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3 days had passed since the Chunin tournament. The town's folk were still talking about the amazing fights that took place. But a contributing factor to the town's excitement was the preparation of the Chunin festival to celebrate a marvelous tournament.

Hiashi was sitting down at the edge of the porch of the training grounds thinking to himself.

" Just a year….. not possible, no matter who she trained with. Was that really Hinata?" He thought.


Gaara was sitting up in his hospital bed thinking back to that night. The doctors told him he was quickly recovering from the attack.


" Your move." Gaara said.

But when Gaara looked into the stranger's Sharingan eyes, they began to mutate into almost pinwheel like eyes.

" What the hell is that?" Gaara thought.

Suddenly the two strangers disappeared and the environment around Gaara vanished. He looked around still un-intimidated (as expected) until suddenly a shadowed figure emerged from the ground. Gaara was prepared to fight it until the figure revealed himself from the shadows. Gaara's eyes wdened.

" No…… You're dead!" Gaara shouted.

But there he stood with slightly longer brown hair and dark purple eyes was Gaara's uncle Yashamaru his face, despite the surroundings and being faced his nephew, seemed peaceful and happy, he pulled a katana from his back.

" Have a job to finish…….." he said.

He stepped towards Gaara, Gaara immediately got his defenses up.

" Just die! Again!" Gaara said.

However, as Gaara was ready to strike, he had suddenly been restrained to a crucifix. His uncle then came up and stabbed him in the stomach with his katana. Gaara screamed in agony.

" How did I feel that? Why am I not being protected!?" Gaara thought.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Gaara's father who was also supposed to be dead also appeared. Gaara didn't know what was going on. The Fourth Kazekage also took up a katana and stabbed through Gaara's body.

" I'm gonna f kill you!" Gaara shouted.

Suddenly Temari and Kankuro also appeared, also taking up weapons. The four repeatedly pierced into Gaara, causing blood to run down the bottom of the crucifix. What happened next shocked Gaara the most. From the shadows, a young woman appeared with long brown hair walking towards Gaara, the four stepped aside to let her pass, she walked up to Gaara and gently grazed her hand across Gaara's right cheek. It was his deceased mother Karura. Just as Gaara was beginning to feel safe for the first time in his life, Karura's face turned to that of the Shukaku's Gaara screamed in agony.

((((End Flashback)))))

" That was all I could remember….." Gaara said to himself. " It was his eyes, it had to be. His eyes did that to me." Gaara said to himself.

Later in the evening……

Naruto was walking down a road. Rather than his blue long-sleeved shirt and orange pants, Naruto was actually sporting an orange kimono w/ blue sash he had bought to wear to the tournament since he heard that just about everybody will be wearing one. Otherwise he would have just shown up in his usual clothes.He also decided to lower his headband to his neck similar to Hinata's usual fashion, he felt it more casual this way. Naruto had a big smile on his face. Not just because he was going to the festival, but whom he was escorting to the festival. Naruto was coming up to the private Hyuuga manner. When Toba greeted him at the door he invited him in.

"Come on in boy, she's almost ready." Toba said.

" Arigato" Naruto said.

Naruto noticed Toba wasn't really dressed to go anywhere.

" Aren't you going to the festival Hyuuga-san?" Naruto asked.

" No, I'm a little tired tonight, that would be too much excitement for me." Toba replied.

Naruto shrugged.

Naruto then heard the sliding of the door by him. As he turned around he saw perhaps the most beautiful image in his life like…..ever. Her kimono was a light pink w/ a darker pink sash. Diagonally across the kimono was the image of falling cherry blossom leaves. Her headband was as usual around her neck. She blushingly smiled at Naruto.

" Hinata-chan, you look…….amazing." Naruto said.

Hinata's blush deepened.

" Arigato, you look wonderful to Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head smiling.

" Well, you two had better get going." Toba said.

Naruto and Hinata nodded. Toba saw them out.

" Oh Naruto, before you two leave…." Toba started.

Naruto spun around putting his guard up.

" Are we gonna have to fight again?" Naruto said.

" Ha, no, I was just going to say have her back no later than 10:30 or you and I will have it out." Toba said.

Hinata giggled a bit but bowed to her grandfather. Seeing her do it Naruto followed her lead and also bowed. Then the two were off to the festival. Toba smiled as he watched them walking off.

Naruto and Hinata continued walking down the road. Hinata noticed Naruto was gazing his eyes at her every few moments. She became embarrassed by this. Naruto noticed Hinata's hand near his while they were walking. Using a little strategy, Naruto pretended there was something in his path of walking which gave him an excuse to get closer to Hinata causing their hands to touch. Ceasing the opportunity, Naruto gently slipped his hand into the palm of Hinata's. Not a word was said between them about it. Naruto was just drifting his eyes in the upper left corner pretending he didn't notice what he did, while Hinata looked at the ground flushed with embarrassment. The two continued to walking.

" So things really worked out huh?" Naruto said.

Hinata looked to him, not forgetting they were holding hands.

" You really came a long way. I'm really impressed by you. " Naruto continued.

" You did to Naruto-kun, I'm sure if Gaara were able to compete and you did not forfeit, it would have been you two in the finals, not me and Neji." Hinata said.

" Ah, who knows, but Hinata-chan you should know if you're as good as Neji, that puts you at our level." Naruto said.

Hinata looked to her lower right in flattery

The two finally reached the town. The festival seemed to take up most of the streets of Konohakagure. As Naruto and Hinata were walking through admiring the many beautiful lanterns and decorations they ran into Ino and Chouji. Ino was dressed in a light turquoise kimono w/ a green sash. Chouji was dressed in a dark green kimono w/a black sash.

" Hey guys! What's up?" Naruto said.

" I wanted to come so I made this lug take me." Ino said putting her hand on Chouji's shoulder.

Chouji was busy eating a shishkabob he got from one of the vendor tables.

" Where's Shikamaru?" Naruto asked.

" He's probably loafin' around here somewhere." Chouji said with a mouthful.

Sakura was seen from a distance so she came over to greet her friends. She wore a red kimono w/ a pink sash.

The gang walked around enjoying the festivities which included games, music and all types of food. Naruto must have tried at least 10 types of ramen.

They were soon joined by Lee, Shino and Kiba, Lee sported a green kimono w/ orange sash. Kiba had a brown kimono w/ black sash also having Akamaru on his shoulder and Shino was wearing a grey kimono w/ green sash. As it grew later into the night some of the gang went on their way home. Naruto and Hinata saw a dancing platform where many couples were already dancing.

" Hinata-chan….." Naruto said with a little blush filling his cheeks.

Hinata turned to him.

" Would you…like to dance?" Naruto asked.

Hinata's cheeks turned bright red. Her brain had trouble making the word yes come out her mouth. But Hinata snapped out of it and nodded while blushing. Naruto led Hinata by the hand out to the platform.

As they got there. Naruto put his hand on Hinata's shoulder, and not without a little blush, put his other hand on her side. Hinata reciprocated except she blushed deeper. At first the two were not dancing very close. Naruto was looking into Hinata's eyes as she looked into his. Naruto smiled at Hinata's pearl-escent eyes and warm beautiful face.

" Hey, remember the first day we met?" Naruto asked.

Hinata did recall, she nodded to him.

" Yea, what were we like 6?" Naruto asked.

" Umm, 5 I think." Hinata said.

" Oh, yea, we met at the play ground." Naruto said.

The two began to dance closer.

"You…chased away those bullies for me." Hinata said.

" Your face was totally smudged with dirt." She continued as she wiped her thumb across his cheek.

" Yea, but to be honest I didn't think you were as tough as you really were inside…..but your fight last year with Neji really proved me wrong." Naruto said.

The two smiled at each other as they began to dance closer together.

"This past year of training you really showed just how strong and determined you are." Naruto said.

Hinata blushed at the compliment.

Naruto also recalled a memory from their training he was certainly not going to tell her.


Naruto got up in the middle of the night.

" Gotta pee." He said.

As he made his way out to the forest he proceeded to do his business. When he was done he thought he heard a splashing by the nearby waterfall. So he decided to go investigate. As he reached the waterfall he noticed a figure that seemed to be dancing around in it. As Naruto further watched from behind a rock. He saw what appeared to be a girl dancing around the waterfall. It however seemed less like dancing and seemed more like a kata. Naruto seemed confused by this but was soon mezmorized by the beautiful and graceful movements of the stranger. At first Naruto couldn't figure out who would be doing this here at this hour. Then he looked over to a nearby rock, what was on it dropped Naruto's jaw. It was a set of clothes, but it was a tan hoodie and black pants which is usually worn by……

Naruto snapped his head back to her.

" Hin….Hin.." Naruto stammered to himself.

Suddenly Naruto knocked over a nearby rock, causing the girl to stop and see what that was. Naruto swooped behind the rock.

" I gotta get outta here! If she catches me she's gonna think I was peepin' at her!" Naruto thought.

Just like that Naruto used the kind of speed only fear could give him and ran off.

Hinata scanned the area with her Byakugan, but found nothing, which shows just how fast Naruto ran.

(Note: This is pretty much the same thing that happened in the anime except Naruto figures out it's Hinata.)

(((((End Flashback.))))))

Naruto smirked to himself thanking God he wasn't caught or it would have been way too awkward.

The two continued to dance through the evening. They were now dancing very close to each other. Hinata was surprised when Naruto let her rest her head against his chest. This lasted for 10 minutes until….

" Hinata-chan…." Naruto said softly.

Hinata looked up at him.

" I need to tell you this…. This past year of training I was expecting to get stronger and was expecting to be a better shinobi, but what I didn't expect was that I'd….." Naruto couldn't seem to finish his sentence.

He didn't have to however as everything could be said through their gaze into each other's eyes. They stopped dancing. They gazed for a good 10 seconds. Until finally they both came in pressing their lips together. Hinata's face was as red as it had ever been. The kiss lasted a good 2 minutes. When they pulled away they rested their foreheads against each other.

" I guess that was what I was trying to say." Naruto said.

" Mm-hmm" Hinata replied smiling.

The two then engaged in another kiss.

Through the streets Tsunade was walking around hoping she would run into a few certain genin at the festival. When she came near the dancing platform she saw Naruto and Hinata kissing. Not wanting to intrude on this moment Tsunade decided she would talk to them later.

" Hmm, about time brat, I'll let you know you both made Chunin later." Tsunade thought as she took her leave.

Naruto and Hinata continued kissing as the couples around them continued to dance. May this new relationship between Naruto and Hinata make each stronger because though they may have overcome great hardships now, little did they know that the true obstacles were yet to come.

------------The End-------------


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