friend Kay got this precognitive vision of Horrendous Doom for our hometown way of life. That's Kimberly Rachel Scott, sister of Thomas Jason Scott, (eventual) Girlfriend of yours truly's twin brother, Kurtus Adam Wagner. (I know, I know. How come you have different last names if you're twin brother and sister? We'll get back to that later, I promise.) And yes, Kay is the daughter of Jason Scott, original Red Ranger, and I'm the daughter of Billy, the original Blue Ranger, etcetera, etcetera. And I'm rambling. Sue me.

When we tracked down our parents at Uncle Tommy's with this Apocalyptic Tale, we found out that they were already preparing for it as best was possible. Namely, by calling all the Old Rangers to teleport back to Reefside just in case (Aunt Haley & Dad had managed to rebuild the old system in our garage from the remains of the Power Chamber eventually,) and to bring any old Coins, Morphers, or Crystals they still had. With every Ranger available from MMPR down through Mystic Knights available, you'd think ANY emergency'd be over with in a heartbeat.

NOOOO. Kay goes into another of her trances, starts handing out Power Coins from the pile of Morphinominal merchandise to me, herself, our sibs, and Marcy Bosch's son Thom, and suddenly, Thom's the Red Dragon Ranger, T.J.'s the White Tiger Ranger, Kurt's the Blue Crow Ranger, Kay's the Black Bear Ranger, and I'm holding the Pink Coin and wearing shiny armor with a skirt. (All this will change later, but that's part of the story.)

'Porting out moments later to match up against a squad of Superputties that suddenly appeared downtown in front of Yee's hardware, we were quickly disabused as to how easy these things were supposed to be to beat. Silently cursing our 'rents and their stories of the 'Good Old Days', the five of us waded in and tried the old 'smack the Z' maneuver, only to find out that, not only didn't the S-Ps disintegrate after three blows to their chest medal, but the emblazoned 'M' on them quickly informed us that we were definitely facing a NEW breed of evil.

Even as the 'putties rallied for a counterattack, Kay yelled out to call attention to a hulking figure in bronze armor with a giant golden sword, jet black feathered wings, and a scorpion's tail who was practically lounging against a light post nearby like he (it?) didn't have a care in the world, even as the new 'putty types were stomping us during our moment of distraction.

Rallying our wits, we produced our Power Weapons; Kay's Power Staff, Kurt had a Power Sword, T.J. produced the Power Axe, Thom's personal Sais became Power Weapons, & I wielded the Power Bow. These proved damaging enough to finish off the S-Ps. THAT finished, we whirled back to the Mystery Monster languishing on the lamp, only to find him APPLAUDING our VICTORY!

He bowed low with a flurry of wings and a swish of that menacing looking stinger, and informed us that from this day on, our peaceful lives were done; he'd come to finish the job his parents had started, and wished us a swift and total defeat, since such noble heroes tended to make poor slaves. (I could see T.J. and Kurt restraining (BARELY!) Kay between them as he delivered this message.) From the grembling issuing over her helmet mike, I just KNEW his head was not long for his shoulders.)

Sensing our belief in his ultimatum was a little lacking, (maybe because Kurt, Thom & I had started to assemble the Power Lance from our collective Weaponry,) the fiend spat out his name and a "See you soon!" as he disappeared in a fading rainbow swirl, his tail waving a taunting farewell at the last.

So that's how we found out we're fighting Manticore, the SON of GOLDAR (and Scorpina) of all people, for the future of Earth! As usual, our side ends up using Zords to waste Growsome monsters all over town, which does land values and insurance rates no good, but the Zords are cool, and they're good for tourism, so nobody minds. Right away, that is.

And that, sadly, is how our 2014 school year started. (BTW, the config for our Zords (for now) is: White Tiger, left leg; Pink Chameleon, right leg; Black Bear, body; Red Dragon, arms; & Blue Crow, head (which is really cool, 'cause we get this whole winged helm look.))