Title: Shades of Blue

Season: 6

Summary: The sisters never really trusted Chris. Then they caught him letting a demon into Wyatt's room and kicked him out of P3. No one's seen him since. Until now.

Disclaimer: If I owned Charmed, Chris wouldn't have died. Chris died, therefore I don't own Charmed. That's got to be some kind of math proof.

A/N: I was going to say "This is it. I hope you liked it. And reviews are, as always, appreciated." Instead I'm saying "I've decided to break the end into two small chapters. So one more left dudes."


Piper had requested that Paige "orb her ass over to P3 right now and Paige, not wanting to have two people pissed at her, immediately complied. Now she was sitting on the squishy couch Chris had slept on when he first came to the future ackwardly while Piper paced in front of her.

"Please say something," Paige pleaded.

"Say something? Say something?! What am I supposed to say Paige? Tell me that. You drop this huge bomb and what, I'm just supposed to accept it and go about my merry way? No, a sufficient amount of time must be given for processing to occur. Also, this processing time should take place after we figure out if he's lying his ass off."

"He isn't lying. He's really your son. I know he is."

"How? How do you know?" Paige opened her mouth to explain, but Piper cut her off. "No, I get what you said about letting it slip about his aunt. But he's smart. We can't forget that. He could have only pretended to let it slip."

"And this is why he wouldn't tell you." Stressed and upset, Paige did the only thing she could think of: she got reinforcements.

"Can someone tell me what's so important I had to leave an important meeting?" Phoebe demanded as Paige orbed her into the back room of P3.

"Paige has an interesting thoery she wants to share with you," Piper told her. "And how did you get out anyway?"

"You don't want to know."

"Fair enough," Piper reasoned. "Paige, tell her the news."

Paige fought to keep her voice even. "Chris is Piper's son." She wasn't sure what reaction she was hoping for, but laughter certainly wasn't it. "Not a laughing matter Phoebs."

"Oh. You mean you're serious?"

"Thank you," Piper said. "At least someone else realizes how preposterous this is."

"Yeah, I'm with you honey." Giving Paige a 'you're out of your mind' look, Phoebe placed her hand on Piper's shoulder to comfort her sister. As soon as she made contact, she gasped as she was pulled into the most memorable vision she had ever seen.

Piper was sitting on the floor of the manor playing blocks with Wyatt. The front door creaked open, and Wyatt ran over to it at the sound. Piper just sat there smiling until Leo walked into the room, bouncing Wyatt up and down. He settled the grinning and babbling toddler in one arm and extended the other to help Piper up. She accepted it with another smile, tired but grateful, and let Leo drag her to her feet by one hand, her other hand on her swollen belly. Leo put his hand over hers, and they just stared in each others eyes silently, the perfect family, normal for those few special moments.

Then the scene shifted, and Phoebe was in a dark hallway. She walked down, stepping through the rubble and broken glass and wood and severed body parts on the ground like a ghost. on Disgusted as she was, she couldn't help feeling an ominous sense of familiarity. Then she realized where she was. It was the manner. But it wasn't the manner from her time. It had been changed drastically, painted and expanded, but it was the manner. She got to the stairs and glided down to see a fight going on. Two teenage boys, the older one blond and the younger one a brunette who roused another wave of deja vu in Phoebe. A demon snuck up behind him, and Phoebe tried to shout a warning but was unable. Then the blond boy yelled "Chris! Look out!" He pivoted quickly and blew the demon up with what seemed like the same power Piper had. Phoebe backed away slowly and tripped over something. As she picked herself up, she glanced down curiously to see what had tripped her, and ended up staring into her own lifeless eyes.

Another shift, and she was in a graveyard. She could hear screams and sirens all around, but it seemed serence here. Chris, a few years younger than the one she knew but clearly the same man, or boy as he looked so innocent here, that she knew, was sitting on the ground in front of a grave. He wasn't crying. He wasn't talking. He was just sitting there. Phoebe sat down next to him and looked at the grave.

Here lies Piper Halliwell

Loving mother, Devoted Wife, Beloved Sister.

She will be missed.


Phoebe's and Paige's were on next to it, with similar wording. No footsteps or any other sound were heard to signify someone joining them, but Phoebe felt another prescense. One of evil. Chris made no move to indicate that he heard it, but greeted the intruder. "Wyatt."

"Little brother," a man, Wyatt, replied. "I knew I would find you here." Chris didn't say anything. "I can to give you one last chance. Join me."

Again, Chris didn't answer him. Instead, he turned his head so he was staring Phoebe right in the eye. This is insane, she thought, he can't see me. Then he orbed away. Wyatt stepped forward onto Chris' vacated spot. He stood there a moment, then walked accross his mother's grave and out of the graveyard, leaving Phoebe alone.

With a gasp, she was wrenched from the future and found herself facing her sisters again.

Then she fainted.