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Chapter ten

Karaoke night was over, and Bobby surely wasn't complaining. The Eames' clan had clearly enjoyed themselves. Some more than others, some with more alcohol than others. Alex was part of the latter group. She was drunk. Leading her back to their bedroom, she was leaning heavily against him with her arms around his waist. She was giggling like a school girl.

"Where are you taking me?" Alex stopped walking.

"You know where we're going." He wrapped his arm around her again. "Come on, let's go."

Every one of the family had sung a song. Alex had chosen Naughty girl and Bobby had enjoyed the performance. She sure could move that tiny body of hers. He'd preferred if it had been a private performance. Alex and Debra had also chosen a song together. Soon Debbie and Angela had joined them. Raining men had turned into a bit of screaming near the end. Cause was probably also the glasses of whine they'd consumed. Or was bottles more appropriate?

Alex's brothers however, did their parts too. Eric, surprisingly, was the first one to sing. Summer of '69 was sung with much enthusiasm… and totally off key. But no one seemed to care. Jason turned into Tom Jones with his own version of Sex Bomb. Daniel didn't sing solo, but the three brothers did join forces to sing All for one.

Bobby, he'd just enjoyed the show. He'd laughed a lot at the antics between Eames' family. It did not trouble him that he'd never known this closeness between family. The knowledge that in due time, he would be part of this, was all he needed.

Now that he was practically carrying Alex, he had a hard time opening their bedroom door. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around his waist, but now her upper body was leaning against his chest too. And he doubted that she even tried to walk anymore.

"Mmm… you smell nice." Alex's voice was somewhat muffled by Bobby's neck. " And taste good too." She slightly bit his neck before licking it better.

Keeping his head cool, he tried to ignore what she was doing to him. Finally inside their bedroom, Bobby, let Alex go. She stumbled a bit and gave him an angry glare, but she stayed on her feet.

"Get ready for bed, Alex."

"I don't want too." She pouted.

"You have to."

Alex put her hands on her hips. "But I'm not tired." She sauntered over to him.

She tried to go for sexy, Bobby guessed. But since she wasn't too steady on her feet, it made him want to laugh. However he didn't think she would appreciate it. For now he would let her move forward. The last few steps she fell forward and Bobby was too late to catch her. Towering above her, Bobby did not hold back his laughter when he saw her indignant look.

"You're mocking me." Alex grumbled.

"I'm not." He took her hands in his and pulled her back up. He pushed Alex towards the bathroom. "Get ready for bed." He tried again.

"You're just saying that to get me in bed." She turned around to look at him.

"Yes. Now go." He closed the bathroom door behind Alex. Sitting on the bed he waited for Alex. He hoped she would just get into bed and fall asleep. The entire evening she'd been enticing him. It became more difficult to resist her. Spending the night with her, now with their feelings for each other out in the open, was something he'd wanted to for a long time. But not under these circumstances, not with a drunk Alex.

It took quite some time for Alex to return from the bathroom and at a certain point Bobby thought she might have fallen asleep. Luckily he didn't have to rescue her. Alex stumbled out of the bathroom and let herself fall onto the bed.

"I drank too much." She mumbled into the bed.

"Here." Bobby handed Alex on of his shirts. "Go get changed. I'll be in the bathroom."

Back in the bedroom Bobby found Alex already asleep sprawled out on the bed.

He was going to have to move her, otherwise there was no room for him. Sitting on the side of the bed he gentle pushed her to give him some room to lie down. Lying on the bed he immediately put his arms around her and held her close. It delighted him when she snuggled against him. "Night, Alex."

The following morning Alex woke up early and not surprisingly she had a headache. But that didn't matter. She was lying on top of Bobby's muscular yet comfy body. She remembered the words of one of her friends in college. You have to have a man where you can climb onto, not some small, thin guy. Well Bobby sure wasn't a small, thin guy. She loved how he towered over her, yet she never felt overwhelmed by his presence. Most of all, she loved how protected she felt around him and he did that without ever making her feel overprotected.

She felt his arms tighten around her body, liking how even asleep he wanted to hold her close. A kiss on her hair alerted her that Bobby was awake. "Morning." His voice sounded sexy in the morning. His big, rough hand slid under her shirt, caressing her back.

Bobby tugged her a little closer so he could look her in the eyes. "You okay?" Wondering how she was feeling after her drinking.

"Headache." She whispered.

His other hand slid into her hair, sliding through it slowly. "Come here." He whispered before his lips found hers, in a gentle, long kiss.

Ending the kiss, Alex sighed and put her head down on his chest again. "This afternoon and evening the house is ours, right?"

"Uh-um. You won it fairly." His hand stilled on her back. "You wanna get up?"

"I really don't." She mumbled against his chest. Snuggling with Bobby simply felt too great. Almost made her forget about her headache.

"Me neither."