Title: Harry Potter and The Darkness Year 1.

Characters: H/H M/OC D/OC R/L others varies

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Disclaimer: I own nothing but two characters I made up. (If I did own them then book six would have never happened that way)

Summary: Harry Potter was sent to live with his aunt and uncle house after his parents died but he was kidnapped. A manhunt was arranged to find him but they came up empty handed so he is now presumed dead. What happens when Harry arrives at Hogwarts with his cousins and they are not going to let Dumbledore control their lives?

Warning: Expect Dumbledore bashing and Ginny bashing. Draco Malfoy will be NOTHING like Draco in the book; this will be explained. Any Ginny/Draco fans who are die hard for them, do not read this story because Ginny will NOT be a major part of this story while Draco is with someone else. Sorry.

Notes: Please read first before attempting to read this story. I must tell you that while it's a rewrite of the books, not everything is going to be the same and it will not be completely following the book. Voldemort coming will be followed but not everything else. Each year will have different plots to each situation and there will be situations that were not in the book. Please take notes that it will last longer than 7 books. I have a feeling that it might last 8 or 9 book sections but it will depends on my endings.

Books – 1-5 (Ending of five is different; Book 6 has no place in it, except the horcuxes and Snape betraying them, these are the only thing from book 6).

Chapter 1

It was the middle of the night. A tall male with short black hair, his blue eyes flickered back and forth, looking for any signs of danger as he walked toward a house that was away from the town. He had a stick in his hand, the tip of which was glowing brightly in the night. He moved closer to the house only to see a mark in the sky. He stopped short when he recognised the mark and fear coiled in the pit of his stomach as he felt his blood turn to ice, terror started running through his body like mad. It was the Death Mark.

"Oh god no!" he hissed as he hurried over, seeing the flames coming from one side of the building. There was a body lying outside of the house. He moved closer and a flash of blonde hair shone in the moonlight. Pain shot through his heart when he recognised the body. He clutched his stomach as one hand covered his mouth and choked back a sob. "No," Sirius Black whispered as he walked over to the body. "NO!" he screamed in anguish as he ran and slid on his knees across the mud as he landed next to the fallen woman, and he picked her up. The feminine curly blonde hair was soaked with mud; her blue eyes were dull as they stared, blankly, into the night sky. "Callie!" Sirius screamed as he rocked the body in his arms. "NO!" he roared as pain shot through his body. "Oh god, Callie," Sirius sobbed out in anguish as he buried his face into her blonde locks and rocked her back and forth. "Why?" he asked, not understanding why she was taken from him. He continued to rock her back and forth when faint crying met his ears. His head shot up and he looked around till he found that the crying was coming from the house and his face paled as he stood up. "Oh god," Sirius whispered as he bolted toward the house. "MIA! HARRY!" he shouted as he ran up the stairs where the crying was intensive. He burst into the room and swallowed back a sob when he saw Lily lying on the ground; her arm was reaching toward the fallen cot, he fell down on to his knees beside her. "Lily," he whispered, pain shooting through his heart once more, he closed his eyes and looked away from her. He looked at the cot, crawled over to it and pulled the covers away only to see two one year old, raven-haired children; the girl had bright blue eyes, the same eyes as Callie, Sirius thought as pain shot through his heart, as she stared up at him. "Oh baby," he whispered as he picked her up, hugging her close as his eyes landed on the young boy - he had deep green eyes and Sirius gaped when he saw the scar on his forehead, his heart stopping. "No," he whispered, shaking his head in denial, there was no way… he hurried forward and picked up the young boy and hugged him close. "It'll be alright Harry, I'll keep you safe," he promised.

Sirius looked around the room when something black caught his eyes, he turned to see a large cloak lying on the ground near door and a wand, it was long and white with, what looked like skull on top of it and he felt the breath leave his body before he looked at Harry once more and understood the scar.

Voldemort must have found them and killed James, Lily and Callie. He looked back at the cloak and wand before looking back at Harry and kissed his forehead. Harry had received the scar because he had managed to defeat the one person the whole of the Wizarding world feared. He got the scar because he had survived the killing curse. Sirius rocked back on his heels when the thought sunk in, he had survived the killing the curse, the one curse that there was no protection from yet Harry Potter, a one year old boy managed to survive it and get rid of Voldemort.

Suddenly another thought entered his head, he had to get the kids out of here; he never knew if there was going to be any death eaters swarming around the place, looking for their lord.

He picked them up and walked down the stairs, and paled when he saw James lying there. He fell to his knees and closed his friend's eyes. Harry let out a small whimper as he reached out and patted James' cheek, only for Sirius to feel his eyes well up when he knew that his friend or Prongs wasn't going to wake up, no matter what anyone did. Sirius turned the kids away before bowing his head in a prayer. "Rest in peace…Prongs," Sirius whispered before exiting the house. He moved away from the house and slumped down on the ground as he held the children close to him, wishing that he could go back in time and save his wife and their friends from the fate they had met. His head snapped up when he heard a cracking noise, and anger and adrenaline ran though his veins. He hoped to god that it was a death eater so he could take them out with his own bare hands for what they had done to their family. Sirius watched in the mist as a shadow formed itself.

A large figure made its way over to Sirius; he spun around and pointed his wand at it.

"Whoa!" a male voice exclaimed. "It just me."

"Hagrid," Sirius sighed as relief shot through his body like a balm but the anger didn't diminish a bit as he brought his wand down before holding the children tighter to him. Why was Hagrid here? Where were the rest of the order and the ministry? He looked back up at Hagrid with a suspicious glance. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I'm here to take Harry," Hagrid told him and Sirius stood up as anger ran through his veins.

"What do you mean take him? I can look after him!" Sirius exclaimed and Hagrid shook his head, sadly.

"He is to go the Dursleys," Hagrid told him. "He'll be safe there." Sirius snorted in disbelief.

"Oh come on Hagrid, they don't care about Lily and they don't like anything magical!" Sirius snapped as anger ran through his veins at the thought of Lily's sister and uncle. They had rejected Lily when she had been accepted to Hogwarts and turned their nose up at anything 'abnormal' in their opinion. There was no way that Sirius was going to let Harry be subjected to people like them and he couldn't understand why Dumbledore would allow that. Hagrid shook his head once more.

"Sorry, Dumbledore's orders," Hagrid explained and Sirius sighed - he knew he couldn't fight on it without drawing attention, even though he was Harry's godfather. He was now a suspect in the betrayal but he wasn't going to give up without a fight, and made a note to plan later.

"Okay, take the bike - that'll get you there faster," he explained. Hagrid nodded as he took Harry and walked over to the bike. He wrapped Harry up in a blanket before putting him in a makeshift sling bag and climbed onto the bike and pressed the button. The engine started up and he drove off before pressing a button, lifting the bike into the air before disappearing into the night.

Mia whimpered as she let one arm stretch out and turned large blue eyes to her father. Sirius felt his heart break at his daughter's upset and lonely expression as she watched her friend disappear. "I know sweetie, I know," Sirius whispered as he kissed her forehead and pulled her in further, hugging her close. "Damn you Dumbledore, how could you do this?" he muttered before turning around, and walked over to the edge before disapparating from Godric's Hollow.

He arrived at the Black's mansion, where he and Callie had decided to live because it was closer to Godric's Hollow so Harry and Mia was able to grow up together, and stepped inside the house when he was bombard by house elves.

"Master Black!" they all squeaked.

"Can you please get Mia's bedroom ready and call everyone into the living room please?" he asked and they nodded as they all hurried to do his bidding. Sirius made his way into the living room, rocking Mia as he went.

Soon all the house elves were in the living room, waiting for any news. "I'm sorry to tell you that Callie, Lily and James," Sirius told them, cracking on the words. Gasps were heard all over the room. "Voldemort has met up with them and finished them off in the fight, he is now gone thanks to Harry but at the cost," Sirius explained, anger rolling around in his body at the thought of Voldemort and at the wizarding world who allowed themselves to cower in fear of him, letting him take over the world and cause death without making one attempt to try and stop him.

"Master, where is baby Harry?" one of the house elves asked. Sirius closed his eyes in pain before looking at the house elf.

"He is currently with his aunt and uncle but I plan to bring him back home tomorrow - he belongs here with us," Sirius told them with conviction in his voice. "I want you to take the rest of the night off. Give yourself time to grieve for three amazing people who helped Harry bring down Voldemort," Sirius told them and they nodded as he climbed the stairs to Mia's room.

He stepped in and hugged his daughter closer to him. "It's going to be okay," Sirius, whispered as he stroked Mia's hair as she fell into a deep sleep. He walked over to the cot and placed her gently into the cot before pulling over the blanket. Mia snuffled slightly before shifting then finally fell still while Sirius made his way into his bedroom.

Sirius went over to the bed and laid down on it, pulled a pillow over and breathed in the scent of his wife before burying his face into it and sobbed for the loss of his best friends and wife. "I promise you Callie, Lily and James - the wizarding world will learn what it's like to have backs turned on them when the time comes," Sirius swore angrily, but the rage disappeared as quickly as it arrived. He lowered his head onto the pillow once more and let sleep claim him, however restless it was.

Sirius made his way down the stairs the next morning, showered and dressed. He was on a mission which he planned to complete one way or another. He came to the bottom stairs and looked around for his house elf before giving in to the annoyance and frustration that they were never around to be seen due to their slavery contract. He just wished that Lily had made more of an impact on pushing the House Elves rights but it wasn't the correct time for them, and he hoped that someone would speak up for them soon.

"Dee-Di," Sirius called and she came forward out of nowhere, startling Sirius.

"Yes Master?" she asked.

"Listen, I have some errands I need to run. I want you to pack up the house and move over to our safe location," he told her and she nodded.

"Yes Master," she told him.

"If anyone comes to the house, do not let them enter at all and do not tell anyone where we are going - they will be looking for me," he warned and she nodded.

"What about Professor Dumbledore?" she asked and Sirius's eyes hardened.

"No, he is not to be told about anything. Just tell him that I'm not here and you are not to tell him anything. I don't trust him, not after everything that happened," Sirius told her, she just nodded, confused.

"No problem master. Will you be taking Mia?" she asked.

"No, take her with you," he told her and she nodded.

"Yes sir," she answered and he sighed.

"And will you please just call me Sirius?" he pleaded and she shook her head.

"Sorry Master, that is one order I won't obey," she told him before bowing her head and walking off, leaving him frustrated as he looked up at the ceiling.

"Well Lily, I tried," he muttered before walking out of the house. He disapparated from his house.

He found himself in a small town, and looked around to see everyone bustling about. Most of them were looking at the papers and pointing. Sirius shook his head when he passed the newspaper shop with the headline screaming. "Lily and James Potter Dead!" "Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived!" and, "You-Know-Who, finally dead!" He snorted in disgust at it, but still couldn't help but feel angry toward the wizarding world. They say they are better than muggles but the muggles do whatever it takes to prevent terrorists and war, and this world didn't even try at all. He shook his head as he pulled his hood up to hide himself, as he didn't want to speak to anyone till after his mission was done. He made his way over to Gringott's, stepped into the building and walked over to the counter where the Goblins were working. He walked over to the nearest one and pushed back his hood slightly so the goblin could catch the meaning and his face.

The goblin nodded in understanding and leaned in so they could speak without raising their voices to the people near by.

"Yes?" he asked.

"I need to speak to Griphook, it's an emergency," he informed and the goblin nodded.

"Wait here a moment," he told him before getting off the chair and made his way through a door. Sirius looked around the bank, fingering his wand as he did so. He didn't trust Dumbledore not to set the Aurors on him – he was probably under the impression he gave Lily and James away. Sirius was still on alert after seeing everything at Godric's Hollow - while the rest of the world was still celebrating that Voldemort was gone, there was still his minions, the Death Eaters, to worry about.

The goblin reappeared in front of Sirius once more and he looked down at him. "Mr Black, please follow me," the goblin stated and Sirius nodded as he followed.

They reached a door and the goblin knocked on it twice before opening the door and let Sirius through.

"Thank you," he told the goblin, who bowed his head and walked off, closing the door on the way.

"Mr Black, to what I own this pleasure for?" the head goblin asked from where he was sitting behind his desk. Sirius looked around - every time he came here; he was always impressed. When James and Lily found about the prophecy, they had gone to Griphook and told the Goblin that someone was betraying them but they didn't know who. Griphook had promised them that he would look after all their assets while they went into hiding. Sirius himself had been good friends with Griphook since he was a kid. Ever since he read about the rebellion, he had agreed with the Goblins in getting equality and sided with them whenever his parents made some remark about goblins being beneath them. He thought everyone deserves equality and proved his points to Griphook, who later became fond of the young boy and took him under his wing when Sirius was cast out from his family for not accepting the pureblood rules. He made his way over to the chair and sat down on it.

"It happened. Voldemort caught up with us and Lily and James are dead," Sirius told him, getting straight to the point and Griphook sighed heavily as sadness ran through his veins.

"I had hoped…" he trailed off and Sirius nodded too, understanding.

"Same here," Sirius told him.

"Okay, I will put their wills into action and set their affairs in order," Griphook told him and Sirius nodded.

"A couple more things - lock down the vaults," he told Griphook and the goblin looked at him.

"Are you sure?" he asked and Sirius nodded.

"Yeah, keep the interest coming and put everything that goes to Harry and Mia in their vaults, put everything that goes to me in my vault. Lock it down. I don't want Dumbledore or someone from the ministry getting their paws on what belongs to the children. I don't trust Dumbledore at the moment, especially with the way everything is going," Sirius told him and Griphook nodded.

"Is there anything else?" he asked and Sirius sighed.

"Yeah, Callie is dead too," Sirius whispered, the pain evident in his voice and Griphook slumped down in his chair.

"She was caught in the crossfire?" he asked and Sirius nodded. "Okay, shall I lock down her vault too?" he asked and Sirius nodded.

"Yes, I don't want any of her stuff to go missing - Harry and Mia will go through it when they are older," Sirius told him and Griphook nodded.

"What about the weapon vaults and all of the old Black Vaults?" Griphook asked.

"Keep them open for Mia, Harry, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy and I. I don't trust Lucius when it comes to Narcissa and I want them to have their own money," Sirius told them. "Lock it down from anyone else."

"Okay," Griphook told him as he wrote it all down before frowning. "Hm, it looks like Dumbledore had asked to be the guardian of Harry's wealth," Griphook muttered before scratching something out. "We'll see about that Mister Dumbledore."

"Can I have lists of all the properties that Harry, the Blacks, and Callie owned?" Sirius asked. "You never know where we might have to go to be safe," Sirius warned him and Griphook nodded.

"No problem there Mr Black," Griphook stated as he lifted a hand and a 13 rolls of parchment flew out from their holder and made their way over to Griphook, who looked over them, nodded and handed them over to Sirius. He shrunk them down and placed them in his pocket. "Do you have any way of me being able to us my money in the muggle world instead of me coming over here, as I'm gonna head into hiding with Mia and hopefully Harry, if I can get him away from those damn muggles that Dumbledore has put him with," Sirius told him and Griphook nodded.

"Yes, we have been researching the muggle world and we have found that they use bank card to be able to take money out and pay for things. It will work both in the magical world and the muggle world and its non traceable so you don't have to worry about the ministry having to find where you are hiding," Griphook told him and he nodded in relief.

"I'll take three thanks, one for Harry, Mia and me," Sirius told him. "I will try and contact Narcissa to let her know of my plans," he told him and Griphook nodded.

"I will get all this sorted out. Here are your cards," Griphook told him as he pulled out three cards and handed them to Sirius who took them and placed them in his pocket. "As for your keys, I will call the extras back and have them safe in the vaults so the children can give them to the people they trust the most," Griphook told him as he handed Sirius the vault keys and Sirius nodded.

"Thank you Griphook," Sirius told him as he stood up and they both shook hands. "Pleasure at doing business with you," Sirius told him and Griphook bowed his head.

"After this, if anyone asks, I have not seen you at all," Griphook told him as Sirius left the room. Griphook turned back to the paper and placed it into the 'in' box, where it disappeared and went into action. He nodded before sitting back down.

Sirius made his way out into the street, he looked around before making his way over to the apparating area, and disapparated from Diagon Alley and into a dark alley in the muggle world. He stepped out and looked around till he spotted a familiar person ducking in and out of shops.

"Got cha," Sirius hissed as he slipped out of the alley and made his way over to a short pudgy man with thinning brown hair. "Hello Peter," Sirius greeted casually as he held tight onto his temper to refrain it from getting out. The man stopped short and froze on the spot. He slowly turned around to see Sirius standing there, his eyes hard as he flicked through a magazine that he had picked up.

"Sirius," Peter stuttered out.

"Let's go for a walk, huh?" Sirius suggested before putting the magazine down and pushed Peter out onto the street and shoved him further down so they were away from the muggles that surrounded the area. "So, how is life these days now that Voldemort has bit the dust?" Sirius demanded as his temper started to slip through.

"I'm sorry!" Peter started but Sirius spun around, rage filling his dark blue eyes.

"You shouldn't have betrayed them Peter," Sirius told him.

"I had no choice, when the dark lord commands, you must follow it!" Peter told him and Sirius snorted in disgust and disbelief.

"We were your friends first Peter, you sold us out!" Sirius snapped out, angrily as his fingered his wand.

"I'm sorry Sirius, but he was too powerful!" Peter exclaimed; fear entering his voice but Sirius wasn't fooled.

"No!" Sirius snapped. "You were too weak! You allowed yourself to be taken in by him - you should have been stronger! Lily, James and Callie are dead! Mia has no mother and Harry has no parents at all! You did that to them!" Sirius shouted. "Now it's time for justice."

Sirius raised his wand, ready to kill Peter when a flash and smoke started filling the area. Peter disappeared; leaving a thumb on the ground while Aurors covered the area.

Sirius looked around, he hadn't even cast a spell when the smoke came out of nowhere when something small and brown caught his eye, he turned and saw a small brown rat scurrying toward the drain and understanding ran through his body.

Peter had changed himself into his animagus shape, the rat and Sirius noted that the rat had a finger missing and understanding dawned on him once more as he looked at the thumb, he has been framed.

"Put the wand down now Black!" the leader order while Sirius laughed madly at the ironic situation.

"Oh that fucking back stabber," Sirius, muttered under his breath as he tried to tamp down on his anger but it wasn't working well.

"You are under arrest for the murder of Lily Evans Potter, James Potter, Callie Black and Peter Pettiegrew," the leader shouted and Sirius turned around to face him through a red haze.

"If you want me, you gotta catch me. I'm not letting a bunch of idiots ruin the wizarding world because you can't figure out the real killer," Sirius informed him, coldly, before he disapparated from the area.

"Damn!" the leader shouted out in frustration as he kicked a stone.

"Find him and bring him back at all cost!" another man shouted and the leader started shouting out orders as he did so.

Sirius found himself in a back garden; and he let out a deep breath before shaking himself. He had one more mission left and it wasn't going to get screwed up like the last one. He walked over to the house of the back garden he was in, making sure that no one was around to see him sneaking about.

Sirius looked in the window and growled as rage flared up in his body when he saw Harry. The child had a tin of cold beans in front of him, and was still in his clothes and same nappy that Sirius had rescued him in. While Petunia fed and gave attention to her baby, who, Sirius noticed, was quite fat, he could feel his lips curl up into a sneer. Sirius could never understand or comprehend how Petunia came from a family like Lily's.

"Right Petunia, I'm heading off to work," a large man stated as he stepped through and Sirius felt disgust running through his veins, Vernon Dursley stood there and bent down at the waist and pinched his son's cheek. "How's my champion?" he asked, joyfully, causing he baby to giggle. Not one of them turned to greet Harry once.

"He's been a very good boy, haven't you?" Petunia cooed to her baby boy, who gurgled up at her. Vernon smiled proudly; he looked at Harry with a disgusted glare obvious on his face before he turned back to his wife. "What are we going to do about the freak?" he asked.

Petunia looked at Harry with a glare of her own and shook her head.

"Leave him alone, he'll have to feed himself sooner or later by himself because I'm not helping him," Petunia stated with disgust mingling in her tone before she turned back to her son and smiled again. Vernon nodded in agreement before leaving the kitchen.

Sirius walked toward the edge of the house and peered round the corner, watching as Vernon climbed into his car and peeled out of the driveway before walking, determinedly, back toward the kitchen door. He braced himself, lifted up a foot and kicked in the door, startling the residents inside.

Sirius burst through the door, causing Petunia to scream as she spun around to face the intruder.

"How dare you!" she shouted as she clutched her heart and held her son close to her, without a thought for Harry's well being, who was now smiling and laughing as he looked up at his godfather. Sirius just snarled at Petunia.

"How Lily found it in her heart to love you is beyond me," Sirius snapped at her, frustrated at the situation and how self-absorbed Petunia could be. "I'll be taking Harry."

He picked up the now giggling child and left the house. "You're coming with me, cub," Sirius told Harry happily, tickling the baby's side. He smiled when Harry laughed before hugging and disapparating from Privet Drive for good, leaving the muggles to live their life in peace like they wanted before Harry showed up, unwanted, on their doorsteps.

Sirius Apparated in the backyard of a house, where there were tall trees and bushes covering them from any detection. He moved over to the door and opened it. Dee-Di smiled and walked over to him. Sirius nodded as he looked around the kitchen, it looked like his old kitchen, but it wasn't. They were now living in the muggle world where they were safe from the ministry and Dumbledore, add in the fact that it was unplottable so that no one could find them and wouldn't be able to detect any magic. All Sirius could do was hope that it would be a permanently safe house for the kids and had a feeling that it would be.

"Master Black, you're home and you have Baby Master Potter," Dee-Di told him, happiness and excitement shining in her voice and Sirius smiled back.

"Yes Dee-Di, I brought him home. Could you make up some lunch for the kids please?" he asked and she nodded.

"Yes Master Black, I will find you when it's ready," she told him before bowing her head and walked off, leaving Sirius shaking his head in annoyance and amusement. No matter what he did and how many times he told her, she still called him Master.

"You see why your mother wanted the house elves to be free buddy? It was so they would stop calling her mistress," Sirius teased, causing Harry to giggle in his arms. He walked into the living room where Mia was playing with her toys; and she turned to face her dad and smiled.

Sirius set Harry on the ground and smiled when he and Mia crawled to each other, giggling as they greeted each other in baby talk and he nodded. This was the way it was supposed to be and he was going to make sure they had everything they ever wanted.