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If there's one thing you should know about East High, it's that it's filled with drama, not just the kind you find up on the stage in the winter or spring 'musi-cale', either. I can say that I honestly think there must be something in the water that makes everyone act the way they do. It's not like my opinion really matters, though.

I'm Taylor McKessie. I'm a freshman, science-lover, proud member of the Chem. club, and one of the few Wildcats who isn't prone to drama. You'd think that since I'm one of the school's brightest minds (and I'm not exaggerating here), my opinion would be a pretty important one, wouldn't you? Well, my friend, you'd be mistaken.

The only people whose views really count are the people whose views aren't any more ground-breaking than "Hey, basketball is like 'basket' and 'ball' put together." It's ironic, really. The school puts lunkhead athletes up on a pedestal. Money that should go toward new books is used for bright, shiny scoreboards and practice uniforms for the sports teams. Our class president is the star of the JV basketball team. The school's athletic director has a higher yearly salary than every teacher. The only person who earns more is the principal! Every prom queen in the history of the school has been either a cheerleader or an athlete. Yes, our drama-filled school is ruled by the jocks and the airheaded cheer squad. You could say I'm a little bitter on this whole subject.

I would be lying if I said I didn't mind the lack of attention given to the school's brighter minds, but there's really nothing I can do about it. If I (or anyone else for that matter) tried to step in and put a stop to the way things are happening, not a thing would happen. See, not only does a day in our school resemble a soap opera, but the entire population has been divided off into separate cliques.

I like to think of these cliques it in terms of chemicals.

The Alkali metals are like the sports junkies. They're not found naturally alone, due to their ability to easily bond. I can assure you that every athlete and every cheerleader has had at least one boyfriend or girlfriend by the time they've reached high school. They travel in packs, gallivanting around the halls and calling out to each other in an almost tribal fashion.

Alkaline Earth metals are like the drama club. They, like the jocks, aren't found by themselves, and are highly reactive. Theatre heads are the ones prone to acting out just for the attention. They sit up on a balcony by themselves during lunch. I think it's because they like to be 'above' everyone else.

The Transition metals are the students who are average scholars and not into any sports. Maybe they're quirky, shy, or just plain annoying. Either way, they bond with themselves and form their own circles. They're the ones who usually go unnoticed unless you're specifically looking for them, yet they make up the greatest portion of the student body.

Band members, or 'Band Geeks' are the Other metals. They don't quite fall in with the Transition metals, but they don't go with any other family.

Skaters are Metalloids. They share similar qualities with other groups, but don't quite fall in with them. Like the jocks, they are totally into their own sport, but they're also like Transition metals in the sense that they aren't popular and can easily fit in with those around them.

Nonmetals are definitely your typical skanks. Nonmetals are known for conducting heat easily, and these girls certainly bring on the heat. They're the ones who you know have already gotten some by the time they're in high school, and they're the ones who spend the weekends getting smashed.

The posers fall under the Halogens, as these elements are known for, at room temperature, existing in all three forms of matter, thus making them versatile and giving them the traits they need to fit in with other groups, much like a chameleon who can change to suit its climate.

Gothic, 'emo', depressed artists are the Rare Earth Metals. While they only exist in a small amount, they've got a great impact on the things around them.

Finally, the Nobel Gases, all the way at the end of the periodic table, are comparable to a typical scholar. Each outer level of electrons, the one that is involved in chemical bonding, already has the maximum number of particles. Therefore, we don't need to bond with another atom to be complete.

Obviously, these groups don't mix, for a huge reaction would obviously occur. It would, no doubt, be monumental enough to shake the school down to its very foundation.

All of this, I observed on my first day here. You could say I catch on fast. The following will be a recounting of my freshman year. I hope you're ready for the lies, scandal, and gossip because I know I'm not.

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