Previously on Harry Potter and the Pack of Shadows, within the walls of the castle Hogwarts, a shift in the balance of power begins to form… the twisted Light lost in their own brilliance… the damned Dark lost in their own arrogance… the quiet Shadows marked with the sign of the Cwn Annwn… lines are being drawn, truths are being revealed, and justice will be sought… and amidst all of this chaos, Harry stands at the ready to defend his Pack, his Love, his friends and his people from all those that threaten them… now, the question remains who will fall first?

Chapter 54: Secrets Unfold

The door slammed open, startling the Decrepit One and the Old Molly while the Fire Bird just ruffled its feathers in annoyance. The Fire Bird glared at the intruder, who frantically strode up to the Decrepit One's desk, before leveling another glare on the Decrepit One.

"Un Demon!" The Oily One exclaimed as he slammed his hands down on the desk. "Le gracon est un demon!"

"What is this?!" The Old Molly hissed much like her second form would do when provoked, "What boy? What demon?"

The Oily One was silent as he just realized that the Decrepit One was not alone.

"Well! Speak up!" The Old Molly sneered at the Oily One before turning to the Decrepit One, looking down at him despite their height difference, "Honestly, Albus! I don't see how this Frenchman can claim to be a Demon Hunter. There haven't been any of those Darklings since the time of the Founders. And furthermore -"

"That's enough, Minerva." The Decrepit One silenced the Old Molly with a wave of his hand, "I will deal with Monsieur Chauvelin."

The Old Molly's face pinched as if she had just ate something foul, but she stood nonetheless at the obvious dismissal.

"Do not forget, Albus!" She demanded at the door, "That sword belongs to Hogwarts, not that child!"

The door slammed shut behind her, leaving the Decrepit One and the Oily One alone.

"Now then, Chauvelin, what is this about a demon?" The Decrepit One demanded, ignoring the Fire Bird's sudden interest in their conversation.

"Ze boy est un demon!" The Oily One sneered, "H'z must die before est too late!"

Young, cold eyes - old, false eyes narrowed on the Oily One.

"Are you telling me that Potter is a demon?!"


The Decrepit One clasped his knobby hands together. The sleeves of his robes slide down, revealing pale, thin arms, but there was something about the Decrepit One's arms that drew one's attention. The pale flesh was marred with blotches of black and purple and green, much like one would expect from a rotting corpse.

"What proof do you have of this?" The Decrepit One asked.

The Oily One did not answer as he straightened his posture. His hands clasped together behind his back. One hand over the other as if trying to hide something from the Decrepit One. There was nothing remarkable on the Oily One's hands, save for an ornate gold ring.

"Nuzing tangible, but I know h'z un demon!"

"I will need more than just your word, Chauvelin." The Decrepit One stated.

"Pourquoi? Will ze Minister not help ju in controlling ze boy? It will be eazier to kill ze demon!"

"No," The Decrepit One countered, dismissing the Oily One, "Cornelius may hate the boy and may be willing to help in killing the boy... but without proof that the boy is a Darkling, the rest of the Wizarding World will be in an uproar... especially now the brat is the Wizarding World's darling savior once more… No, if we want to kill the boy, we must first have proof that he is a Darkling. Is that understood?"

"Oui, I will get ju ze proof ju need, but be it on jur head if ze demon get too powerful." The Oily One sneered as he stormed out of the Decrepit One's den.

The Decrepit One remained still for a moment before his Two Face morphed into an unholy smile as he slowly stood to his feet. He set his eyes upon the Fire Bird. The Eternal Creature just coolly glared at the Decrepit One. A knobby hand reached out to caress the beautiful and vibrant plume of the Fire Bird, but the Eternal Creature shied away from the vile touch.

"You knew..." The Decrepit One accused the Fire Bird, but the Eternal Creature gave no response to the accusation, "Well, it matters not… nothing will change my plans… but only prove that I am on the right course."

The Decrepit One turned away, and with a flick of his wand, the patrons and matrons of old stilled and fell into an unnatural slumber. The Fire Bird let out an angry sound of protest as it stretched its wings in attempts to look menacing. The Decrepit One just ignored his pet as he moved to the far wall, and with another flick of his wand, a secret passage revealed itself, and the Decrepit One disappeared into the passage.

The passage twisted and turned before opening into a chamber. The chamber was heavily shadowed and filled with ancient tomes that sang with even more ancient magik. Magik that have not been felt since the time when Gods walked among mortals. How was it possible that the Decrepit One could find one such tome let alone an entire library? However the Decrepit One made it possible. It just made the Decrepit One a greater threat than previously thought.

"I have found another of your kind." The Decrepit One gloated as he sneered at the portrait of a beautiful Dame.

The portrait Dame sat in a simple chair as she gazed longingly out a portrait window. The portrait Dame differed from those in their unnatural slumber in the Decrepit One's den. This portrait Dame was not on clothe nor wood as the others but on tapestry, meaning that the portrait Dame could not move from portrait to portrait as the others could. The portrait Dame was eternally trapped in the tapestry, free to move within but never truly free.

The portrait Dame turned to face the Decrepit One. The portrait Dame wore a beautiful tunic with long, tightly fitted sleeves and a simple white outer tunic that was loose fitting and only came to her elbow. The portrait Dame also wore a fade bronze-colored veil that hide her raven-black locks of which a silver had escaped its confine, and her soulful doe-like eyes just gazed hopelessly at the Decrepit One...

All three of her eyes...

A Shiv'n!

The portrait Dame was a Shiv'n!

"A Darkling..." The Decrepit One crowed in delight as he pulled one of his many tomes from a shelf.

The tome was ancient among ancients if the magik emanating from it was any way to judge. The tome also held an ominous thrall about it. It was covered in leather and was branded with an angry mark, but the leather itself was unusual. Instead of the leather being uniformed, it was a patchwork of several different leathers of different textures and shades. The branded mark, although the design was faded and indistinguishable, carried an ill-omen as it surrounded the centerpiece jewel of unknown ore.

The Decrepit One's knobby hand lovingly caressed the tome, causing the portrait Dame to turn away in horror. The Decrepit One took pleasure in the portrait Dame's horror.

"I have always intended to take the brat's body..." The Decrepit One smiled, "And with this Gramoire, not only will I have a young body again but the body of a Darkling! I will be unstoppable..."

The portrait Dame openly cried, causing the Decrepit One to smile his unholy smile.

"And I have you to thank, my dear Lady Rowena... so thank you, my dear, thank you..."

The room echoed with a sharp gasp as one would after breaking the surface of the water. Emerald green orbs snapped open as Harry instinctively struggled to right himself up. His hand shot out and grabbed onto the nearest object as he tried to regain his equilibrium. He was unaware that the object he held onto was his year-mate, Draco, until the young blonde let out a cry of pain at the half demon's uncontrolled strength.

"Shit!" Harry cursed as he released his hold on the Slytherin's shoulder, "S'rry..."

"Draco." Severus' voice drawled from a distance.

Harry's eye narrowed as he tried to remember what had happened, but the headache he was experiencing had suddenly blown into a full out migraine and threatened to cause him to be violently ill. His memory was hazy, but he vaguely recalled Stephenson and Goyle leaving with orders to let those who bared the Shadow Hound's mark to not venture out in groups less than three and then... Harry snapped his head up, which only exuberated his already explosive migraine further. The young Lord bit back the bile that threatened to surface and slowly got to his feet. It did not escape the raven-haired teen's notice that although Draco looked ready to assist if Harry needed it, the blonde also kept a distance and kept a wary eye on the Gryffindor while the Slytherin was clutching his shoulder. Harry mentally winced at the realization that there was going to be a handprint bruise in an hour, if not already forming.

Bracing himself against the desks, the half demon felt his legs were still weak and wobbly like a new born foal's legs, but his focus was on his nakam-cius, who had Kaguumb pinned against the wall, digging one of his courting daggers into the Shadow's neck. His Shadow was still and relaxed. Harry knew that Kaguumb could easily escaped Severus' hold by melting into the surrounding shadows. Kaguumb glanced over the dark wizard's shoulder and frowned at the sight of his pale-faced Shih'nus. Severus applied more pressure to his arm against the Shadow's throat, forcing Kaguumb to turn his attention back to his Shih'nus Intended.

"Who are you?" The Dark One growled, "Whose idea was it to fashion you after him?"

Kaguumb remained silent.

"Answer me, Doppelganger!" Severus growled again.

"He is Kaguumb ded Shih'nus..." Harry answered as he slowly made his way to the pair.

Severus tensed but did not waver his eyes from his target, who bore the face of his childhood tormentor. It was a younger face but his face nonetheless. A youthful face Severus had not seen since before the serious onset of the first war against the Dark Lord. Severus did not want to think of the blackest of magik that Harry had to perform to revive his godfather, especially as he was before that Night.

"You resurrected him..." Severus' voice was low and soft with a hint of fear that the beautiful young man, he had grown to love, had become a monster. Not only Bitten but a Necromancer as well... He thought as the older wizard remembered his old lessons of the consequences of those who dabbled in death and soul magik.

There was no redemption for those who violated in the natural order of the world and magik. There were speculations that when a Necromancer dies, they became the Dementors that feed upon the souls of the living.

"Resurrected who?"

"Don't play games with me, AerE!" Severus shouted as he turned to look at the young Gryffindor.

Harry gasped when he saw the pain and fear in his nakam-cius' eyes. He reached out and gently caressed his mate's cheek. He took a deep breath and slowly released his breath and the concealment spell that hid his demonic feature. Harry watched as his nakam-cius' eyes grew wide.

"This is not how I wanted to tell you, Severus, but I cannot bare the sight of fear in your eyes when you look upon me." The teen's words were gentle.

"Holy Merlin's hairy balls..." Draco's voice carried throughout the room, "No wonder Dom said you were like Inu-Yasha."

||:Shih'nus,:|| Kaguumb began, ||:Forgive me for my transgression, but I fear that time was of the essence...:||

Severus turned back to Kaguumb and felt his hand being gently moved away from the stranger with his face.

||:It's alright, Kaguumb.:|| Harry replied as he continued to lead his nakam-cius to a nearby chair, ||:I rather know now than later when they launch their attack.:||

Kaguumb bowed his head.

||:Go,:|| The demon Lord commanded, ||:let the others know what's going on and that we'll have guests for dinner.:||

||:As you command, Shih'nus Haijime.:|| The Shadow answered as he melted into the shadows, causing Severus to tense and Draco to yelp in surprise.

"Okay!" Draco exclaimed, "Who or what was that?!"

The blonde pointed where Kaguumb had disappeared from.

"Haijime..." Severus whispered as he looked at Harry in confusion, "The man who saved your life when you were a babe..."

"What?!" Draco's eyes grew wide.

Harry smiled fondly.

"Lord Haijime Dae of the Northern Lands of Ma-Terrarum." The raven-haired teen acknowledged, "My Blood-Father."

"What in the name of Tartarus is going on?!" Draco screamed when he realized that his godfather and year-mate were not paying attention to him, "And why the fuck do you look like a fictional creature from my baby brother's comic book collection!?"

The two raven-haired wizards jerked in realization of the blonde's presence. While Harry blushed in embarrassment, Severus finally took in the teen's true form. His dark eyes were suddenly drawn toward something gold twitching on told of the Gryffindor's head. His eyes grew wide when he realized that he was staring at a pair of triangular black, dog ears with gold earrings... the same gold earrings he remembered seeing during the summer...

"Uhm..." Harry sighed, "That's going to take a while to explain..."

"Well? Start explaining!" The blonde demanded when suddenly the dismissal bell thundered around them. The blonde's mercury-blue orbs blinked then narrowed, "No! You're not getting out of this! You are going to explain yourself! Here and now!"

"Trust me, Draco." Harry gave the other teen a sheepish grin, "I want to tell you, both of you, but if we don't go to class, the Headmaster -" The blonde's brows disappeared into his hairline when he heard the Gryffindor growl out the word 'headmaster', "-will be curious as to why we're not in class. I don't know about you, but I prefer to avoid his attention for the time being."


"Detention..." A quiet voice seemed to have roared over the teens, causing both boys to look at the Head of Slytherin curiously. "Detention. Tonight. Seven o'clock."

Draco blinked as his mouth opened and closed, mimicking a fish out of water, while Harry just smiled knowingly. The blonde's eyes grew even wider when he watched as the Gryffindor's exotic features slowly vanished, and the teen gave flourish bow, taking Severus' hand and placed a butterfly kiss on the innermost of his godfather's wrist. Draco's jaw dropped when he spotted a pair of rouge marks on his godfather's pale cheeks.

"Anatuus kibolo suru im'sum wata neus imperei iru, wata neus utsulcher nin-ho."

The words flowed natural from the Gryffindor's lips, and whatever the teen had said, there was no denying the raw emotion of love and devotion in Harry Potter's voice.


Shiv'n (Youma-Lingua) – Chosen Child of Shiv

nakam-cius (Youma-Lingua) – Intended, mate prior to being officiated

Shih'nus (Youma-Lingua) – Lord

AerE (Parseltongue) – Harry

Anatuus kibolo suru im'sum wata neus imperei iru, wata neus utsulcher nin-ho. (Youma-Lingua) – Your wish is my command, my beautiful one.