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Chapter 10: Enter the Dream Society

(3rd Person POV)

The mysterious shadowy council that sent the mosquito after Emma had yet another meeting…

"After the mosquito incident I made an effort to make an alliance with all those that want her dead too… all but one… joined the dark council…" said one of members.

The other member clapped... but one who asked "Who didn't join?"

"The Rouge 7… I wasn't expecting them to join anyways… their missing nin…" said the first member, "However all of the ones who want her alive got wind off this…"

"What happened?" asked another member.

"They formed their own group… calling them serves the Dream Society…" said the first member.

"At least there's not council in their name…" joked yet another member.

"It makes sense as they are mainly survivors of the Dream Kingdom and people who know about us and want to get rid of us…" said yet another member.

Someone clapped their hands and pictures of the Straw Hats appeared... including Chopper…

"These are the Heir's friends… we need to make sure they do not help in Operation: Up Front…" said a member who appeared to be the head of council, "The Power of the Dream Kingdom must die!"

Meanwhile on the Going Merry or Merry Go, there was no signs that Emma was sick with either the mosquito bite or the none stop cold she gets in the winter… she completely cured… unless they got to a winter island of course…

(Emma's POV)

We got another island… there was a thriving city so that means we could do shopping… I really needed some clothes… I've been borrowing Nami way to much… I'm afraid she might charge me…

"Where are you woolly ladies going?" asked Sanji.

"We're going shopping…" I said.

"Separately…" said Nami.

"We don't have the same taste in fashion…" I said.

"I couldn't let you carry the bags… how about accompany you…" said Sanji.

"Of course Sanji…" said Nami.

Nami and Sanji left the ship together… that's when I noticed Chopper staring at the city.

"So are you going to explore…" I asked.

"I don't know…" said Chopper nervously.

"Will you go with me… I do need some help carrying my bags… and I'd like it if you that one that help me…" I said.

"Okay…" said Chopper… I noticed he was blushing slightly… I'm sure I was too.

"Well… come on let's go!" I said.

I turned around and saw Kinky just sitting there…

"You aren't going to go follow me… which will cause me to freeze you on a stick and which causes me to give you to Zoro to use as new weight?" I asked her.

"What?" said Chopper with a sweat drop.

"No… not today…" said Kinky seriously.

"Um… okay…" I said, "Come on Chopper…"

Not too long later we walked though the town… Chopper was in his full deer form… he then looked at me.

"What do you mean freeze her?" asked Chopper.

"She can't be killed…" I said with a sweat drop.

"Really?" asked chopper surprised.

"She has a musical number called "Can't kill me"" I said with a sigh, "She can't be kill combined with her annoying tendencies she's unstoppable… then again at times she's a good weapon… and a great shield since all the times …"

Chopper laughed at that one…

(3rd Person POV)

The same man who uses a light saber along wit a woman with silver hair and crystal blue eyes watched the two.

"So your saying that kidnapping her to protect her bad?" asked the man.

"Duh!" said the woman, "She's in a world she barely knows about…"

"She's from earth… there's comic and cartoon which she happens to be a fan off…" said the man.

"Right… in a world she knows a lot about but doesn't know about the power sealed within her…" said the woman, "It best we don't' kidnap her for her protection… otherwise she'll hate us and yell and complain and stuff like that…"

"But isn't the rabbit with her?" asked the man.

"Yes… but Kinky hasn't been the same since Princess Yume died…" said the woman.

"Oh…" said the man.

The two watched Emma go into a shop while Chopper had to wait outside…

"She's in danger with the Dark Council growing in numbers then it's bad…" said the man.

"Yeah…" said the woman.

(Emma's POV)

I'm a fast shopper I knew that Chopper would get bored waiting for me so I saw a few things I liked, tried them on and if they fit I bought it… took no more than 5 minutes…

"Thanks for waiting Chopper… sorry if it took so long…" I said.

"It wasn't' that long…" said Chopper.

After visiting more shops I was done, I bought a couple outfits and a one piece bathing suit (I'm not one for bikinis…) afterwards we found a… Jamba Juice?

"Man these places are everywhere…" I said.

"What do you mean?" said Chopper.

"Well there a re lot of these places where in my world… at least there's no Starbucks here… because there's even more of those…" I said.

"Is that a Starbucks?" asked Chopper motioning over the place… that was indeed a Starbucks…

"Dear god there's two…" I said.

There were indeed two of the coffee places…

"I seriously don't want to know who runs them or why there are two…" I said.

"Is it really that bad?" asked Chopper.

"Yes… yes it is…" I said, "So what fruit do you like?"

"Um…" said Chopper, "I don't really know…"

"So should I get you what I'm having?" I said.

"Um… okay…" said Chopper.

"This might take a while, there's always long line, you can find a bench…" I said.

"Sure…" said Chopper.

10 minutes later… I came back with two smoothes in my hand…. I really hate those lines…

"Here…" I said.

"What is this?" asked Chopper.

"It's a smoothie, it's blended fruit, juices, ice and other healthy stuff… I love smoothies…" I said.

Chopper tried his best to drink but it was really thick. I giggled at his appearance at dirking it… "Let it melt a bit since it's your first time…" I said.

"Okay…" said Chopper with a blush.

After a few minutes of silence… "I'm glad you came with me…" I said.

"Really?" asked chopper with a blush.

"Yeah…" I said, "I really needed someone to be with me… something bad happened last time and I wanted go out with someone…"

"Oh…" said Chopper like what I said crushed him.

"Also I really like you…" I said blushing.

"Really?" asked Chopper.

"Yeah… like with friends…" I said, "For now…" I thought.

"Oh… okay…" said Chopper.

(3rd Person POV)

"Why do I fell this way?" thought Chopper, "I feel so strange"

"I don't like Chopper in that way! There's no way!" thought Emma.

They both look at each other blushed slightly then looked away.

"You're enjoying your smoothe?" asked Emma.

"Yeah…" said Chopper.

That's when something strange happened… everyone began to faint around them… expect for the two.

"What's going on?" asked Chopper.

"I don't know… but I have a really bad feel…" said Emma.

That's when a young man who showed up with a large crossbow.

"Well, well isn't it the heir." said the man.

"What?" asked Emma.

The man began to shoot his cross bow, but began to miss. Which was weird because Emma and Chopper were too scared to dodge.

"Damn it!" said the man.

"Ever hear of the storm trooper effect?" asked the man from before.

"You!" said Emma.

She grabbed Chopper began to run away.

"Great… the storm trooper who can shoot didn't make her run away but I did… man first impressions suck." muttered the man.

As Emma and Chopper who had switched to walk point ran, Chopper asked, "What's going on."

"I've never been too clear." said Emma with a sweat drop.

That's when a generic looking swordsman dressed in black showed up. He was about top strike her when the woman from before showed up and blocked the sword using her own.

"you…" muttered the swords man.

That words woman smile as her sword became whip like and she went the man flying.

"Can't have fun with out a wHip." said the woman who turned around and looked at Emma and Chopper, "We aren't you going to ask me why I put so much emphasis on the "h"?"

"I don't even know if you're on my side!" yelled Emma.

"Don't worry… I'm a member of the Dream Society! I'm going to escort you to the ship." said the woman.

"What's the Dream Society?" asked Emma and Chopper.

"Their a group dedicated to keeping you alive." said the woman, "My name is Crystal by the way;."

"Okay…" said Emma and Chopper.

"Hopefully Kinky is doing g her job." said Crystal.

"How do you know about Kinky?" asked Emma.

"She's an old friend." said Crystal, "A very old friend…"

"How can you be friends with her?" asked Chopper.

"I was friends before she lost it." explained Crystal.

"Oh…" said Emma and Chopper.

"I'll take you two back to the ship." said Crystal, "Kinky will be helping your friends with their problems."

"What do mean their problems?" asked Emma.

"This attack was meant to be clean and short. Kill you then leave and that's it. They're distracting everyone else, while that's going on kill you." explained Crystal.

Chopper and Emma were confused by what she said.

"Just never mind." said Crystal.

Meanwhile in some bar, Zoro was battling it out with a really powerful swordsman. Kinky showed up and muttered, "Stupid pride…" then left.

She began to hop away. That's when she saw Sanji fight some guy while a woman held Nami back.

"Time to do my thang!" yelled Kinky.

She took out a gun and began to shoot the man and the woman… fortunately it was only dart so no one died.

(Kinky's POV)

Oh yeah bitches! I got them! I got them! Who's the rabbit! Kinky's the rabbit.

"Are you going to thank me bitches?" I asked.

Sanji and Nami stared at me blankly… I love it when they do that

(3rd Person POV)

"Uh… Kinky… why did you do that?" asked Sanji not knowing how to react.

"Because they didn't want to really hurt Nami, just wanted to distract you while they kill Emma." explained Kinky.

"Are you serious? Asked Nami blinking.

"Yep, now we all we have to do is get Usopp and Luffy out of their situation and find Emma and Chopper." said Kinky.

That's when Usopp ran by them being chased by a big muscular gut, Kinky just shot the big muscular guy.

Usopp stopped running when he saw the guy go down.

"What's going on?" asked Usopp walking towards them.

"Okay… now all we have to do is found Luffy." said Kinky.

"That didn't' answer my question." said Usopp.

"Well too bad!" yelled Kinky glaring at him.

And so they found Luffy… who had beat up- the guy who faced him.

"That was convenient." said Kinky.

"What about sword boy?" asked Sanji.

"He's still fighting him… just let him be." said a voice.

They turned to see the man with the light sabers from before.

"You!" yelled Luffy and Sanji.

"It's all a misunderstanding… I'm on your side, I was only trying to kidnap Emma to protect her." said the man.

"Then why did you do in the way you did?" asked Luffy.

"To protect you as well… You should not be in the middle of what's going on… But you and you're stuck." said the man.

"How do I know you're not working with the dark concil…" muttered Kinky glaring at the guy.

"Because I'm working with Crystal." said the man.

"You mean that Crystal?" asked Kinky blinking.

"She's with Emma right now… I thin k their headed back to the ship." said the man.

Kinky sighed, "We're going back." said Kinky.

"Wait why?" asked Sanji.

"Because I said so…" growled Kinky.

Everyone sweat dropped.

And so the group headed back to the ship at the same time Emma, Chopper and Crystal got back.

"Crystal?" asked Kinky.

"It's been a long time." said Crystal.

The two looked at each other… when Kinky said, "did you get thicker?"

"No…" said Crystal.

"Oh… because you look thicker…" said Kinky.

Crystal sweat dropped.

(Emma's POV)

And so we decided have a meeting in the Galley.

"Should we wait for Zoro?" asked Chopper.

"No…" replied everyone including me.

"But why?" asked Chopper.

"He's probably lost." said Sanji.

"My name is Ani." said the man who tried to kidnap me before, "We're members of the newly formed Dream Scarcity."

"Our goal is protect Emma from death… we are made up many groups that want to keep Emma alive." said Crystal.

"Why do you want me alive?" I asked.

"Look… now's not the time for you to know… that is needed that you need to live… for the sake of everyone and everything that exists in the omniverse." explained Ani… which I'm pretty sure is short of Anakin… figures his name would be that.

"Wait Omniverse?" asked Nami blinking.

"We'll explain another time." said Ani taking out a blue crystal and handing it to me, "Wear this always this will alert us if someone from the Dark Council is trying something with you."

Both Crystal and Ani left just as Zoro got there.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"I'm not quite sure." I answered looking at the crystal.

"You better put on the crystal." said Kinky, "After all the Dark Council has played Dirty so far… and they will again. We have to be careful."

"The dark Council?" asked everyone else in the room, including myself.

"Hahaha! You can't catch me!" yelled Kinky throwing a small bomb, it caused a large explosion of smoke… when it cleared Kinky was just leaving the room. She sighed, "I have to make my escapes quicker." she muttered.

I sighed… I still want's sure what was going on… and I didn't like it. Why did this have to happen to me… and what's going on!

Next Time: Kinky's hiding stuff from me, and I need to know now! Who is this Dark Council and why do they want me dead! I need answers now Kinky! You better tell me now!