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Chapter 48: The Accord

Damn it! Potter! Where the bloody hell are you? Draco mentally snapped as he stormed down another corridor.

The blonde had used his position as Head Boy to walk freely throughout the castle in search for the allusive raven-haired teen. At first, he had tried to find the Gryffindor in the Lion's den but was told by a First year that the raven-haired teen was not in the Tower. In fact, when requesting to leave a message with one of the wizard's friends, the First year told the blonde that none of them were in the dorms, which made the blonde curious as to where the group could be, especially with it being so close to curfew. Draco tried the Astronomy Tower, where he found a third year Ravenclaw and a fifth year Hufflepuff getting extremely friendly with one another, and the Library, where he found a few Gryffindors but not the one he was looking for. The Slytherin then tried the Quidditch Pitch, after checking the former Groundskeeper's hut, which was still dark, thinking that the other wizard would be practicing, but the Gryffindor Team out practicing had told him that the Seeker had resigned his position, which both surprised and annoyed the blonde. He was surprised because he had thought that Potter would return to the games once the pink she-toad's old rulings had been null and voided, and he was annoyed because he did not know where else he could find the allusive Gryffindor. He had even tried the kitchen but had to escape as one of the House Elves - in fact, one of his old House Elves - nearly attacked him with a bombardment of crème puff pastries when he had asked about Potter. What a waste of crème puffs.

The blonde pulled out his pocket watch, a gift given to him for his 12th birthday from his Godfather. Checking the time, his frown deepened as he realized that it was almost 11 o'clock, almost time for his own curfew. The corridor echoed with the snap of the silver watch closing.

"Dammit, Potter!" Draco muttered, "Why can't you for once just follow that stupid persona of the Golden Boy?"

"And where would the fun be in that?" A bemused voice chuckled, causing the blonde to snap around with his wand tip aglow.

The light from the hawthorn wand created shadows that danced across the raven-haired wizard's face. The Gryffindor's emerald green orbs sparkled against the dark. The contrast between light and shadow gave the teen's smirk a feral quality.

"Do you have a death wish, Potter?" The blonde harshly hissed as he slowly lowered his wand and looked at his rival.

The other teen just shrugged and leaned back, placing his weight on his left foot with his right foot crossed in the front, and he clasped his hands together behind his head. The Gryffindor's entire posture left the teen's torso exposed, but something told the blonde that Potter was not as vulnerable as he appeared to be. A red glint caught Draco's eye, causing the blonde to flicker toward the heavily ornate sword before returning to the raven-haired teen's green gems.


Harry lowered his arms and straightened his posture. He began walking down an empty hallway to an equally empty classroom. The Gryffindor teen held the door open and waited.

Draco looked around him, knowing that there was no one else in the area and quietly followed the other teen into the classroom.

The classroom was another deserted classroom that seemed to riddle the castle. At one point in time, this room was filled with students, learning one subject or another, but now it was left in disarray and in disuse. The instructor's desk still had an inkwell with a quill resting on the corner, and a couple of dust covered scrolls laid on the other end of the desk. The room was also filled with several rows of desks and chairs. All of which were dust covered. Along the wall was a low-leveled book casing, filled with tomes. Gotta check those out later. The blonde mentally thought.


The Slytherin paused as he heard the sword being unsheathed. Silvery-blue orbs gleaned over his shoulder, watching the other teen.

Harry unsheathed his blade-wand, creating a wide arch around his body before bringing Gryffindor's Sword over his head, bringing the blade before him. His left hand rested against the flat of the blade.

"Detergo pulvis."

The room was filled with wild magik as the thick layer of dust disappeared.

Draco stared at his Gryffindor rival with wide eyes and a slack-jaw.

The raven-haired teen then sheathed his blade-wand and perched himself on the abandoned instructor's desk. Picking up one of the scrolls, Harry broke the red wax seal and curiously read the old parchment, waiting for the Slytherin to gathered his wits.

"What the bloody hell?" The blonde finally exclaimed, just as Harry realized that he was reading someone's homework assignment on Wizarding Politics from nearly 90 years ago.

"Hm?" The raven-haired teen muttered, lowering the scroll to his lap.

"What the bloody hell did you do?"

"Cleaned up the dust… it looks like this room hasn't been used for a very long time." Harry replied nonchalantly.

"Cleaned? You used wandless magik!"

"No, I didn't."

"You didn't? I didn't see you pull out a wand!"

Harry then patted his blade, sheathed at his side.

"I did too."

"Hunh?" Draco blinked as he looked at the heavily ornate sword, "That's a wand?"

"Yes, but you weren't looking for me about this." The Gryffindor reminded the blonde, who shook his head.

"Eh… yeah… yes, you're right." The Slytherin muttered then squared his shoulders and looked into the emerald green orbs.

"I am in need of your help."

"My help?" Harry blinked then frowned, "Does this has anything to do with Tom?"

"Tom? Tom who?" The blonde blinked in confusion.

Tha raven-haired teen looked thoughtfully at his school rival. Then he raised his hand and wrote in the air a name… 'Tom Marvolo Riddle'. Ignoring the blonde's bulging eyes, Harry then gave the burning name a dismissive wave and slowly the letters re-arranged themselves to read, 'I am Lord Voldemort'.

"No fucking way!" Draco whispered in shock.

There always was a mystery surrounding the origins of the Dark Wizard - even as early as the First War, which left many speculating and many fearing the unknown. No one, not even those in the Inner Circle, knew the mad-man's true name. And seeing the Dark Lord's full name for the first time, Draco oddly enough discovered that his fear of the madman had lessen - if only by a little bit.

"You didn't answer my question." The Gryffindor stated, causing twin pools of silvery-blue liquid to snap back to the peering emerald green gems.

"Yeah…" The Slytherin licked his lips, "It has to do with the Dar- I mean, Tom…"

The blonde had decided then and there, that in order for him and his friends to be truly free from that madman's control, he would call the dark wizard by his true name, and finding a strange sense of confidence and strength in saying it as well. It was as if by saying the madman's true name, Draco was able to chip away at the dark wizard's power over him.

"So I take it that Malfoy Senior is pressuring you to take the Mark?"

The Head-Boy was quiet while his lips drew together in a thin line before answering.

"Among others."

A dark brow arched at the cryptic statement.

"Your mother among others?"

"NO! Never!" Draco adamantly denied, surprising the raven-haired wizard, "My mother would rather be stripped of her magik than see me groveling at that madman's feet!"


"For what?"

"Assuming that your mother was of like mind as Malfoy Senior." Harry sincerely replied.

"Apology… accepted." The blonde awkwardly whispered while he continued to observe the other teen.

"Lestrange then." The Gryffindor correctly guessed.

"What does it matter? I don't want the Dark Mark nor do I want to serve the Headmaster."

The raven-haired teen shrugged.

"It doesn't really since I already agreed to do it. It -"

"Agreed to do what?" Draco interrupted although he suspected he knew what the other wizard meant. He just wanted to hear it with his own ears.

"To protect you and yours." Harry stated as a matter-of-fact.

The Slytherin took a deep breath and slowly released it.

"So you do know… I mean about Dominick and I…"

"Yeah, and I can guess that there is an interesting story behind it, but I'm not going to press." Harry admitted to which the blonde nodded his head in gratitude. "Besides… since it's Lestrange that's forcing you, it gives me more reasons to want to put an end to them… especially that maj'ga." The Gryffindor growled, causing Draco to shiver at the feral sight.

"Do we have an Accord?" The Slytherin quickly asked, holding his hand out.

Without a second thought, the raven-haired clasped onto the blonde's upper arm, causing the Slytherin to do the same.

"The Pack of Shadows has an Accord with the Wing of Emerald Dragons." The Northern Lord swore.

Silvery-blue orbs grew wide as saucers when he felt the dark and yet wild magik wrapping itself around him and filling the abandoned classroom. He knew only of two wizards, who have the ability to expand their magik to be felt by others - the Headmaster and Tom Riddle.

Slowly the Gryffindor released his hold and began to walk away when he suddenly stopped and turned around.

"Here. Catch." Harry called as he tossed a small dark bag toward the blonde.

Draco's Seeker reflexes kicked in as he easily caught the bag in the mid-air.

"What is it?" The blonde asked while opening the bag and spilling its contains into his palm.

A blonde brow arched when the Slytherin noticed several golden charms and on the charms were etching of a stylized Celt Dog Knot. Draco had seen similar etchings being worn by a small number of Gryffindors but more specifically by the dark-haired wizard's closest friends.

"In case, you or yours are in trouble and need me." Harry stated, "It has a duress word keyed to it."

"Duress words?"

"Yeah, something you say when you're in trouble but don't want to alert those around you… usually it's a word not used in everyday conversation but not too unusually that it'll draw suspicion."

"Hunh… interesting." The blonde muttered then asked, "And what's this duress word?"


Another brow arched in surprise at the word.

"The song from Metallica?"

It was the Gryffindor's turn to be surprised.

"You surprise me, Malfoy."

"And how's that?"

"An aristocratic pureblood, such as yourself, would know a song from a heavy band… a Muggle heavy band."

"There's a lot about me you don't know, Potter."

"I suppose you're right on that."

Draco snorted as he returned the charms back into the small bag and looked up to realize that he was alone in the classroom. Holding the bag close to his chest, the Slytherin slipped back out into the corridor, feeling the dark shadows envelop him in a welcoming embrace as if providing him protection from unseen eyes.

There is a third option!


Detergo pelvis (Latin) - Clean the dust

maj'ga (youma-lingua) - witch; offensive term for a female

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