"I hate these stupid things…" Jack grumbled as he messed with the tie

"I hate these stupid things…" Jack grumbled as he messed with the tie. A groan escaped his throat as he felt delicate hands reach around his body and take hold of the two ends of the tie. Sweet fingers put his tie together and he grimaced.

"Patience." Elizabeth said sweetly.

Eyes locked with Wills as he saw him running up the hill. Jack gave Elizabeth a knowing look as he kissed her lovingly.

"Come back to me," was her only demand.

"Is there seriously a reason we 'ave ta go ta these things?" Jack whined.

He stared attentively at his wife as she fastened her brand new dress around her back. He had to admit, if nothing else he loved the style of this century. His wife in a beautiful long red dress that brought out her ivory skin and hugged her every curve. Yes he could get used to this century.

"Jack you are the CEO, of course we have to go!"

He got to the entrance and was faced with the most breathtaking display. It was a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by aqua lights, shimmering water, and in the middle was a small island that held a tree and created a path with wildflowers. In the middle sat a glorious woman her eyes sharp and her beauty inconceivable.

"I didn' want ta be de CEO! I just wanted to get a good job dat doesn't require a lot of work!"

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, "Baby…" she thought. A small laugh escaping her lips and Jack whipped his head to look at her. He really should be grateful though, he may be the CEO of "Black Pearl" the leading in luxury cruise lines, but at night he is the head of the secret Mafia, his favorite of the two occupations.

"Jack if you are going to complain this entire time we will just stay home and then you can explain to all of your followers why their "boss" did not show up for his own party!" Elizabeth said as she fastened another earring and checked on her make up.

"So we meet again Jack?" Will says as he approaches the entrance as well, his sword already drawn.

"I believe we do, mate." Jack says with a grimace as he pulls out his own weapon.

A staring contest ensues and Jack could have sworn he felt Elizabeth roll her eyes from far away. With the continual battle of "who can keep his eyes open the longest" Jack lunged forward at Will. His surprise attacked shocked his young protégé and he had to step back to defend himself, but quickly recovered, and lunged at Jack with the same force.

Elizabeth could hear the clanging of swords as she held her baby close to her breast. She did not know why but the sudden urge to pray took over her body. With her eyes closed and her child held tightly to her body she started to send prayers to those she loved. Tears fell as she knew something is wrong and the only thoughts going through her mind were those of Jack.

Her shoes were on as she walked out of the bathroom looking even more fantastic as she did before. She held the door frame and popped her hip at Jack for dramatic effect, causing him to laugh.

"How do I look?" she said a little too seductively to the Captain.

He quirked his eyebrow as he sauntered over to her, her body unmoved only her eyes following his. He came to her and put his hands on her hips, pushing her back against the frame, and brought his face close to her ear.

"Ye look-"

He was cut off by the cries of his son. A deep sigh and she gave him a look of pure innocence as he huffed to see what was wrong with his heir.

The battle continued as Jack was lunging at Will time after time. His body was growing weak but he knew if Will got to that oracle first, all would be over for him and his family. Family. Family. Family. Those words rang clear in his mind as he continued the clanging of swords.

One shove and Will was down, now Jack just had to finish it. His sword drew up high as he pushed forward, but missed his target, even though his sword connected to flesh, the flesh of a dark skinned beauty, with long hair, and a pure spirit. Jacks eyes widened and the next thing he could hear was Will's screams.


Will lunged forward as Ana Maria slowly bled to death in his arms. Jacks eyes not leaving the sight, his mind was racing as he felt pressure on his arm. He looked down to see Elizabeth standing next to him clinging tightly to his body. He gave her a questioning look, surprised by the blank look that covered his loves face.

"Jack ye be too old far this."

"But Daddy, I want you to read for me, please?"

He couldn't deny his son his kidneys if he asked for it. He tossed the boy's hair as he pulled out a familiar fairytale from the shelf. He opened his mouth to read until he felt the tug of a small hand on his pants. Another deep sigh escaped his lips as he looked down at his beautiful baby girl.

"Pearl, shouldn't ye be in ye's cribs?"

Jack asked curiously looking fondly at the small girl with midnight hair and deep brown eyes. He lifted her onto his knee as he attempted to open the book and appease the masses. That was until he heard a knock on the frame and a familiar face walk through the door.

"Gibbs…" Jack said, looking extremely relieved.

"I thought it was you." She said simply, pure relief flooding through her veins.

He should have at least stayed to pay his respects to Ana Maria, but this situation was greater than her. He looked at Elizabeth again, giving her the silent order to "stay." She nodded, knowing what needs to be done to stop Will before he gets over his stupor.

His body made it through the shimmering pool to the woman who sat through the whole fight and did nothing to lift a finger. Her skin, aqua, her hair made up of leaves, ivy covered her intimate parts and here eyes were a single color of yellow, making her look wise and old.

"You come to stop that man." She says as a statement not a question.

A nod.

"You come to save those you love, particularly that woman with the blonde hair who is your wife."

A nod.

"You want me to stop him."

Another nod.

"I can't."

Jack finished his story and closed the book with a big thud causing his precious daughter to giggle.

"Now ye must sleep for Uncle Gibbs!" His enthusiasm getting lost.

The young boy looked fondly at the older man as Gibbs went to Jack, giving him a small kiss on his head and tucking him softly under the covers.

Jack, on the other hand, had swung Pearl over his shoulder causing her to giggle and wrestled her into the bed.

"Daddy stop tickles!"

Her sentences still off, she was still quite young. He continued to poke at her until he heard the clearing of the throat and turned around to see and impatient Elizabeth standing in the door way.

"Daddy must go Luv." He said, looking fondly at his daughter.

"NO! Daddy stay!"

"No daddy must go, but I will be back in te mornin k?"

"Pinky promise?" She asked with hopeful eyes.

"Pinky promise." Jack says as he grabs her pinky.

He moves away from the bed as Elizabeth plants a soft kiss on Pearls forehead coaxing her to sleep.

"Why?" Jack demands.

The oracle continued to look straight ahead not focusing on Jack ever.

"He did all the required steps when it came to see me. I believe that I am required to grant his request."

"So ye tell me, that even though I got 'er before that eunich 'e still gets 'es wish!?" Jack screams furious.

"Yes." She says and Jack feels defeated.


Jack sneaks in to look into the crib of his newest child.

"G'nite Jacob." Jack says while stroking his hair.

Elizabeth pulls his arm out of the house and finally gets him into the limo. He flings an arm around her body and brings her close, enjoying the scent of her hair.

"Jack…I've missed you."

"Lizzy, I've missed ye too." Jack says while kissing her hair.

He brings her close to him in the back seat and starts to kiss her roughly. His body leans into her as she somehow ends up in a lying position with her captain hovering over her body. His free hand roaming every part of her, under her dress, along her breasts, her knees, back, thighs, neck. His hands keep moving until he feels the lack of movement from the car.

"Where here," she whispers.

"I will help you."

Jack looked at her shocked. His body numb with desperate expectations.

"I will give you a treasure unlike any you have ever seen, and with it comes the immunity to the destruction he will cause once he gains the power."

"How…" Jack asks, eyeing the lifeless oracle.

"I will send you to a place that Will, will never find you. A place that will give you riches beyond your wildest dreams and give you the serenity of the ocean for a lifetime."

Jack hesitated this could turn out to be the greatest reward or the deepest disaster. That and riches beyond his wildest dreams? A life with Lizzy and a family? Even being on sea? What is not to love? Except…

"What be da price?"

He made himself comfortable on the boat as it explored the harbor. His happiness beamed, as he road across the calming waters. He smiled at the captain, knowing full well who really controls the ship. He liked the idea of being the head but not actually having to do anything, it felt great. He just really hated all these parties. There were people here who were only hear because of his power and his influence. He always felt so cheap at these things.

"I'm going to go mingle." Elizabeth announced to him with a look of curiosity.

"Have fun Luv." Jack said with a small kiss to her neck.

She reluctantly let go of his arm as she went off in another direction, trying to find others that she knew she must talk to in order to keep up appearances. A deep sigh escaping his lips again as he swallowed his rum and looked out onto the sunset wondering if he made the right decision.

"Ye could no longer live in this world."

"What?" Jack asked, his fingers curling softly in curiosity.

"You would have to go to another time, one far from this era. You would have to start over, and learn to live through new laws and new cods of creed."

Her face was still unmoving and Jack was not sure he liked the idea of leaving his ear, he liked his era, there was rum in his era.

"What about me crew? An me ship?"

"Those things will come to you in time, but for now you would be sent there with just your wife and your children, in a matter of days your ship and crew would be returned to you."

He hesitated, looking at the opening of the cave and seeing Elizabeth, her body still and her beauty ageless. His eyes flickered to Will, lying at the bed of Ana Maria. Surly now he would come for Elizabeth to claim the child he wished from her before. His vengeance would be twice as painful as he thought it would be before now that Will was a truly scored man.

His contemplation continued as the oracle finally turned her head to acknowledge his existence, staring him straight in the eyes.

"Do we have a deal?"

It took a matter of moments before Jack said yes and here they were. Sitting on a private boat, soaking in seas mist, and relishing in the fact that they had missed the reign of terror Will inflicted on the world soon after their disappearance.

He did get his crew back, except it was in the form of assassins and mobsters. He did like the mafia though; being one of the most feared men underground had its perks. He also loved relishing in the fact that he owned a billion dollar cruise line.

His only regret is his time away from sea. It had been years since he just got on his Pearl and sailed away for months on end. He blamed no one but himself for that, and he knew that if he asked Elizabeth and the children would be with him in a heart beat. In this day and age it was not as big of a deal sailing with children.

He felt soft hands rub his back as Elizabeth stood next to him.

"Yes?" he gave her a brilliant smile as she let her deep chocolate eyes meet his.

"Come with me."

Three simple words, that became heavy and deep through the lips of his minx. He followed, regardless, and eyed her curiously as she led him into the basement where he kept all his alcohol.

"I though ye were socializin?"

Jacks eyes were mocking as he held her hips and pushed her against the wall. Her arms snaking around his neck to play with his hair and a soft sight escaped her lips as she looked at his much shorter cleaner hair. Sometimes, Elizabeth missed the dirty scoundrel of a pirate that she married, but she can make due with short hair and a clean face that only held a small mustache instead of his intense beard and braids.

"I got bored."

He frowned at this. She is bored and she decides to play? Now that's no fun, Jack thought. She bit her lip and gave him her best doe eyes signaling that it was a ruse. He raised an eyebrow, awaiting her explanation.

"Actually, I overheard Melissa talking about her latest sexploit."

"And…" Jack encourage.

"Well…it involved a part, drinking, and people everywhere causing the rush of exposure to course through her body."

With each word Elizabeth places a soft kiss on Jacks neck and allowed her hands to run up and down his chest. He groaned, maybe this party won't be a waste…his eyes closed as he let his hands play with her hips. His fingertips sending shivers down Elizabeth's spine and her body shaking for him.

He swiftly pushed her against the wall and captured her lips and a deep lustful kiss. His tongue darting in and out of her mouth and his hands bunching at the fabric of her dress. A deep groan escaped her lips as she felt the contact of his hands on her thighs and his fingers teasing her entrance through her panties.

Elizabeth starts to fumble with his belt, desperate to get him inside her. He smiles at her eagerness and realizes whoever this Melissa girl is, he should defiantly thank her later. He helps her with the buckle and soon his pants are around his ankles and Elizabeth's legs are in the air around his waist. She grabs a hook above her head for support and feels Jack push her panties aside.

She closes her eyes with anticipation feeling Jacks hot lips on her neck. She moans, "Jack…" hearing his name causes him to break. In a fluid motion he is inside her causing her to cry out in pleasure. He doesn't know where he gets the strength, he was sure he was tired this afternoon, but somehow he is pounding into his wife at an impressive speed.

Her hips attempt to meet his and their lips lock, savoring the moment. Deep thrusts into her pussy and she feels her body building in anticipation. The waves of pleasure are flowing through them as they both feel their orgasms mounting. The faint sound of footsteps can be heard above, but they ignore it. That is, until, a voice is heard.


For some reason, whoever said Jacks name caused the couple to kiss the screams of pleasure away as the came together. Jack pumping a few extra times just to make sure Elizabeth's orgasm lasted. As he pulls out she straightens her dress and he pulls up his pants.

Elizabeth turns beat read as she sees one of Jacks female colleagues gaping at them. Elizabeth puts on her best face and sashays past the young woman with a triumphant look on her face.

"Hello Jasmine." Was all she said.

Jasmine looked at her bugged eyes and stared at her boss, the one she had an ongoing crush on since her first day of work. Jack smiled a bit trying to gain his composure. Jasmine gave him a look as if demanding an explanation, which Jack took offence too. No one should judge a man who can't resist his own wife. Instead of getting angry at the obvious judgmental and envious look he smiled and walked passed her but did stop to say one final word.

"What can I say Luv? I have a thing for red silk dresses."

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