She sat with her legs crossed and she was staring as something underneath her nail. She was picking at the foreign substance when the head mistress came in.

"Elizabeth, you're up darlin."

She groaned how she hated this job. She had become a prostitute a year ago when she lost him…Will. She loved Will with all her heart, but now he was gone. If he was dead, this all would seem to be a lot less…disgusting. But he was alive, and well for that fact. He was on the sea, its call was too strong. He said he would be back in a week, if he was not she should move on. Around 2 months ago she got a letter telling her he was alive and well.

"The jerk off…" she said a little too loud.

She was under the name of Sandra, the British princess. When men asked for her they usually want her to play the bratty girl or the submissive one. It was all very annoying…It pays good…that's all that mattered. She said this every time she went to do…her job, she would also silently curse William Turner to hell.

2 years of marriage for nothing…I should have stayed with Jack. At least with him I knew what was going on. Another annoying man that she kept reminding herself of. When they had saved Jack he showed love toward her, caressed her. He even went as far as asking her to stay with him. She declined saying that she loved Will and only Will. The truth, she knew Will was stable…or she thought he was stable.

She slowly walked into the room to await her new…suitor. Slowly opening the door she saw no one right away. Someone was sitting on the chair in the corner. It was dark so she couldn't see anything but his boots. Mysterious…how annoying. She wasn't in the mood for games. This was her final client of the night and she wanted this done and over with. But if mystery boy over there wanted to play, well she was going to be done in an hour anyway.

"So what's your name mystery boy?"

She said sliding onto the bed, in a very seductive manner mind her. Her dress was not the typical dress they wore in England, it was some new fashion she found when her and Will visited Japan. It was a form fitting dress with a very long slit up the side, it went right to her hip. It was a deep red and went straight across with spaghetti straps. For her the straps liked to fall to show off her soft creamy shoulders. Her hair was a mess and she looked like a sex goddess.

The man in the shadows just sat rocking back and fourth in his chair. He was surveying the situation, deciding on his best course of action. He looked at the soft goddess before him, wishing for nothing more than to jump her, but his mind was not sure if he should. He was not expecting it to be her.

"Hmm…not much for words now eh? Oh well, if ye aren't going to ravish me with your manly parts well, then may I go home? Ye see I've had a long day and I am quite tired. But if ye does want to play…"

She slowly rose and approached the man hidden in darkness. She placed a soft hand on his shoulder feeling the thin material of his shirt. Her other hand slipped to his face and was scratched by a beard. Now usually, a beard, who cares? But this beard…this beard was familiar. She gave him a puzzling look and searched for invisible eyes. She ran her fingers along it to his chin, where she discovered two braids.

Her hands shot away as if burned. She backed up slowly and fell on the bed. Her legs squeezed together and her skirt revealed a smooth long right leg. She quickly backed all the way up to wall. She brought her knees up and wrapped her arms around them.

"Jack Sparrow…"

Her voice quivered at the words, they felt like a burning sensation. She believed that she would never see Jack again, even though she hoped for it every day she left him. But not now, now she did not want to see him. She had just humiliated herself in front of him. Hell, she humiliated herself every day, allowing strange men to come in and touch her. She felt disgusted with herself. Small tears threatened her eyes but she would not let Jack Sparrow see them.

"What are you doing here Jack?" she said just above a whisper.

"What does it look like, savvy? I was lookin for some pleasurable company, and instead if found…married women."

"Hardly, I haven't been married for quite sometime thank you very much."

The words dripped with hatred not for Jack, but Will. He had taken that sweet idea of a lovely home with a picket fence, and here she was in Singapore selling herself.

"Oh? What happened? The whelp found out his bonnie lass was not what 'e wanted? That she was not worth' it? That she is just a dirty wench just like the rest of em?"

She stood at this and approached him. He had come out of the darkness to lean against the table. Her hand met his face and he looked in confusion.

"I'm not quite sure I deserved that."

"You sure as hell did you jack ass!"

She said raising her hand again. He caught it and pushed her back to the bed. She was lying on her back struggling with her hands. He finally pinned her wrists and she looked up at him, defeated.

"How could you." Her mind fighting a battle of emotions, tears waging war against her eyes.

"How could I what savvy?"

"How could you just leave? How could you just let me go? How could you not fight for me?"

The tears won the war and they were now running ramped down her face. Defeat and longing were etched into her face as she stared at him. She looked away in shame, she was not a good person, she had resorted to the worst way to make money.

"I thought I was doin the right thing…" he said caressing her cheek.

He scooped her up and sat her on his lap. He soothed her crying by playing with her back.

"Ye know that I got the raw end of this deal, luv. I paid a good price for ye and here I am stuck takin care of ya."

She giggled, and saw the sly smile on his face. She knew he wasn't going to force her but he did pay right?

"Well, sir. Since you paid such a pretty penny for my service I would be much obliged to indulge your request."

She said slowly straddling his lap. Her hands went to his legs and slowly trailed up over his chest to his shoulders.

"But only if you will indulge my fantasy."

His eye corked at this statement. His hand found her buttocks and squeezed the soft flesh. His lips found her ear, hot breath emitting through his lips.

"And what might that be luv?"

His hot breath tickled the nerves in her ear.

"The fantasy of sleeping with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow…"

Her words burned his ear, this was not the way he expected the night to go. He expected a quick visit and a cheap fix. But this…this was much better. From the moment he saw her he wanted this, but the way she looked. Hell she looked so appetizing he could just…well the things Jack could do was almost too much to handle. He wanted her, he wanted her so bad. But not like this, not as some whore. He cared for her too much, and she was sure as hell better than any whore he's had or could have.

He ran a hand in her hair and down her back. He kneed the soft flesh of her back and shoulders. He felt her lips playing with his collar and he knew if he let this go it wouldn't stop with just a simple kiss.


He hated doing this but pulled from her. He came in focus of a very confused

Elizabeth. Her eyes locked with his and started searching for what was going on.

"We can't do this luv, as much as it will kill me we can't."

"Because I'm a whore now…never stopped you with the other women."

Her words stung, but were true. She lifted her dress and lifted her leg up and over him to stand. Her back was to him and he was groaning in pain from their break.

"No, it is because ye are not a whore. As much as it pains me to not just ravage you right here right now. I'd much rather take you somewhere…more appropriate?"

"And what would be more appropriate?" she turned, her arms crossed across her chest pushing on her supple breasts.

He simply turned and redressed. He then proceeded to picked her up and carry her out. They went to Madam Resia and he sat her down, while she still sported a very confused look.

"How are we doin Madam R? Good, good. Well ye see this fine lass here I think I'd like to buy her."

"Buy? She is my top seller, what makes you think I'd give her up?"

He dropped a sack on the table. Apparently inside was something Madam liked because she just waved Elizabeth off. Jack gave a sly smile and picked her up, once again and carried her out. He sat her down in the street and took her hand.

They were walking down the road when he suddenly felt a weight lift from his hand.

"Jack!" Elizabeth screamed.

He turned to find some whelp picking Elizabeth up and dragging her off. She was kicking and screaming the whole way. Jack disappeared from her vision, and she was truly crying now. She suddenly heard a gun cork and the man stopped dead in his tracks.

"I don't think ye want to be doin that mate."

The man slowly put Elizabeth down and Jack quickly pulled her to him, his hand resting at her waist. When Jack took the pistol away the man quickly scurried off. With that Jack quickly got her to the docks, and onto the Pearl.

She gave him a small smile as he led her up to the deck. When she arrived she was only half surprised to see half the crew drunk on the top deck. She gave a knowing look to Jack and rolled her eyes. He just smiled slightly.

"As you were."

He grabbed her waist again and hurried her to his cabin. His hot breath played on her ear and his hand played with her hair. He secured the door and pushed her toward the bed, his body shaking with desire.

She looked at him, and to know that the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow was lusting after her, well it wasn't such a bad thing. Now she wasn't going to deny that knowing the infamous Captain of the Black Pearl wanted nothing more to do right than to have sex with her was a turn on, to say the least. But she was not going to give it up right away. She slowly walked away from him and ran her fingers over the massive table in the middle of the cabin. He just watched as she seductively ran her hands over the hard wood.

His eyes would twitch every time he would catch glimpses of her right thigh through the slit. He sat down oh his bed and leaned back on his elbows. He allowed a sly grin to cross his face, he could see what she was doing. Her right strap had fallen to show off her slender shoulder and her hair was down falling over her neck and face.

She slowly put hair behind her ear and ran a finger over the trinkets on his deck. Jack didn't move, he didn't do anything, she wasn't the only one who could play this game. The problem was…he desired nothing more than to ravish her at that second. But he was not going to give in, so he laid back on his bed and closed his eyes.

"Comfortable Captain?" she asked slowly making her way toward him.

He opened one eye but didn't move. He slowly closed it again and folded his hands over his stomach.

"Why yes luv I am." He said, not moving.

She sat on his bed and ran a hand over his arm. She felt him shiver under her touch and giggled softly. She slowly lowered her face to his ear and whispered ever so softly.

"Well since you are so comfy I should go so I don't disturb you."

Her hot breath on his ear was enough to send him over the edge. She leaned away from him and smiled deviously. She turned her head toward the door and was slowly rising from the bed. She suddenly felt force on her arm and was being pulled down onto the infamous captain. His eyes were still shut and his arm had wandered to her neck and the other to her butt, giving it a small squeeze.

"Why don't ye stay for a bit?"

He said running his hand over her body. His hot breath was on her ear sending tremors through her body. Her hands ran up her arms and too her neck. His hand went into her hair and his face came inches from hers and a small smile came over her face.

"Now why should I stay? I should get back, I have a job to do."

He smiled at this, she has become one hell of a woman…his body twitching with desire.

"Actually luv you don't. If ye has not noticed I have just gotten the great honor of buying you. And since ye has become one of my very favorite pieces of purchase. I plan to use you well…"

"And what stops me from just getting up and leaving? Because, Jack, you do know that I belong to no one and I will not become submissive to you or any man. You should have checked out your purchase before you bought it."

She placed a finger on his chest and ran it up and then down. He gave her a puzzling look and a slight grin.

"Ah but Miss Elizabeth I did, I checked it out from head to toe. And I must say, I liked what I saw then, and I still like what I see now."

He said running a hand up and down her exposed leg. She shivered at his touch and ran her hands over his jacket and 'effects'. His hand went to her cheek and his knuckles kissed her cheek and ran to her hair, palming her scalp. She leaned back into his touch showing off her tender neck. He couldn't take it anymore, this game of cat and mouse was just getting too much.

His lips found her neck and he tenderly kissed the flesh. Her eyes widened at his movements and she felt her skin burn from the sensation of his lips. They trailed up her jaw line and to her ear, carefully sucking and nipping the tender area. His hot breath roamed the area and caused her body to tense from desire.

It finally came, what she wished for most. His lips finally found hers and there was an explosion in her body that just erupted. Stars flashed and fireworks erupted all around them. The passion behind their movements was too much, her hands were inside his jacket and slowly bringing it down to his elbows. He was supporting her back but let go to allow his jacket to drop to the ground. His hat was thrown off as her hand traveled over his head and down into his hair.

He slowly backed her up to the bed and she felt the back of her knees hit the bed and she fell into a sitting position. He was on top of her hands on either side, his body hovering above her. They were slowly lowering to the mattress when he heard a loud knock on the door.

"Captain!" Mr. Gibbs screamed.

He looked at the seductress in front of him and she smiled softly. She gave a small smile and moved her head toward the door.

"CAPTAIN!" Mr. Gibbs screamed a little more the second time.

He quickly made her stand and caught her lips on his in a second explosive kiss. He ran to the door, unlocked it and sung it open.

"What is it Mr. Gibbs?" he asked annoyed.

"Sir there is word that Lord Buckett is coming for a visit."


"Aye, it's word around Singapore. Almost all said pirate groups are headin out."

He looked at Mr. Gibbs and brought his hand to his chin.

"Alright Mr. Gibbs, weigh anchor. Head east toward Japan, we should get out here and stock up there."

"Aye." Mr. Gibbs looked over at Elizabeth and gave her a slight nod and she returned a sweet smile.

When Mr. Gibbs finally left Jack turned to Elizabeth. She had her hands were on either side of her and she was leaning on his bed. His finger twitched and he closed the door. He looked over at her eyeing her and she started staring at her finger nails. He grabbed his coat and slipped it on, unhappily. He finally approached her and she noticed him and gave him a sly grin and stood up. His hand snaked around her waist and brought her lips to his, fire emitting from each lip lock.

"We'll have to continue this later, luv." His hot breath playing on her skin.

"A captain has his duties. Maybe later I could interrupt them." She said running a hand over his collar.

He kissed her neck and ran from the cabin to assume his duties. Leaving a very distraught Elizabeth to contemplate her thoughts.

This turned out to be a better day than expected…she thought looking at her nails once again.