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Prologue: A Shadow's Birth

The Children's Ward was quiet and peaceful, but then that was to be expected at two in the morning. However, either asleep or awake Doctor Haijime always enjoyed the children's presence. Their presence gave the handsome doctor peace and solstice in what he had lost. Smiling Doctor Haijime checked on his patients one last time before heading home. Each of his patients slept soundly and without a care in the world; his smile reached his eyes. Yes, he believed he made the right choice in coming to Saint Catherine's Children's Ward. He found his salvation among the innocents here, and he found his purpose to keep on living.

Suddenly the small hairs on the back of his neck trickled onto its ends. Doctor Haijime frowned as his honey-brown eyes narrowed. What dared to disturb his patients? The dark room revealed that his patients were safe, at least for moment. Quietly he stepped out of the room, allowing his eyes to adjust to the bright lights of the corridor. He scanned the area. His frown deepened when he spotted no threat to his children.

A wave of desperation flooded the gentle doctor's heart like a tsunami. Clutching his chest, Doctor Haijime fell to one knee. His heart and mind raced at what could have produce an emotional wave so intense that it could bring him down. Ignoring the young nurses and attendants, he closed his eyes and opened his mind to single out the source. The wave came again with greater intensity then before. A young woman. Doctor Haijime sensed and frowned, But not just her; her mate as well. Strong, both of them. Stretching his mind further, Doctor Haijime sensed another emotional wave; however, it was struggling and yet fading, A Child!

Standing straight, Doctor Haijime startled those around him. Quickly excusing himself, he walked to a nearby elevator; he had to get to NICU, Natal Infant Care Unit, and fast.

The elevator doors opened far too slowly for Doctor Haijime's anxious taste. Normally he was a patient individual; however, the weak child's presence was fading faster than he had expected, regardless of how much the child fought to live. Strangely enough the mysterious child's presence reminded the good doctor of his own dead son, which brought a sad smile to his young face. Too stubborn to give up! He thought.

"NO!" A haggard voice shrieked, causing Doctor Haijime to wince as the sound pierced his sensitive ears.

Immediately he rushed into NICU's Intensive Care Unit. Closing his mind and heart to the intense emotional wave emanating from the room before it rendered him unconscious. Doctor Haijime watched as a young woman with hair like fire clung onto her mate. Remaining silent, he observed the young couple. The young woman's fire red hair once in a nice ponytail was now in disarray; her tear stained face buried in her mate's chest. Her mate's unruly raven black hair covered his eyes. Suddenly the young pair tensed as they looked in his direction. The young mother's emerald green eyes shined with hopes as did her mate's gray eyes. Doctor Haijime frowned; no one if any could pick him out of the shadows when he choose to remain unseen.

"Can you help our baby?" The young mother's voice sounded coarse from crying.

Doctor Haijime silently stepped out of the shadows.

"Doctor Haijime?" An elderly nurse looked up in shock, but her shock quickly melted away to sorrow and gratitude. "What brings you here?" She asked

"Curious on how things are going up here." Doctor Haijime easily replied as his honey-brown eyes focused on the tiny form of a baby boy; fussing in the third incubator away from the wall.

"Not so good." The veteran nurse commented as she handed him the small child's chart. Glancing down, Doctor Haijime quietly growled as his eyes narrowed to dangerous slits.

"Bastard." He growled as he looked upon the mournful couple. They had come in for their child's three-month check up, and the resident failed to notice the child's fever, which had been caused by an appendix infection that recently exploded. Now the resident's incompetence have cause this young couple to lose their child.

"Please!" The course voice of the young mother snapped Doctor Haijime's daze. Honey-brown meet with emerald green. "Please! Help him! Help my Leus!"

"I tried to explain to them that there is nothing that can be done." The elder explained with a heavy sigh, "Perhaps they will listen to you, Doctor."

With that said, the grandmother of a nurse left to weep in private as another life ended before it began.

"There has to be something that can save him." The gray-eyed mate whispered so low that he might not have said it at all.

Doctor Haijime gave the young couple one last look before walking up to the encased crib. Behind him, he heard the young mother's last strength disappear as she sunk to the floor, and her mate calling to her, begging her to stay with him. The quiet doctor stood next to the small child. He wrinkled his nose as the sharp and decaying scent of death reached his sensitive nose. Not much longer, but he's still fighting, he noted as he placed a pale hand on the plastic cover.

As if sensing a friendly presence, the small child reached toward the resting hand, which brought another sad smile on the good doctor's youthful face. He could not resist any longer; Doctor Haijime's instincts took control as his pale hand pushed the plastic cover off. Without thought his hand caressed the midnight tuff of hair that belonged to the dying boy. The fighting babe giggled at the caress, which melted the sad smile away.

"Leus?" The young mother's haggard voice whispered.

Glancing over his shoulder, Doctor Haijime stared with guarded eyes into emerald green and stormy gray.

"What does that mean?" Doctor Haijime's voice was monotoned but one still heard a hint of curiosity. The doctor's question gave the couple a sense of hope. The fire-haired mother smiled sadly as her eyes laid on her tiny babe.

"Leus is Gaelic for Light." She answered.

"He is our light." Her mate commented then pleaded, "Please, sir, there has to be something."

"There is a way." Doctor Haijime thought; liking the idea of the small child being a Light and not knowing why he was suggesting this solution.

"Yes!" The young mother questioned.

"Yes," he whispered gently, "but would you readily agree to it if you knew what it will entail?"

"Anything for Leus!" She cried.

Gathering the fragile bundle into his strong arms, the good doctor knew that the young couple were watching him tentively. Closing his eyes, Doctor Haijime opened his mind and heart in attempts to reach the tiny babe's own mind and heart; giving him more strength to fight a bit longer. As he reached for the small child, the gentle doctor knew that his concealment spell was weaken. The spell that kept his true nature hidden from mortal eyes. The spell that kept his arua hidden from gifted eyes. As the spell weaken and vanished, Doctor Haijime's mortal form disappeared. The gentle form, that comforted many sick children and grieving parents, melted away to the form of one, who was born with power, raised in bloodshed and battle, and ruled with awe, respect and fear. The mortal form of Doctor Haijime Dea disappeared; leaving behind Lord Haijime Dea of the Northern Lands of Ma-terrarum, the Demon World.

His pale complexion glowed like moonlight under the dim lights. His raven black hair came free from its bound; giving him a dark angelic appearance. His honey-brown eyes glowed amber. His smooth skin was marred by two gray markings: one on his forehead and another on his left cheek. Two crescent moons kissed the Lord's left cheek while an intricate crying diamond kissed his forehead.

"I ask again," Lord Haijime's calm voice broke the unearthly silence, "Will you readily agree to I, Lord Haijime Dea of the Northern Lands, in saving your child's life?" Why? Why am I compelled to spare this one child versus many others before him?

Watching the young parents, the gentle Lord found their lack of fear both surprising and assuring. Finding new strength in the Lord's presence, the young mother smiled as she nodded in agreement to an unspoken speaker as did her mate. Strange, they are unafraid of me. Who are these humans? He asked himself; accepting the couple's consent to save their child. Suddenly he stiffened as he watched the gray-eyed mate reveal a slender stick from his coat pocket then slowly relaxed when the gray-eyed mate aimed the strange thing at the door.

"Sera! Silentium!" The young human whispered.

The air crackled as Lord Haijime heard the door lock. A gentle smile graced his face as he brought his clawed hand to his mouth. Cutting deep into his thumb with his fang, Lord Haijime brought his bloody thumb to the awaiting and hungry babe, who suckled greedily on the digit. Startled by a pair of gentle hands, Lord Haijime was gently seated in a chair that was not there before.

"The consequence of my actions..."

"We do not care as long as our Leus is alive." The fire-haired mother interrupted as she knelt next to the Lord and her child.

"He is no longer just your Leus." Lord Haijime began, "He is mine as much as he is yours."

"Then do you care of the consequences?" She asked with worry etched in her young face.

"Not really." Lord Haijime replied plainly, "He is my son as well, and as long as he is alive, I am content." He paused as he looked at his new child and truly smiled for the first time since the loss of his own family many years ago, "Harold James Potter-Haijime, Lord of the Northern Lands."


Sera (latin) lock

Silentium (latin) silence