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I'm in One Piece

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: It's Like an Overdone Fanfic

Hello I'm Emma Iveli, just call me Emma. I'm 20, I live with my parents… hey it not funny! I have brown hair and eyes, I wear sky blue and pink wire frame glasses, I'm not what you call skinny and I refuse to give my weight okay! I'm also physically handy capped I have a slow form of Muscular Dystrophy, I'm not in a wheel chair but I do use crutches that are pink... I wouldn't be suspired if you ever seen me someplace… I also have injuries that I received in 2002 that require me to use them, I have a bad ankle because I broke it then the day I had to get the cast off I broke it again, then on my 16th birthday I injured my knee badly… anyways they act up a lot… I live in San Francisco CA, I'm an expert on MUNI so ask me about what buses to take if you're ever in town…

One day I went to Pier 39 on a week day, I don't have work or school so it cool, it was a very nice day the sun was shining… yes the sun shines in SF… I played in the arcade, looked in shops, ate my favorite flavor ice cream bubble gum… I like bubble gum flavored things, I rode the carousal in those cars that are like the Tea Cups. Afterwards I decided to rest by looking out towards Alcatraz… when suddenly a portal appeared above me.

"I'm either dreaming or a fanfic is coming true…" I said.

The portal sucked me up it inside it was all water and I couldn't breath these were going though my "OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO DIE! WHY DID I HAVE TO DIE THIS WAY… WHY COULDN'T I SAY GOOD BYE TO MY LIVED ONES… did I feed the cats before I left… WHY COULDN'T I FINSH MORE FANFICS…" then I passed out.

I began to wake up... I felt someone poke me in the face.

"No Kitten… go wake up dad…" I moaned half asleep.

The poking in the face continued.

"Stop it…" I moaned, "I bet it's not even 8:00"

"Stop poking her Luffy… we already know she's alive…" said a female voice.

I opened my eyes wide… I looked around but couldn't see anything… I began to pat the floor… "My glasses…" I said.

Someone handed my glasses I put them on… the person of Luffy… the Monkey D. Luffy…

"Uh…" I said then I fainted.

I woke up again… this time on a couch… I knew I wasn't at my apartment as this couch wasn't bright red and L shaped. My glassed were right next to me and I put them on. I looked at my body I wore the outfit that I wore to Pier 39, aqua capris and a striped polo shirt that had various shades of blue and green on it. I looked in the mirror and noticed something else… I lost a lot of weight… and I mean lot… I was skinny, I noticed that with my knee or ankle were in pain… I checked my leg and there was no scar from a surgery I had… my teeth were also perfect… I really need braces… I also looked a few years younger… I was about 16 or 17…

"No way…" I said.

"You're awake…" said a voice.

I turned around and saw Nami…

"Um… hi…" I said nervously, I'm a very shy person…. I mean Hinata from Naruto shy… except I don't stutter.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Fine… um… what happened?" I asked.

"We found you face down in the water… our cook rescued you…" said Nami.

"Oh…" I said, "Of course he'd save me… here I have to say I'm pretty hot…" I thought.

"I'm Nami by the way." said Nami.

"I'm Emma, Iveli Emma." I said knowing to use the eastern style of saying my name.

"So what happened?" asked Nami.

I thought for a moment I could always go with the telling the truth… or I could go with the standard "I have amnesia." Bit… I deiced to go with a third option "I don't want to talk about it…" I said bitterly while drawing on bitter experiences while talking about it.

"Oh…" said Nami.

"Is she awake!" yelled Luffy's voice from the deck. He bolted into the room I sweat drop.

"Cool I sweatdroped." I thought.

"Hi I'm Luffy!" he yelled.

"Hi…" I said nervously.

"Why were face down in the water… and why were did you faint after seeing me?" asked Luffy.

"I don't want to talk about it…" I said.

"Also what are those weird ball things on your belt?" he asked.

"Ball things on my belt…" I thought.

I touched my belt, which is weird because I don't even own a belt "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… no way…" I thought.

I grabbed one and inspected it… it was indeed what it was what I thought it was… a Pokeball.

"I'm officially convinced it's a dream… I've been reading too many "I go to One Piece World" fanfics" I thought.

While I do like both One Piece and Pokemon and have written two crossover fanfics about them… as well Three Knights which is also a Naruto fanfic… I knew it was officially a dream.

"It's called a Pokeball… I'm a Pokemon Trainer…" I said… though to be honest I'd prefer to be a Coordinator but I doubt contests exist in this world… in fact I doubt Pokemon even exist in this world

"What's a Pokemon Trainer?" asked Luffy.

"I'll show you…" I said.

I got up from the couch.

"Are you sure your feeling okay?" asked Nami.

"I'm perfectly fine…" I said.

I fallowed Luffy to the deck, I grabbed all 6 of my Pokeballs "Come on out everyone!" I said.

Out came a well balanced team of some of my favorite Pokemon! Two from each generation… not counting the 4th… after all only 5 have official English names … representing the 1st generation: Vulpix, the cute fire fox and Dragonair the beautiful dragon Pokemon… sorry no Pikachu… representing the 2nd generation was the aquatic rabbit Azumarill and my personal fav of all Pokemon Igglybuff and finally the representing the 3rd the beautiful rose Roseila (which is ironic as chances are it may evolve sometime at it's evolution is a 4th generation) and the cotton bird Swablu…

"If this is a dream then why don't I have legendaries?" I thought.

"Cool what are they?" asked Luffy.

"Well they are known as Pokemon, each one has a special power such as water, fire, plants… and other things…" I said. "How are Flying, Dragon and Normal elements…" I thought.

"Cool can you show me…" said Luffy.

"Sure thing…" I said.

I noticed that Zoro (I'll never call him Zolo! Unless its in anti 4kids fanfic…) was sleeping nearby I got an evil idea…

"Azumarill! Wake him up with Water Gun!" I said.

Azumarill did the standard Water attack on Zoro… it woke him up… both me and Luffy began to crack up.

"Hey!" he yelled.

I began to get nervous, "Sorry… it was just a joke…" I said nervously.

Zoro sweatdroped at he stared at the Pokemon and myself… I guess I must have also looked nervous as well.

"I'm so… so… so… so… sorry…" I said… I really didn't want to mess with him.

Zoro couldn't help but to sweat drop, "It's okay…" he said.

He got up to dry off, I returned my Pokemon to their Pokeballs.

"I'm Luffy!" said Luffy.

"Emma…" I said still a little nervous.

My stomach growled… I was hungry… I don't know how long I was out for and bubble gum ice cream isn't that filling… unless you eat a ton of it, heh heh heh… actually I did, I had a waffle cone…

"Sanji we're hungry!" yelled Luffy.

"Great…" I thought.

Sanji seemed to kick the door out.

"How many times do I h…" yelled Sanji who then noticed me, his visible eyes turned to a heart." Why is the lovely beauty awake... is there anything you would like my lovely sweet" he said as he skipped towards me.

I was annoyed... but I was also really hungry.

"I'd like a meal… anything without onions of any color that includes green, celery or anything spicy… preferably pasta…" I said.

"Of course!" he said in a loving way.

"To bad this is a dream because I could used to this…" I thought.

He skipped to the Galley, during dinner, which was spaghetti, and meatballs I was introduced to Usopp… I could tell this take place in one of those alternate realties where Vivi didn't' exist or they haven't made it to the Grand Line yet… it was confirmed the former… since this was a dream I did a bold move.

"Luffy…" I said quietly.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Since you don't have a musician… can I be it?" I asked quietly.

Luffy looked he was going to explode… he was so happy…

"Really?" he said.

"Yeah…" I said quietly... truth was I didn't know any songs… but hey since this was a dream what the heck.

Later we were gathered by the Ram's head... I took a breath… suddenly all the words to Only 1 No. 1 (the theme song to Di Gi Carat by the way) came to my head… I began to sing it… perfectly. I even added some dance moves it… when I was done, Luffy was clapping loudly while the other gave small applause. I'm pretty sure I blushed heavily.

"I was really that good…" I said shyly.

"You were excellent!" said Sanji in a loving way.

I sweatdroped…

"I have to say you were even better than the Great Captain Usopp!" said Usopp.

I gave small giggle "So I'm definitely the musician…" I said.

Luffy smiled and said "Of course!"

I gave a happy sigh… like I said… I'm shy.

After I did a few more songs… including one as a joke: Chi Chi Wo Moge... heh heh… I even did the dance moves... you know the moves… if you don't let's just say it's what the songs the about…

I went to bed in Nami's room… I knew when I woke up I would be in my bed, with my cat Kitten near my feet… or my dad yelling how his life sucks and how the cats make his life miserable… either or…

The next morning I woke up… I blinked… I wasn't in my room with a bookshelf as a night stand with several anime figurines, a piggy bank, a Sailor Moon alarm clock... no TVVCR with a DVD player on top and a PS2 next it… no book self stuffed with magna, no hundreds of anime DVDs… I was still on the Merry Go… or Going Merry… what ever its called.

"Its… its… not a dream…" I said, "Great… I'm in one of those over done fanfics…" I thought.

Next Time: I'm having a fun time a Straw Hats but what's that... oh god no... it is... I can't believe it... it's... it's so horrible! Find out what it is next time...