A.J.'s Diary, Fourth entry: All we want for Christmas ...

Disclaimer: See Entry # 1

December 2014:

With schoolwork piling up and constant monster attacks, the year dragged into December, and just before Winter Break was gonna be the Yule Dance, which is always choice. Dawn and Vance were constantly almost breaking up, which was, as she told me later, what made makeup sex really good. (Ew.) And whatever Feather was doing with Tori was so intensive she ended up moving in with her and Blake. Hunter lives with them too, and Feather ended up having an affair with him. (Still is, for all I know.) The upshot of all her and Kira's work is that Tori can FINALLY have kids. While they were about that, Kira found out she was pregnant (and so was Uncle Tommy's wife, Samantha (FINALLY,)) and turned her Mystic Unicorn Ring over to Feather, so Feather had to turn her Coin in, but Cord was back, so he became Grey Mantis for a while.

So everybody had dates for the Dance, except Kurt, Cord, and Kay, and the two guys asked her within like seconds of each other, and she really couldn't pick between them objectively, so she panicked and went with BOTH. The dance went all right, except that at the end of the night, it turns out Kay HAD chosen between them, and spent most of the Ball on the dance floor with my sib, and Cord took that really bad.

It turns out Cord Bennett was short for Mante' Chorian ne'Benelythar. In other words: Manticore! And when he wigged out and reformed in front of Kay and Kurt, Kay had a minor spaz all over him for messing with her head.

Unfortunately, Kurt wigged at Cord too, for mostly the same reason, but since this was over Kay as well, he completely lost it and ramped up into this huge blue Hulk-type and started wiping the gym floor with Manticore. Not the safest place for a super-monster slugfest, really, 'cause the floor caved into the boiler room, and Kay followed them in.

She tried to break the boys' fight up by doing one of her patented Rainbow Battlizer Blasts on Manticore, but some of it deflected into the boiler and blew the three of them through the school roof. After they landed in wildly separate spots, the only thing that kept my bro from pummelverizing Cord all the way through the school pool's floor was Kay getting right in front of him before he could wade in. Seeing her get bowled over did a Betty Ross to Kurt, and he changed back to normal just as Cord came to in the deep end.

Feather tried to check him over, but he just gave us all this really kicked puppy look and teleported away. Feather then tells us what her Healer's touch told her; Manticore is our cousin! (I've heard of keeping the business in the family, but this is really pushing some envelopes!) Seems that Grandma Kathara has a half-bro named Lynx whose father is Goldar's half-brother. It gets even more complicated from there, but that involves time paradoxes and somebody singing 'I'm my own grandpa' so let's just SKIP IT! On the upside (or the downside, 'cause he is cute,) THAT'S why he never gave me (or my equally sweet sisses) the eye; we're RELATED! Ugh, enough about that.

Catch ya on the flipside, A J.