Chapter 68: Aftermath of a Summer Nightmare

Harry had left over the weekend for the demon world with the promised to return by breakfast on Monday, or at least by the end of breakfast; however, it would seem that he was running late. The Pack looked to their sister-Alpha as the school bell signaled the end of breakfast and the start of the day.

"Well, it looks like we're going to have to escort another." Ginny remarked as she stood.

"Dominick and Luna's classes are closest." Hermione stated as she had the Pack's class schedules memorized, "Neville and I can walk you to yours, Gin."

"Alright, let's get going." Ginny stated, "I don't feel like having to deal with the professors handing out detection."

The Pack nodded in agreement, and as one they rose. Hermione, however, immediately braced herself against the table as she felt a sudden bout of dizziness and nausea. She took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Hey, you okay?" Neville asked as he rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah, just stood up too fast." She replied while giving her Pack-brother a weak smile.

"You sure? You look a bit pale."

"It's nothing." She assured her kind-hearted brother and quickly made to follow the others, who looked on curiously.

The Pack had just dropped their youngest member with his classmates, who bore their Alpha's Mark when Hermione suddenly stumbled. The sensations to her limbs tingled as her hearing became hollow. Vaguely, the older Gryffindor thought she heard her name being called, but she could not be certain; everything sounded as if she was underwater. Her vision then tunneled until all she saw was a spectrum of greys and whites before finally darkness claimed her sight.

Neville sent a silent prayer of thanks for his foresight to remain near his Pack-sister. He had watched her stumble a bit, but once she righted herself, he had thought that would be the end of it. But that was not the case; it was as if someone had suddenly cut the strings of a puppet and down she crumbled. Fortunately, the timid wizard grabbed her as she came crashing down. Gently, he laid her down on the ground; ignoring the students as they rushed about, either to get a professor or Madame Promphey.

Immediately, Ginny came to her Pack-sister's side. She gently touched the inside of Hermione's wrist when her concerned expression immediately morphed into one of puzzlement. Slowly, she turned her focus onto her Pack-sister. Her gift hummed beneath her flesh as she continued to focus on Hermione.

Tha-thumb-tha-thumb tha-thumb

Tha-thumb-tha-thumb tha-thumb

Ginny was confused as she listened to the strange rhythm of her ketsuguis-shisorn's heartbeat. She had never heard this strange set of three beats. She had heard the soothing steady beat of a calm heart, the relaxing beat of a resting heart. She had even heard the racing beat of a fearful heart and a heart hard at work. And most recently, she heard the strange echo of multiple hearts in one…

Suddenly, her eyes grew wide as she pulled from her trance.

In the background, she could hear Madame Promphey ordering the other students out of her way. Quickly, Ginny turned to Luna with wide eyes, and under the murmurs of the gawking students, she whispered to the aloof Ravenclaw the cause for their ketsuguis-shisorn's condition. The blonde's eyes too grew wide and without a second thought cast a Patronus charm to summon their Second-Alpha.

Luna then turned to the shadows, which were churning in agitation but not yet striking out.

"We need the Cwn Annwn!" She shouted, causing the gathered students to jump in surprise.

Immediately, the students, who bore the Mark of the Cwn Annwn, ran off in search of the missing Alpha while the other students looked upon the blonde Ravenclaw as if she was daft.

"What is the meaning of this?!" The school nurse demanded when she finally saw Hermione on the ground surrounded by the three teens, "Well, out of the way."

The nurse's dismissive air caused the girls to growl while Neville looked on in surprise at his sisters' sudden aggressive behavior.

Madame Promphey's lips thinned out as she pressed them together in agitation when the younger witches did not step aside. With a sigh, she casually flicked her wand out; casting a levitation spell, which lifted the unconscious girl into the air, and without so much by-your-leave, she marched toward the infirmary. The old witch was vaguely aware that she was being followed; however, she could not spare them a second thought as she had to concentrate in not dropping the unconscious Gryffindor girl. Fortunately, she made it to her domain without incident and laid the girl out on a bed. It was then she truly took note of the two Gryffindors and the one Ravenclaw that had followed her all the way into the infirmary.

"You must leave." She ordered, which had the exact opposite effect on the students.

Ginny and Luna stepped closer to Hermione's bed while Neville patiently waited to the side.

The old nurse took a deep breath as she looked disapprovingly at the girls.

"You need to leave. Now!" She ordered once more.

Ginny tilted her head up as she looked at the older witch.

"According to Hogwarts Charter Chapter 3 Section 4 Paragraph F, kith and kin may stay with an injured and/or ill student's side while said student is being attended to by the school nurse and/or physician." The young witch proclaimed, giving her words the power of her rank as the Pack's Female-Alpha.

Madame Promphey blinked before her face contorted into a scowl.

"What nonsense are you talking about, Miss Weasley?" The old witch demanded, "There is no such provision in the Charters! Now, leave so I may tend to Miss Granger."

"We will not! It is within our rights to be by our sister's side!" Ginny countered.

"Sister?! I have enough of this nonsense!" The nurse warned; she lifted her wand-hand and waved an intricate weave in the air before bellowing, "EICIO!"

However, instead of the three students being expelled from the infirmary as the old witch had expected, Madame Promphey found herself being pushed out of her own domain. She let out a shocked shriek as she was pushed into her own office, and her office door then forcibly slammed shut; locking her within.

"Eh… What just happened?" Neville broke the stunned silence surrounding the Pack.

Both girls looked at one another in surprise; assuming the other was responsible for Madame Promphey's undignified removal from the infirmary.

"Stinky Lady gone?" A soft childish voice asked, startling the group as the turned toward the source of the voice.

Standing at the entryway of the infirmary was Dominick, who was staring at the older witches and wizard in confusion while holding Lady Hogwarts' hands. Evie, who seemed to throwing the stink-eye at the nurse's door which rattled a bit as the old witch tried to open it, was clutching onto one of Harry's neus ch'vus sainorimus kaguumbn; much like how one would hold a teddy bear.

"Evie," Ginny cautiously called, making the little girl to look at her, "did you make Madame Promphey go away?"

Evie's face lit up in delight as she rushed over to her Master's yellow-sister while Dominick immediately went to stand by the quiet brunette. Luna easily scooped the young thing into her arms.

"Okay, before things really get out of control." Neville drawled, "What's going on?"

Ginny opened her mouth to explain when a soft moan was heard coming from Hermione's bed. Immediately, the redhead turned her attention to her ketsuguis-shisorn. She brushed Hermione's hair while gently placing a hand on her abdomen. Neville watched in confusion as Ginny's hand held a gently glow, and she was murmuring softly to the older Gryffindor, who had fully regained consciousness.

Neville could see his ketsuguis-shisorn suddenly become pale at whatever their sister-Alpha had said.

"BABY MAGIK!" Lady Hogwarts immediately squealed in delight as she sensed the budding growth of a new magical core within her Master's short fuzzy-hair sister.


"Oh no…" Another voice gasped, startling the timid wizard. He immediately turned around and was surprised to see his professor staring wide-eyed at the young brunette witch. Then in a few steps with his long stride, Neville watched his Second-Alpha immediately approached the bed.

Hermione had pushed Ginny's hand away as she tried to scramble to get away.

"Nononono…" Hermione began chanting while shaking her head in denial.

This can't be happening! She mentally cried. Suddenly, she sensed another presence need her. She instinctively flinched when she felt a pair of strong arms embrace her. She immediately thrashed as her flight-or-fight instincts were triggered, but the arms held firm while a low voice whispered in her ear. The voice whispered calming and re-assuring words; telling her everything will be okay, that she was not alone, and that she was so brave. Her body was slowly losing its strength. She fell further into those strong arms, and soon she smelled the familiar scent of potions and orange blossoms.

Her tear-stained face slowly looked up; looking into the face of her Second-Alpha, who looked at her in concern and yet with understanding.

"Y-you know…" Hermione whispered.

Dark eyes soften as Severus brush her hair away.


Suddenly, a new wave of tears spilled from her eyes as she buried her face into his chest.

Severus just held her; letting her cry out her emotions. The dark wizard wanted to curse fate for being so cruel to the young woman. She was only beginning to heal from what had happened to her during the summer and now this.

Before any of the Pack could voice their questions, the nurse's office door was violently thrown open by a blasting curse; effectively rendering the door non-existing. Neville instinctively pulled Dominick closer to him, protecting the younger wizard from the flying debris while the others did the same and positioned themselves to best protect those they were next to. The timid wizard stared coldly at the intruders, who were revealed to be Madame Promphey and Professors McGonagall and Dumbledor.

"What is the meaning of this?!" McGonagall demanded as she stormed into the infirmary. "Severus! Unhand my student!"

The dark wizard just blandly looked at his co-worker while Hermione tightened her hold onto her Second-Alpha.

"Now! Now!" The Headmaster waved his hand as if attempting to pacify everyone, "Why don't we all calm down and calmly discuss what seem to be the problem."

No one spoke, causing the medi-witch and the lion professor to slowly lose what little patience they had. However, the Headmaster was watching the Potions Master and the young girl with a calculating gleam in his eyes.

Severus clenched his teeth. He did not trust his old professor and knew that once the young brunette's condition was revealed, the proverbial shit was going to hit the fan. Severus mentally wished for his Brat to be there. Unfortunately, his Brat was not, which left the young witch under his protection. In fact, it left all of the teens under his protection. The Dark Wizard glanced over to the youngest Weasley; knowing that her Gift was what revealed Granger's condition. Immediately, he knew that they would be needing Madame Promphey to do a scan of the young witch to better understand of Granger's condition, especially since they would be needing to keep the youngest Weasley's healing abilities a secret. He loathed it, but they needed the nurse to do her job. He took a deep breath then looked deeply into his student's eyes. He could see the fear in her eyes. He remembered seeing a similar fear in the eyes of his sister when she too had discovered her condition all those years ago.

"Would you allow Madame Promphey to examine you?" He asked, keeping his voice low and comforting.

She was hesitant, but eventually she nodded.

"Stay… please…" She pleaded, her voice trailing to a whisper, "Alpha."

"Of course." Severus answered, finding it strange and yet humbling to be referred to as 'Alpha'. The Dark Wizard then turned his attention to Madame Promphey. "Madame, I need you cast a diagnostic scan on Miss Granger."

The old witch's lips thinned out. While the Potions Master's request was stated respectfully, she could hear the command in the Dark Wizard's tone.

"Very well, step aside." She ordered.

Severus slipped out of the bed but kept a hand in his student's.

The old nurse gave the wizard a distasteful look. She had wanted the other to completely step aside; however, she was aware that the Slytherin knew that by merely holding the girl's hand, it would have no effect on the scan results. She quickly cast the scan; wanting to quickly put an end to this drama and to have her infirmary back.

Madame Promphey's eyes grew wide as she read the results of the scan then narrowed them on the Dark Wizard as if accusing him of the results.

"Madame Promphey," The Headmaster stated, "what is the results of the scans?"

The old nurse stood tall as she looked down at the Pack; more specifically looked down at the young brunette witch on the bed.

"The girl is pregnant."

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Ketsuguis-shisorn[n] (youma-lingua) - blood sister

wata neus ch'vus sainorimus kaguumbn (youma-lingua) – my Little Shadows

EICIO (Latin) – Expel, Banish