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Chapter One- Enter Espritmon

"Oops." That was the only word that eighteen-year-old Tai Kamiya could manage to say as a large crowd of people pushed past him in the opposite direction. He was at the entrance of the Odaiba Tennis Center, where his presence had been expected by a certain auburn-haired lady friend of his, to watch her final match.

"Tai," Sora had said to him yesterday, looking him straight in the eye. "I would really appreciate it if you came to my match."

Without a second thought, he had grinned widely and replied, "You can count on me being there!" Of course, Tai had never been one who thought before speaking. It had never occurred to him that his soccer practice coincided with Sora's tennis match, until his soccer coach called him to remind him of practice. Torn between Sora and soccer, he decided he would covertly rush over to the tennis court after soccer practice and pretend that he had been there the entire time. Tai's soccer coach would have skinned him alive if he had missed practice; the team had an important game in a week's time.

But now, as he stood against the tide of the outgoing spectators, the brown-haired teen couldn't help but feel that being skinned alive by his coach would have been better than facing the wrath of Sora.

The majority of spectators had finally exited the court when Tai was able to enter, chocolate eyes nervously scanning the court for a head of auburn hair.

"Hey! Tai!"

Tai spun around to see his friend, Matt Ishida, walking toward him, blonde hair shining in the sunlight. He was accompanied by Mimi, Izzy, and Joe. "Hey," Tai greeted them.

"Where were you, Tai?" Joe asked.

"Sora was expecting you to come today," Mimi cut in.

"Not to mention that she kept looking up at the stands whenever she could," Izzy added, fidgeting with his laptop.

"Jeez, I missed you guys too," Tai said rather crossly. "Getting to the point, I had soccer practice today, and my coach would have-"


"Oh no…" Tai wheeled around to see Sora storming towards him, dragging her large tennis bag along, fire burning in her crimson eyes.

"You're in for it now," Matt sighed, crossing his arms.

Tai spared Matt a glare before turning to face the approaching Sora.

Once Sora was a foot away from Tai, she dropped her heavy tennis bag on Tai's foot and glared at him. "Uh, hey, Sora," Tai said coolly, resisting the temptation to scream out in pain as her bag crashed down upon his foot. "How'd your match go?"

Sora's furious glare suggested that she had a mind to slap Tai across the face, but after a moment, she seemed to think against it. "Why would you care how my match went?" she said fiercely. The rest of the group stood transfixed, anxiously waiting on Sora's next move. When they saw her pick up her bag and turn toward the exit, they all sighed out in relief.

"Sora!" Tai called out. "I'm really really sorry that I couldn't come today but when I told you yesterday that I would come to your match today I forgot about my soccer practice and I couldn't miss practice or else my coach would have skinned me alive even though I really wanted to come and cheer you on!"

Matt, Mimi, Izzy, and Joe did not catch one word that Tai had just blurted out, but Sora seemed to have caught every single word. She immediately swirled around and screamed, "What is it with you and soccer, Tai?"

Tai stared at her incredulously. "Me and soccer?" Then, without thinking he added, "What about you and tennis? Why are you blowing your top over a stupid tennis match?"

Behind him, the others groaned in disbelief.

Pain flashed across Sora's crimson eyes. Realizing what he had just said, Tai opened his mouth to take back his words, but it was too late. This time, Sora really did slap him and screamed, "Tai Kamiya, you are such an insensitive JERK!" at the top of her lungs before storming away, auburn-hair streaming out behind her.

Tai stared after her in shock, one hand over the tender spot where she had just slapped him. "Insensitive?" he whispered.

"You've really done it this time, Tai!" Mimi huffed from behind him. She gave him a cold glare before hurrying after Sora.

Tai turned to Matt, Izzy and Joe. They were looking at him with mixed expressions of disbelief and pity. "Why am I so damn stupid?"

"You're not stupid, Tai," Joe comforted.

Izzy nodded in agreement. "I believe you just need to work on thinking before speaking."

Matt put a comforting hand on Tai's shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Tai. Just go apologize to her."

Tai sighed heavily. "I don't think an apology will help much. Anyway, you guys better head home." The sky was beginning to darken as they spoke.

Joe and Izzy waved goodbye and left. Matt headed toward the exit before Tai called him. "Matt?"

Matt turned his head to look at Tai. "Yeah?"

"Did…did Sora win today?" He was almost afraid of the answer.

Matt looked at him for a moment with unreadable sapphire eyes, and frowned slightly as if the answer in his head bothered him. "Sora lost, Tai," he answered softly. He then turned and exited, leaving Tai alone in the empty tennis court.

Tai hung his head. He was supposed to be Sora's best friend; he was supposed to be there when Sora needed his support. Instead, he had once again managed to upset her, thanks to his insensitivity and sharp tongue. He knew how important today's match was to Sora; it was the final match that would determine whether or not she would move on to the championship tournament. Instead of coming to support Sora, Tai put his own skin before his best friend's, and Tai felt a stinging guilt that told him it was his fault that Sora had lost the match.

It wasn't that he was selfish. It was that Tai had the nasty habit of putting actions before thought.

It would be a miracle if Sora allowed Tai to apologize, let alone accept his apology. Tai sighed. 'I'd have to read her mind to know how to apologize to her.'

An odd giggling rang out from behind Tai, interrupting his thoughts. He spun around to see a girl in a flowing white dress with gorgeous pink hair that threatened to shame even Mimi's pink hair. She was sitting on the bleachers behind him, staring at him with large magenta eyes that seemed to pierce through his mind. 'Who is she?' Tai thought, staring back at the girl. 'She wasn't there a minute ago…'

As if reading his thoughts, the girl smiled sweetly and said, "I'm Espritmon."

"Oh…uh…hi?" Tai said to her before thinking, 'Espritmon? Sounds like a digimon's name.'

Again, the girl seemed to read his thoughts. "That's because I am a digimon, silly."

Tai stared at her before realizing what she had just said. "Wha-what? Hey, wait a minute. How'd you know what I was thinking?"

Espritmon merely smiled sweetly again and shrugged. "I can read minds," she said casually, as if she were stating the sky was blue.

Tai blinked. What in the world was this digimon doing here? Heck, she didn't even look like a digimon. She looked like a normal little human girl. A pretty one at that.

"I wouldn't be thinking about how pretty I am if I were you."

Tai was taken aback. So she really could read minds? Despite his thought, he huffed, "I wasn't thinking that!" Then he paused and added, "And I'll need more proof than just lucky guesses."

Espritmon smiled, magenta eyes twinkling in anticipation of the challenge. "Try me."

"Hmm, okay…I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1,000,000. What is it?" He then thought of a completely unrelated answer and smirked.

"Easy," Espritmon said, mimicking Tai's smirk. "But, I don't think 'pink lace panties' is a number."

Tai nearly fell over backwards. "How are you doing that?" he demanded.

Espritmon rolled her eyes. "I already told you: I can read minds."

Tai couldn't believe it. For the first time in his life, he, Tai Kamiya, was at a complete loss for words.

Espritmon giggled at the dumbfounded Tai before saying, "I can tell that you really like Sora. I can help you, you know. "

"Wha- huh?" This thing knew he liked Sora? "What are you even doing here?" he spluttered, trying to change to topic. He narrowed his eyes when Espritmon giggled at him.

"Relax. I'm just taking pity in you, silly. And stop trying to change the topic"

Ignoring the last part, Tai narrowed his eyes again. "Taking pity in me? For what?"

"Hmm, does, 'I'd have to read her mind to know how to apologize to her,' ring a bell?"


"So, I can give you the power to read minds."

Tai raised an eyebrow at this. "Oh, really?"

"Really." Espritmon's magenta eyes glittered as if she were really enjoying herself.

Tai crossed his arms. Could he really trust her? "What's the catch? There's gotta be a catch."

"No catch," she replied innocently, twirling some of her pink hair around her slender finger. "Like I said, I'm just trying to help out. Oh, but one thing…"

Aha! So there was a catch!

"You'll lose the power once you get what you truly desire from Sora."

Wait, was that even a catch?

Tai thought about it for a moment (which was a rare occurrence, indeed) and shrugged. "Fine with me."

Espritmon sat up, magenta eyes twinkling. "So we have a deal?" she asked, clapping her tiny hands together.

"Yeah, I guess," Tai replied, starting to wonder whether this was a good decision.

"Excellent!" she squealed as she pulled a tiny pink pouch from the folds of her dress. She scurried over to Tai and pulled out a handful of what looked like pink glitter from the pouch. "Enjoy your gift," she said with a wink. She then sprayed the glitter over Tai's head.

Tai watched little specks of pink glitter slowly float past his eyes before he became light-headed and everything disappeared in a blinding flash of white.


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