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Note: This story takes place where Neji never befriended Naruto, Sarutobi survived his battle with Orochimaru, Tsunade and Shizune come back to Konohakagure with Naruto and Jiraiya after Orochimaru attacks her, Konohagakure is not yet aware of the Sound 5, Shino became a Chuunin instead of Shikamaru, cuz Shikamaru being lazy and succeeded where everyone worked hard and failed is immoral in my view. and Sasuke left with Orochimaru before Itachi ever showed up again. Keep all that in mind plz !


"Today." Kurenai thought to herself. She looked up in the sky. "It's been a year. Today is the day that Hinata and Naruto return from their training."


" I think it would be good for both of them." Sarutobi said.

Kurenai and Kakashi were in his office discussing a certain matter.

"I see a great deal of potential in Hinata and Naruto, the problem though is that Hinata lacks confidence in herself and Naruto lacks well….everything else."

Kakashi snickered at the comment.

"So you think training for a year with Matobe will help them?" Kakashi asked.

Sarutobi nodded.

"Yes, and hopefully in training together, some of their personality traits will rub off on each other."

(((((((((End Flashback)))))))))

"Hey!" Kakashi shouted sneaking up behind Kurenai.

"Kakashi ! Jeez don't be such a pest!" Kurenai said.

"Haha, shouldn't day dream like that. If I were an assassin I could've done ya like that." Kakashi said jokingly.

"If you were an assassin you'd already be dead." Kurenai retorted.

Kakashi started to speak more seriously. "So, they're back today. A year of training with Matobe, that had to produce results."

Kakashi said. Kurenai nodded in agreement. "Didn't you and Matobe have a thing going for a while?" Kakashi asked.

Kurenai had a fiery look in her eyes burning right through Kakashi. Kakashi quickly decided to drop the subject. Kakashi and Kurenai went to the stop of the train station.

"Do you see them?" Kurenai asked Kakashi.

"No, they'll show up don't worry." Kakashi said in his usual calm self.

" Ummm, Kurenai-sensei…" said a familiar voice from behind them.

As Kakashi and Kurenai turned around they saw none other than 13yr old Hinata . As usual she was wearing black short pants, along with this she was wearing her usual hooded jacket, but instead of a tan color it was now a light purple.

"Oh Hinata!" Kurenai said giving her a giant hug. "I have missed you so much!" Hinata smiled. "I have missed you to sensei." She said somewhat shyly.

Kakashi looked around. "Pardon Hinata, but where is Naruto?"

"Oh, um.. he said he had to go to the bath…"

Suddenly a figure appeared from behind Kakashi gripping his arms around him to give a huge hug. This caught Kakashi totally off-guard.

"Kakashi-Sensei! Haha!" said Naruto.

"Oh, Geez! Naruto don't do that."

Kakashi said trying to push the hyper-active Genin off of him. Naruto was wearing orange pants as usual, but instead of his orange jacket he now wore a blue turtleneck sweater with red Hidden Leaf symbols on the left and right side of the neck. Another thing that was different was that his once zany spiky hair now actually seemed to be a bit longer and let down a little, it now actually resembled a normal haircut. . But one thing that definitely did not change was his cheery, strong upbeat attitude.

"He completely caught me by surprise." Kakashi thought to himself.

"So Hinata how was your training? I bet it was grueling knowing Matobe." Kurenai said.

"It was pretty tough but I think I improved a little from it." Hinata said.

Kurenai noticed something about Hinata and the way she presented herself. She was still soft-spoken but she was holding her head up and smiling a lot more. Another thing that impressed Kurenai was that Hinata did not stutter once.

"Aw come on Hinata-chan, Matobe-sensei gave you way more credit than that."

Hinata blushed a she looked down, pushing her fingers together. It seemed some things did not change.

Kurenai turned to Naruto "Really?" she said. Then looked back at Hinata, noticing her modesty.

"Yea! And Old-Lady Kurenai just wait til you see her in action! She's gonna blow everybody away!" Naruto declared. Pointing out his finger.

"Really, is that true Hinata?"

Hinata looked down and blushed but still smiling.

"Well, I can't wait to see." Kurenai said while closing her eyes smiling. "And Naruto…." Kurenai said.

Naruto looked to her.

(BONK!) " Don't EVER call me "Old Lady". Kurenai said leaving a giant lump on Naruto's head.

"You had it coming…" Kakashi said to Naruto. Kurenai then turned to Hinata.

"Well dear it's time to go, I'm sorry that you have to do this just as you got back."

Hinata smiled and nodded. "It is ok sensei, I was looking forward to doing it as soon as possible anyway." Hinata said politely, picking up her bag.

"Hinata-chan, let me get that for you." Naruto said. Hinata blushed and thanked Naruto for getting her bag.

"Hmm, Hinata still seems a bit shy around him, but she's much better than she used to be." Kurenai thought to herself.

"So, I should let you two know that Kiba will be your third teammate. Kakashi said. Naruto Nodded.

"Ok, her we go, you guys ready?" Kurenai asked. Naruto and Hinata nodded confidently.

"Ok, then its off to the Chunin exams !" Kurenai said.

Shows a still scene of the four walking into the sunset.


Next time.

Naruto: Oh man I cant wait to see everyone again. Wow everyone looks a lot stronger!

(scene shows Neji)

Naruto: Ohhhh.. hmph long time no see Neji.

Hinata: Oh, I'm so glad to see everyone. We have a lot to catch up on.

Naruto: Next Time, Reunion! The rookie nine meet again!